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Writing Magic Stories for Kids

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Writing magic stories for kids

Writing the bedtime stories for the kids is not easy today.  You need to write the story which is like reality even though it is a fantasy. You need to make the story which is interesting even though it is fantasy. Do you need to decide what it will be like?  Will it is related to some Supernatural force, Will it have the force of nature by which it can alter nature? 

In the fictional story for the kids there is the Primary thing that magic is the nervous system of the whole story.  It means that your story should have the magic of some kind. 

If you are writing the bedtime stories for kids then you should remember that the pixel is sorry should be having the characters of the good kind.  There should be having the Instinct 2 words using the magic and also their magic should be like reality. You are writing bedtime stories for kids so it should be not a very big lie especially related to the power the characters have. 

You need to make some rules before writing the story which will allow you to write the story which is going to be like the reality even though it is the fantasy and the Magic which will be done in the story will be understandable by The Reader. 

Engage your readers

When you are writing the story then you should remember that your magician and the character should be doing the magic which is understandable and like the reality.   For example, you will be able to make your character boring and fake if the only thing your activate does is snap the finger and all the things will be done that way.  You need to make your character and the magic interesting and thought-provoking. When you are writing the story then you should check what type of Magic the character can do and what type of Magic they can’t do. 

First characters then the plot

When you are writing the bedtime stories to Read then you should make sure that your characters are interesting because the reader will remember that.  The Reader will try to get an interest in the characters not majorly in the plot. Your story character should be like a normal human being with magic power. He or she should be making the mistakes and their life protein should be like the normal human being.  There should be a character that can engage on a personal level with the reader.  This will allow your reader to read the story to the depth and will relate to the story. When you read the stories Like the Hobbit and the Alice in the Wonderland, Then you realize that the character should not be having a lot of superpowers but the simple powers can also make The Reader engage with them and enjoy the story to the end. They don’t have to be likable they only should be interesting to read about. 

The language should be moody

When you will see the kids’ books to read online then you will find that the stories on those books are very nicely attached to the reader.  The stories in those books will be engaging with the reader with the moody language.  The language should be very ideal in the story and should be telling The Reader about the spell of the character. You are writing the fictional story then of course the wording in that story should be crooked.  The more crooked the more it will look like the magician and fantasy story. You can use the Latin words to make some magic spells in your story. 

Artifacts are important

The artifacts should be the priority. You should use your imagination and try to bring the character from your inside which should be having the spells of a unique kind and also the atmosphere with the details should be in your story.  For example,   you should add some of the clothing and accessories for the character to attract The Reader towards the things which are like the magician can wear in the fantasy story. Imagine it like the magic wand which can tell the reader the specific thing which is having a magical medicine inside. 

Your readers should feel the effects

When you are writing the famous bedtime stories then there must be some effect because of the magic which can engage the readers towards that.  Your reader should relate, your reader will be able to get the effects only if you make them feel the magic to their core. Some of the magic spells get the output very quietly and when you are writing the story then you should also remember that.  You should not make every magic to make the visible impact but the impact is there the output is there but the visibility of the magic is not there. 

Magic should be applicable

When you see Lord of the Rings and you find that some of the accessories are always in the story which can tell the importance of that thing in the whole story. To write a good story for your kids are you should make sure that you are making something very important and some gadgets to be having a very good impact on the life of the character. Don’t make the magic spells and the Effect of the magic could be seen. 


if we are going to conclude this article about the magical stories for the kids then you should remember that it is our responsibility to our kids what is the fantasy how it can be enjoyable. It is very bad if your story is having no magic at all.  Even the small but attractive and related to character magic will be done in the story then all the readers will engage with you and will be reading the story till the end. Your readers should love you characters. With all he senses going nicely of the character.

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