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20 Best Influencer Marketing Companies In The UK

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20 Best Influencer Marketing Companies In The UK

Today, several marketing options exist that brands can choose from to market their goods and services to a broad audience without geographic barriers. One such marketing strategy is influencer marketing. Fundamentally, influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing strategy whereby brands collaborate with online influencers to promote their product and services. However, the challenge for these brands is identifying and contracting with these influencers – and this is where influencer marketing companies come in. These 6 Figure Agency act as middlemen on behalf of the brand to help it achieve visibility and reach a broader target audience. To do this, you would need the best agency.

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Luckily, there are various reliable, efficient, and productive influencer marketing companies across the country. Here is a list of the top 20 influencer marketing companies in the UK.


The digital world is quickly advancing every day. Therefore, it is essential to select an influencer marketing company that is up to date with trending digital solutions, marketing strategies, and digital tools. Influencer is a global influencer marketing company that understands this ever-changing phenomenon. Using advanced digital solutions, tools, and techniques, the company has brought several influencers and brands to work together to carry out successful marketing campaigns. For example, its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive actionable insights has made the company more unique and preferable by many companies. In addition to this, Influencer helps its range of influencers adopt the products or services that carry out a natural touch rather than one for the sole purpose of promotion. This allows the target market to appreciate the brand and become more intrigued by it. The company also offers managed services, seeing that the campaigns are executed adequately from start to finish.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

Based in the bustling city of London, The Influencer Marketing Factory is an influencer marketing company aimed at understanding your brand marketing visions and bringing them to life through the implementation of successful influencer marketing campaigns. Using a data-driven approach, The Influencer Marketing Factory seeks to form strategies based on brand awareness metrics and several conversions to select and connect you to an influencer that would increase your brand visibility. Because communication and knowledge are the keys to success in this field, this influencer marketing agency listens to your needs. They educate you on the latest influencer marketing and social marketing trends to give you a broader range of options and solutions to help create a marketing strategy unique yet effective to achieving your influencer marketing goals. In an effort to make influencer marketing easy to understand and appreciate, The Influencer Marketing Factory also educates its clients on the benefits this strategy has for its brand and the newest trends in social media marketing. As part of its dedication, this influencer marketing company is available to its clients regardless of the type of project.

Influencer Matchmaker

One way your brand can be noticed and known amongst your target audience is when it’s loved – and that is precisely what Influencer Matchmaker aims for. Influencer Matchmaker selects the right influential personalities to increase the love for your brand by researching reasons why your brand is loved and finding the perfect influencers to introduce more people to this love affair – just like matchmaking. Using the right tools and strategies, the agency creates and executes marketing campaigns that bring about instant growth for your brand. They help you build a long-lasting partnership between your brand, their company, and influencers to help you reach a worldwide audience and achieve your objectives.

Goat Agency

Goat Agency is a fast-growing influencer marketing agency with the aim of helping brands achieve their desired conversions. The Goat Agency has, through extensive amounts of content, images, videos, and blogs, developed marketing strategies backed with data analysis aimed at meeting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Their experience in the influencer marketing industry has given the company in-depth knowledge in the industry and allowed them to develop efficient marketing strategies to reach the target audience and bring about successful results for the brand. Regardless of your brand awareness projects, you can trust Goat Agency to devise a strategy that suits you.

Disrupt Marketing

Since 2010, Disrupt Marketing has been regarded as an iconic and creative influencer marketing agency based in London. With a young talented team known as “Disruptors,” composed of bloggers, content creators, editors, and artists, they can easily connect brands with relevant influencers to promote their products and services. They are also well vested in using various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise and increase brand awareness. Their success in helping brands achieve visibility has made them an award-winning agency with 150 million platform hits, 100 million content engagements, and 5 million reached audiences.

Billion Dollar Boy

As an influencer marketing company based in London and New York City, Billion Dollar Boy has connected brands such as Garnier and Bobby Brown to influencers that have delivered excellent results. As a result-driven company, Billion Dollar Boy works to convert cultural insights and target audience metrics into content that brings about the visions and objectives their clients are looking to achieve. With a team of the most acceptable content creators, managers, and influencers, the company does not regard influencer marketing as a means to an end but rather a discipline that is implemented to provide brands with mind-blowing results. It believes in utilising the influencers’ power to win hearts and generate profits for your brand. Apart from paid influencer marketing campaigns, Billion Dollar Boy also offers several digital marketing solutions such as brand advocacy, paid advertising, in-house studio services, and curated content. To ensure that your brand’s specific needs are met, Billion Dollar Boy is interested in using its various marketing solutions to provide its clients with customised solutions instead of templates.


6Degrees is an influencer marketing company with a broad reach. With its headquarters in Denmark and branches dotted across Europe, including the UK, this influencer marketing agency has an international presence that many companies wishing to spread the word on their brand can take advantage of. 6Degrees is run by a group of experts experienced in identifying the right influencers, implementing strategic and successful marketing campaigns and finding new and improved ways to ensure you get the best out of their influencer programs. Their knowledge in influencer marketing has helped the company grow into a boutique agency capable of simplifying your brand marketing solutions through influencer marketing in ways that software solutions are unable to. The agency is focused on using its wide range of international influencers to promote quality content to draw the attention of your target audience to your brand. In addition to this, 6Degrees also understands the importance of forming beneficial and profitable long-term relationships. Therefore, the agency helps your business develop a long-lasting influencer relationship which is beneficial for all parties involved.


REDPILL understands that your target audience wants to follow content that is unmissable and presented in proper form. Therefore, this influencer marketing agency aims at managing influencers, creating content, and delivering results that are in tune with your brand’s objectives with creative strategies. REDPILL stands out from the competition with its collection of matchless influencers across the globe. Their unbiased, data-driven, and certified distribution and measuring strategies have also given the company an added advantage. The agency believes in creating long-lasting partnerships between brands and influencers, and its processes aim to make that possible.

Engage Hub

As a results-driven social media and influencer marketing agency located in London, Engage Hub has helped many organisations receive great coverage for their brands. This influencer marketing company aims at using data-driven strategies to create and implement marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for businesses. Their innovative ideas and real-time tracking have made them a preferred option for many brands looking to reach a wider audience through influencer marketing.

Socially Powerful

As an influencer marketing company with an excellent international reputation and countless successful campaigns, Socially Powerful is an agency, you can trust. Founded in 2016, Socially Powerful comprises experienced social media experts, creatives, and influencers focused on helping brands connect with their target groups through effective, nontraditional influencer marketing strategies. This agency is dedicated to leveraging social media platforms and making custom solutions available to ensure all strategies meet the specific goals of the brands they work for. Socially Powerful also aims at helping its clients untangle the complex web of social media platforms and the challenge in finding the right marketing strategy by perfectly striking a balance between influencer marketing, an innovative approach, and proper advertising. Whether the goal is to increase sales, get more likes, increase social media followers, or attract new customers, Socially Powerful’s team of relentless experts are prepared to see you succeed. The agency adopts various online trends and resources and digital tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain actionable insights. Socially Powerful understands that by giving brands their desired results, they increase their agency’s credibility. It is with this knowledge that their clients are assured of quality service and positive results.


Brandnation lives up to its associated term as “the house of influential communications,” by providing brands with a solid influencer relationship. This influencer marketing agency provides its clients with robust and innovative marketing strategies that cut through the noise and generate profitable leads for the brand. They have a team dedicated to paying attention to even the most minimalistic of details to ensure they deliver on their client’s requests. They also offer creatives, public relations managers, content creators, and other forms of digital marketing solutions to maximise your key performance indicators, increase your brand awareness amongst your target market and increase your commercial success. From sports and fashion to B2B sectors, their experience in dealing with several brands makes them the perfect influencer marketing agency your business can rely on.

Kairos Media

For the last six years, Kairos Media has been a digital creative marketing agency that seeks to change the narrative on how brands view the importance and magic of brand stories and influencer marketing. Their boldness in creating innovative and touching marketing campaigns on a global scale has earned them a reputation as an award-winning influencer marketing agency. This influencer marketing company has delivered matchless Return On Investment (ROI) for its clients and continues to create impactful marketing campaigns using a creative approach. This involves using content production in which its reputable social media team makes attention-grabbing content; a robust social and creative strategy, data and insights from first-party sources and unmatched, in-depth research, and paid media strategies to strategically place your brand in social spaces it is bound to succeed in. Kairos Media’s visionary approach to providing marketing solutions has helped develop out-of-the-box influencer campaigns, and crossing lines many companies within its field would not be prepared to do.

Social Republic

Founded in 2015, in the heart of Manchester, Social Republic has grown to be one of the UK’s leading social media and influencer marketing agencies. The company aims to develop brands to increase brand awareness and connect them to their various target audiences. In six years, Social Republic has acquired a team of 400 social media experts worldwide, dedicated to helping brands connect to influencers that can bring their goals to fruition. To ensure that their clients are comfortable and satisfied with the service provided, Social Republic takes the time to listen to the vision and concerns of their customers. They, in turn, educate their clients on various strategies available and brainstorm innovative influencer marketing campaigns that would accomplish these goals. By constantly shifting, expanding, and learning, Social Republic is equipped with the latest trends and updated strategies your brand needs for success.

I Need Social

In the last ten years, I Need Social has become a leading influencer marketing company delivering over 3,000 projects for more than 400 clients across the globe. The agency’s team of influencer marketing experts use creative strategies to identify the influencers your brand needs to succeed. This influencer marketing agency has found success in promoting brands by providing influencers who are promoters but storytellers. At I Need Social, it is common knowledge that a brand’s target audience is attracted to the story of the brand and not a constant promotion. To ensure customer satisfaction, I Need Social works closely with its clients to ensure they understand and deliver their (the customer’s) vision. Their team of experts design and execute successful marketing campaigns and monitor their progress in real-time, ensuring that the campaign brings you the results you are looking to achieve.

Find Your Influencer

With access to over 100,000 influencers in the UK and about 20 million internationally, Find Your Influencer (FYI) matches your brand with influencers that can generate the highest returns on your investment. Find Your Influencer can identify performing influencers and create, execute, and manage innovative marketing campaigns from start to finish through their years of expertise. Their aim to provide excellent customised services has led them to carry out successful influencer campaigns, giving them the reputation of being one of the most reliable influencer marketing companies in the UK. If you are an up and coming brand looking for a way to stand out amongst your competition or simply trying to launch a new product successfully, visit Find Your Influencer to gain a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Flourish MGMT

Flourish MGMT offers brands a team of hardworking, creative, and ambitious bloggers, social media stars, PR managers, and digital marketing experts that are experienced and dedicated to turning your brand around for the better. Flourish offers its clients services such as Talent Management, Influencer Activations and Content Creation with such a productive and efficient team. Operating in the UK and Australia and with more than 15 years of experience, this influencer marketing company has recorded a total of 403% uplift in sales and a reach of 48 million in its recent campaigns. This is an excellent indication of how its strategies and customer services are helping brands and influencers meet their specific goals.

Pink Media

Based in the heart of Liverpool, Pink Media has created a unique and creative blogger network with the aim of connecting your brand with influencers that can help you reach your audiences across the globe. This public relations and digital marketing company have helped many brands across the UK by using its blogger network to identify and connect these companies to influencers with a large following of their target audience through blogger outreach support. With nine years of experience, no brand project is too small or too big for this experienced agency to handle. Their Content and Creative Departments are experienced in providing innovative and inspiring campaigns to promote your brand. To ensure that your brand’s goals are met, this influencer agency works closely with you to envision your story to carry out the task ahead of them efficiently and as their client would expect it. Pink Media values relationship; therefore, they offer clients a service based on honesty and integrity.

Bee Influence

If you are looking for an agency that is passionate and focused on creating influencer campaigns that are diverse and unique, you should choose Bee Influence. Located in Manchester, Bee Influence helps brands connect to a wide range of diverse and unbiased influencers with a large target audience worldwide. Using an effective combination of talent management and influencer strategy design, the company creates and delivers unique influencer marketing campaigns to tell your story. Their stance on representing people of colour, disabilities, body size, and sexual orientation makes them an all-inclusive agency that aims at humanising influencer marketing. In addition to their humanistic approach to influencer marketing, Bee Influence has put in place data protection and influencer fraud detection measures to ensure that they offer reliable and robust marketing campaigns. With successful campaigns for big brands such as TikTok and LG, this influencer company attributes most of its success to its ability to provide customised marketing campaigns for its clients.

Social Wage

Social Wage comes with a different twist from the other agencies within the influencer marketing industry. This one-of-a-kind top influencer marketing company acts as a job market site for influencers looking for marketing gigs. Its unique approach to influencer marketing has given it a global reputation of success and enabled the company to work with international brands such as KFC, Apple, and Disney. Social Wage has open forums influencers can join with various assigned promotion tasks. Once the various requirements are met, the company pays the influencers for their work. This means that Social Wage works very closely with its clients to ensure that their exact specifications and vision are met to generate the profitable leads they need. By doing so, Social Wage recruits the right influencers for the job, provides them with appropriate content aimed at the target group, and increases the brand’s visibility which your business can convert to profitable sales.

Social lipstick

Located in Manchester, Social Lipstick has created a name for itself as an out-of-the-box influencer marketing agency. Their team of social media experts are experienced in identifying influencers that would bring maximum conversions to your brand, negotiate reasonable rates on your behalf, and ensure an increase in your revenue. This is achieved by focusing on niche channels and content to reach your target market through their perfect combination of social media content creation and performance marketing. Social lipstick is committed to offering you remarkable and genuinely unique influencer marketing strategies that are guaranteed to take your brand viral at affordable rates.

It is important to note that these influencer marketing companies have been ordered in accordance with the domain authority. In deciding which influencer agency would be appropriate for your brand, you would need to be clear on the goals you hope to achieve. Each of these companies has a unique approach to offering you an influencer marketing service. Using your brand objectives as a guide, you can easily find the company that is right for you.

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