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30+ Best Email Marketing Companies in the UK

by Best Agencies
30 Best Email Marketing Companies in the UK

Email conversions can be extremely valuable – in many cases, one of the most valuable to your business, whatever scale you are working at and whatever industry you are in. Despite it bringing a huge amount of revenue in, it can be one of the hardest things to get right. There are countless email marketing tools out there, all claiming to be the best and do everything you need to do to make sure the recipients get the emails, open them and act on them. How on earth are you supposed to filter through the various solutions on offer and choose the right one for your UK based business?

Well, one way of overcoming that hurdle is to employ the services of an email marketing company. After all, that is what they do. They know the best tools to use, the best way to run a fully scalable email marketing campaign and how to get those all-important conversions to generate revenue.

The problem is, like email marketing tools, there are thousands of email marketing companies in the UK, all promising all sorts of things. Working out which email marketing company in the UK is the best one for your business can be somewhat of a challenge.

Below we have shared a list of the 30 best email marketing companies in the UK, with genuine customer testimonials and a little about each company, what they do, what they specialise in and what makes them tick to help you make a decision. However, it is still important to remember that there is no one size fits all when it comes to email marketing. Some companies excel in one area or have years of experience with a particular industry, but may not be able to translate that across to a different one. You also need to consider whether you want a large but uber-successful email marketing agency that has thousands of clients all over the world, or a smaller, perhaps less experienced but more personalised local experience. These are all things that you need to take into account when choosing the best email marketing company for your UK company.

So, take a look at our list of what we believe are the 30 best email marketing companies in the United Kingdom, send some emails, make some calls and get those conversions rolling in!

1. Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads is one of the top digital marketing agencies providing B2B lead generation services, email marketing consulting and sales training; based in the UK with a global team. Pearl Lemon Leads has won numerous awards including Clutch’s Top Marketing Agency, Top 20 Marketing agency by Agency spotter and more.

What people are saying. Couldn’t Recommend Pearl Lemon Leads Enough!

2.Seek Social Ltd

Seek Social LTD is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester, England, that provides services to clients all over the world. They were named the 2019 SME News’ “Most Outstanding Digital Marketing Firm of the Year,” and their creatives and technological implementation experts are ready to provide you with award-winning service in all areas of digital marketing including SEO and email marketing.

What people are saying: “They provide good services and value their clients.”

3.The Good Marketer

The team of experts at The Good Marketer in London, under the close eye of founder Tom,  will develop a comprehensive email marketing plan to give your customers even more chances to convert. They spend time learning about you and your business so that they can build campaigns that will align with your clients and prospects.

What people are saying: “…always executes campaigns with a great eye for detail…I would certainly recommend working with them.

4.TrafficSource UK Ltd

TrafficSource is an independent, family-owned company that works with businesses of all sizes to improve their search engine marketing. They are passionate about what they do and have a great time doing it. They only take on a small number of clients at a time so that they can focus all of their attention on learning all there is to know about you, your business, and your brand. They then work in partnership with you to achieve and exceed your email marketing goals.

What people are saying: “We’re pleased with their performance and how we’re growing together”

The Digital Media Team are a Manchester-based email marketing agency with the skills and expertise to make a big difference to your brand email strategy. They have worked with big brands such as Rebellious Fashion, Sinners Attire and Boot Buddy. The agency will work with you to create emails that catch your audience’s eye, inspire them and increase clicks and conversions.

Their skills particularly lie in the eCommerce industry, where they have a strong relationship with Klaviyo; who are leaders in eCommerce email marketing. The software that they use helps to increase automation, and allow your brand message to be sent out to the inboxes of your customers.

What people are saying: “The DMT are professional, fast moving and a delight to work with. We engaged them to help us improve our online sales and engagement and they’ve delivered on both.”

6.Kas Andz Marketing Group

The Kas Andz Marketing Group team is well placed to take your business to the next level as a London-based agency with over 35 years of experience.

Their team is a powerful asset for your business, using cutting-edge technology including Send Time Optimization, Lead Scoring, Automation, and premium content. They integrate with the team and the systems that you have in place.

What people are saying: “They are highly expert in their field, but I was most impressed by the service levels and responsiveness.”

7. Mediablaze

Mediablaze began as a pioneering content marketing agency in 2010, and have since grown into a digital experience agency for brands committed to assisting their consumers in getting the best out of life. They have unrivalled access to audience knowledge as part of the Hearst family, which includes some of the world’s most popular media brands, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Digital Spy, Harper’s Bazaar, and Men’s Health, to name a few. They are in a great position to know what people want and when they want it.

What people are saying:  “They went above and beyond my expectations.”

8. Bespoke Brand Developers

Bespoke Brand Developers are a marketing agency based in Covent Garden, London, and they are obsessed with client results and retention. They are digital marketing experts for eCommerce businesses and financial trading educators. They are committed to assisting brands in communicating their vision to their ideal target market. They know what it takes to build successful Facebook marketing campaigns because they are a Facebook Marketing Partner.

What people are saying: “Bespoke Brand Developers provides successful deliverables that satisfy internal stakeholders. The team is creative and punctual, producing results ahead of deadlines. They engage actively and work meticulously to facilitate an effective, ongoing partnership”.

9. Wildfire Marketing

Wildfire Marketing is a team of digital experts, web developers, and content creators who are young, sensitive, and results-oriented. In this era of digital transformation, they combine data, innovation, and cutting-edge technology to help brands evolve.

What people are saying: “They were great at laying the groundwork for long-term, sustainable success.”

10. Careful Feet Digital Marketing Agency

Set up email sequences that align with your customer experience and get convincing graphics and copy for emails that will keep your customers engaged and your products and services top of mind with Careful Feet Digital. They are a digital marketing agency based in the United Kindom, headed up by Khaleelah Jones and her team of trusted freelancers. Her unique way of working means overhead costs are low; something which keeps prices affordable for clients. Careful Feet Digital list Peleton as one of their clients.

What people are saying: “Nothing hidden and nothing unexpected: overall everything you expect of a professional, fast and meticulous job.

11.Making You Content Limited

Making You Content assists brands in improving their communication. Their copywriting agency is here to give your company a voice that resonates with your target market. Their services include web content, SEO content, blogging, email marketing, lead nurturing, consulting, and more. They are based in Manchester and have a global client base. Their copywriters work closely with each client to determine their business goals and create a realistic plan to achieve them.

What people are saying: “They grasped the purpose of content almost immediately and this was reflected in the high quality of the output.

12. Smai Digital

Smai Digital is a full service digital marketing firm based in London. Their marketing consulting approach assists you in creating meaningful assets and intelligent channels, where creativity, innovative concepts, and brand assets can coexist harmoniously with transparency, perspective, and true performance understanding. They have expertise in a variety of industries and offer services targeted toward companies seeking to develop their digital competence as well as deep-dive digital services for agencies. They enjoy collaborating with start-ups, SMEs, and multinational corporations.

What people are saying: “The strategy is well thought-out and has had a significant impact on the business. Smai Digital is effective and they’re thorough communicators”

13. Rozee Digital

Focus on generating high-converting emails and SMS to drive sales by developing a back end framework and segmentation. They are a profit-driven advertising agency based in Surbiton, with a passion for growing brands, assisting company owners in achieving their objectives, and having a positive effect on the lives of their customers.

What people are saying: “Their input is so valuable and their knowledge of all things about online marketing related is incredible.

14. Yellow Moose

To ensure you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, Yellow Moose use a combination of beautiful and responsive design that works on mobile and desktop devices, as well as using analytics. Yellow Moose are experts in designing beautiful, practical business website design for SMEs in the centre of England. They are based in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes. You will benefit from their vast website design and digital marketing expertise if you work with them. They follow the inbound marketing philosophy and will assist you in attracting your ideal customers.

What people are saying: “Yellow Moose’s work has met the mark across the board.  The team is efficient, communicative, and knowledgeable. Customers can expect a top-notch vendor that’s transparent and easy to work with”.

15. Agile Digital Agency

Agile is a digital marketing agency headquartered in London that works with companies of all sizes, whether a start up or an established company with years of clients under their belts.

To achieve good and long-lasting results, they work with you to improve your online business with effective marketing and technology solutions. They will help you improve awareness, connect easier, and meet more clients by concentrating on the innovative and insightful use of digital marketing resources, including email marketing.

What people are saying: “It feels like you’re working with a partner rather than an outside agency.”

16. Market Jar

Market Jar is a diverse group of highly skilled designers who specialise in creating effective and affordable online services, including email marketing. They are based in Fulham and Hammersmith and ensure that their tailored digital marketing solutions are bespoke to each client, observing every detail.

What people are saying: “Within a short period of time, Market Jar’s methods generated significant improvements. The team’s efficiency and precision make them a valuable partner”

17. BeUniqueness

BeUniqueness is a leading digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom, specialising in micro, nano, and medium-sized businesses. It was created to assist SMEs in increasing their return on investment, increasing brand recognition, and retaining a database of loyal customers.

They not only provide a wide range of top digital marketing services to clients around the UK but also provide flexible, personalised plans to ensure that each customer receives the marketing and branding services that are most appropriate for them.

What people are saying: “In the two months since BeUniqueness began work, quality leads, web traffic, and new revenue all increased. The team at BeUniquess is kind, honest, caring, and personable. They’re truly experts in their field”.

18. Yay! Starter Marketing

Yay! Starter Marketing is a digital and development marketing agency dedicated to accelerating business growth, increasing customer engagement, and propelling the company forward.  Yana Lapitskaya founded Yay! Starter Marketing in 2016 after working for world-class marketing and digital agencies in the Omnicom and WPP networks. They want to help startups and small businesses by providing a great digital and email marketing service that they can afford.

What people are saying: “The feeling of working with colleagues and friends rather than an agency is established in the workflow impressively.”

19. Cash Cow Marketing

Cash Cow Marketing provide carefully tailored business lead generation that meets your specific requirements. Through finely targeted search engine optimization, email marketing lead generation, and peer-to-peer marketing, the UK based business assists businesses in achieving their objectives.  They provide a straightforward delivery process, tangible results and a smooth marketing to sales funnel.

What people are saying: “Cash Cow Marketing’s skilled and efficient service allowed the client to save time. Their responsive approach complemented their seamless workflow. Customers can expect a team receptive to changes”.

20. Incite

incite is a lead generation and development marketing firm with a staff of 30 people. They take pride in producing excellent work that is grounded in sound business principles and produces tangible results such as increased brand awareness, pipeline filling, and ROI. They specialise in B2B markets and have extensive knowledge of technology, law, industry, and professional services. Their clients often market high-value goods or services with lengthy and complex sales period. Inbound, outbound, and account-based marketing are all areas in which they excel. Their clients range from PLCs to innovative start-ups, and they work with clients all across the globe.

What people are saying: incite’s work is highly successful in terms of lead count, lead quality, and the value of the new business they draw in. The team always meets its deadlines. Customers can expect an efficient vendor that gets the job done

21. Tiger Systems Ltd

Tiger Systems Ltd believes that communicating with customers and prospective clients is one of the most important aspects of running a business, so having an efficient and cost-effective email marketing solution is essential. The Cheltenham-based agency works with brands on a long-term basis, assisting them with the management and optimisation of their email marketing, as well as making sure that SEO, PPC and content marketing is supported by it.

What people are saying: “Their willingness to listen, learn, and implement a great strategy that we can follow and track was impressive”

22. Rich Contacts

Rich Contacts is dedicated to delivering subtle B2B Lead Generation services of the highest standard. From their offices in the UK and Australia, they concentrate on generating new leads that result in new sales for their clients. They ensure that your system is always packed by using the most innovative techniques ever implemented in B2B lead generation.

What people are saying: “It’s a proven partnership that works. A blend of highly accurate data and an effective targeting method means that we can scale and professionalism. They really understand our needs”

23. Launch Mappers

Launch Mappers is a growth marketing firm that works with forward-thinking companies to help them accelerate their growth and create new revenue streams. All of their solutions are designed and tailored specifically for your company, allowing you to leverage their experience while concentrating on what you do best. They work with companies that have a sound business model and want to advance to the next level of growth.

What people are saying: “Thanks to the input of the Launch Mappers team, the company now adopts several best practices that helped increase their sales. The team was flexible, helpful, and kind throughout the entire process of the project”.

24. Morton Waters

You need an agency that can build content that interacts with your main audiences in the channels they use today in the new era brought on by COVID. Since the digital space is so crowded these days, you need to cut through the clutter and make sure you are reaching the right influencers and decision-makers and Morton Waters describe themselves as being able to do just that.

What people are saying: “They listened and tailored the solution to what we required.

25. More Than Words Marketing Ltd

More Than Marketing Ltd are an email marketing agency based in Tyne and Wear, and offer a range of email marketing options, depending on the services that you require, whether that is B2B, public sector email marketing or school email marketing campaigns. They restrict the number of clients that they represent in order to provide the very highest standards of services.

What people are saying: “We have used More Than Words to send multiple campaigns. They are very prompt with responses and their customer service is excellent. Would highly recommend it”

26. Sharpn Marketing, Inc

Sharpn Marketing, Inc are a digital marketing consultancy firm based in Bel Air and London that provides internet marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses both locally and globally. The executive team has over 35 years of combined digital marketing and web expertise, demonstrating our dedication to the work that they do. Sharpn Marketing, Inc was founded because they wanted to give their clients the best possible experience.

What people are saying: “As a result of Sharpn Marketing’s work, the client’s email list grew from 3,000 subscribers to 60,000 subscribers in six months. The team was knowledgeable, communicative, and flexible which made them a great partner”

27. MailMi

MailMi is a dedicated email marketing agency based in London and Bristol, building custom templates, running outreach campaigns, obtaining data and converting your leads, keeping an eye on every stage of the marketing process. they are accredited Mailchimp Partners and Klaviyo Masters, but over the years have worked with all of the other major email service providers.

What people are saying: “The newsletter’s open rate has skyrocketed from 12% to 60%. With its good eye for design and writing skills, MailMi was very easy to communicate with. The team demonstrates a strong knowledge of email marketing”

28. Allsopp Media

AllSopp Media can provide you with effective email campaign planning and creation based on your company’s needs and the interests of your target audience. Based in London, the agency can count Karen Millen and The Bath House as some of their high-profile clients.

What people are saying:  “Exceeding expectations, the email database rose to 1,000 within three months and web visitors soared to almost 200%, increasing the brand’s engagement. Allsop Media’s short- and medium-term plans have solidified the business’ vision and immensely helped in relaying marketing ideas across all channels.

29. mYPulse Ads and Media

mYPulse Ads and Media will handle your email marketing for you, manage your promotions, and make sure your email content is appealing and encourages people to visit your site, which contributes to sales of your goods and services. Content development and personalization are included in their email marketing management services, and they will assist you in selecting the campaign bundle that best suits your needs.

What people are saying: “mYPulse Ads and Media led a solid process, providing project updates and milestones in a very timely manner. The team was very comfortable to work with/ They were friendly and flexible throughout the project”

30. AMD Consulting Group

AMD Consulting Group provides attractive sales and marketing tactics to assist companies with customer acquisition and retention. Their growth strategies enable their clients to concentrate on what they do best as they assist them in achieving their company and client objectives. The frustration of trying to find good partners in the B2B and B2C space led to the development of AMD. For the past 5 years, Assil Dayri, the founder, has advised startups and SMBs on their go-to-market strategy and marketing activities. For the past few years, he has been running his own companies, ranging from startups to management consulting.

What people are saying: “The partner is extremely happy with the services and the consulting efforts have proved fruitful. AMD implements a straightforward approach and worked hand-in-hand with the partner. They were receptive to feedback and responsive to communication. Organization is a hallmark of their work”

31. Throttl

The email marketing experts at Bermondsey based Throttl will help you develop an email database, create engaging email content, and ensure that your campaigns are delivered effectively. The team has extensive experience with DotDigital, Mailchimp, and Sendinblue, as well as GDPR adherence. Throttl do not take on anyone and everyone as clients; they like to spend the time getting to know a business and their requirements to make sure that they can help them and give them the best experience possible.

What people are saying: “There’s nothing else they can improve on. Their service is spot on.”

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