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30 Best Boxing Gyms in London

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boxing gyms in london

Boxing is an all-round cardio and strength workout and a lot more exciting than running on the treadmill. If you’re a keen boxer or thinking of trying on the gloves for the first time, there are many gyms and workout classes with a boxing focus. To choose the right one for you, you need to figure out your goals, however. There are boxing studios that offer serious training, with the objective being to compete. You can hone your skills with specially designed courses for different levels. If you’re experienced and looking for the latest equipment to train on alone, some of the best boxing gyms in London might be more suitable for you.

Perhaps you’re more interested in fitness classes that incorporate boxing moves and training methods? We have plenty of those on the list as well. For those of you on a budget, we’ve included some of the best boxing gyms in London that work as non-profit organizations. If you’d prefer a personal trainer of your own it’s important to go with a certified boxing coach. Many boxing gyms offer personal programs depending on your requirements. We have put together a list of the best boxing gyms in London according to location, so you can take your pick for yourself.

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FighterFit, London N1

FighterFit is one of the best boxing gyms in London and offers boxing classes, personal training, and even a range of yoga sessions. Even if you’re new to boxing you can learn self-defense, develop amazing skills, and get into the best shape of your life. Summer workouts are held in Shoreditch Park and there are plenty of protein and nutrition products available. FighterFit has technique-driven full-body workouts that are incredibly effective, with recovery yoga sessions to help you stretch out and cool back down. The high-energy, friendly atmosphere at this popular boxing gym makes it a fun place to train.

North London Boxing Club, London N14

North London Boxing Club has been the setting for plenty of celebrity training sessions, so if you’re looking for something upmarket in North London, it could be the one for you. It’s also ideal for those after a decent workout. North London Boxing Club offers a range of 90min classes based on a circuit training technique. You’ll work on your fitness, muscle strength, sparring, and punch bag drills, and you’ll definitely feel it the next day. Each class ends with a cardio blast to make sure you really get the most out of every session. You’ll work your entire body pretty hard, but you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Islington Boxing Club, London N19

Islington Boxing Club is pretty old-school but well kitted out and a great option for those looking for the best boxing gyms in North London. The walls inside are covered in portraits of all your favorite boxing heroes for inspiration. As well as the motivational wall decor, IBC has many outreach programmes and has established a reputation for promoting and supporting young boxers. IBC was the first London boxing club to receive The ABAE Clubmark status for excellence and its mission is to get any man, woman, or child to the standard to compete. What could be more inspiring than that?

The Ring Boxing Club, London SE1

Interestingly, the building of The Ring Boxing Club used to be a chapel before it was converted into one of the best boxing gyms in London. It’s a great little joint for busy professionals and they run a Cityboxer programme for all levels. There’s a wide variety of boxing classes for fitness as well as bespoke personal training sessions available. The gym also offers the opportunity to take part in white collar events after a three-month intensive training course. The team at the Ring go all out and make a proper show of it, with lights, music, and a cheering crowd.

Miguel’s Boxing Gym, London SE24

Miguel’s Boxing Gym is nestled between the railway arches on Hardess Stress in South East London. It’s got a surprisingly impressive interior, however, and is fully stocked with over thirty bags and all new crossfit equipment. London’s “friendliest gym” offers an extensive list of classes and personal training sessions. There are boxing classes designed for weight loss, the over 60s, and children. They also have a range of HIIT workouts and Muay Thai classes. The trainers will take on any challenge but you have to be prepared as well, they will work you hard.

Double Jab ABC, London SE14

Double Jab Boxing is definitely one for those on a budget. The prices are almost too good to be true and you can get a boxing session in for just a few quid. Double Jab is a non-profit charity aiming to get young people off the streets and into boxing instead. It has an incredibly welcoming atmosphere and accepts all levels. There’s also a women’s only boxing class and special discounts for under 18s and students. Double Jab has won a number of awards since it opened its doors in 2012, including London Sports Club of the year in 2016. With such a glowing reputation and prices as low as these, there’s no excuse not to give this boxing gym a go.

The Fitzroy Lodge, London SE1

The Fitzroy Lodge is a non-profit club run solely by volunteers and supported by subscriptions and donations. Its current location is situated between two railway arches in Lambeth, but the original site was around since 1908 until it was bombed during the second world war. Being part of the Fitzroy Lodge brings a sense of community, purpose, and achievement. Boxers of all levels are encouraged to join. For a boxing gym that’s run on donations, it’s extremely well-equipped. You have access to two rings, over twenty punching bags, cardio machines and it even has a sauna.

Carney’s Community, London SW11

This is the second location of the team that brought us the Fitzroy Lodge. Power of Boxing at Carney’s Community is perfect for those seeking authentic, high-intensity, non-contact, group boxing fitness classes in Battersea. The main class consists of a 1-hour combination of cardio boxing exercises, technical pad work in the ring, muscle toning, and core strength work. The result is a total body workout that’s supposed to burn 1000 calories. It was put together with input from professional boxers and you get to learn several techniques of the noble art while you do it. If you’re looking for a great all-round workout, you’ll get a bit of everything in an intense hour-long session.

The Secret Boxing Gym, London SE1

The Secret Boxing Gym, located not far from Borough Market, offers boxing classes HIIT, yoga, and more. The gym was built on the values of its namesake and two-time commonwealth champion Richard “the secret” Williams. He now works as a trainer and there is a range of online sessions you can check out as well, featuring the commonwealth winner. The gym itself has only been open at its London Bridge location a couple of years and it’s unusual to find authentic boxing in this uber-trendy riverside spot. Grab a coffee, croissant, protein shake or smoothie while you check out the classes on offer.

12 Rounds Boxing, London SW11

12 Rounds Boxing is a convenient option for working parents looking to train near Clapham Junction. It even has childcare available in the mornings. There are four main levels, from boxing fundamentals to “Warzone” and “Train2Fight” where you can test your skills in the ring. The highly experienced team at 12 Rounds aims to make boxing accessible to everyone and the gym offers a full range of sessions at different skill levels from beginner to pro. Bespoke training programs and membership packages are also available at all levels.

Glove Up Boxing Gym, London SW18

Glove Up Boxing Gym specializes in the best boxing and Thai boxing classes along with strength and conditioning, and personal training sessions. As well as learning punching and kicking techniques, you can also cater your workout towards achieving your fitness goals. Many of the sessions include circuit training based on the methods professional fighters use. The dedicated trainers will help you focus on maintaining your fitness regime with a programme that gets results. The Glove Up classes are also very varied so you’ll never get bored at the gym again. All classes are beginner-friendly but you better be prepared to sweat.

Repton Boxing Club is the oldest established boxing gym in England. The famous Kray twins fought here, so if you’re interested in boxing history it definitely has appeal. It’s even been used for film sets and music videos. The building itself is actually a former Victorian bathhouse. Despite its fame, the gym still offers affordable boxing classes to budding boxers of all ages and levels, and it’s now also a registered charity. It is, however, a gym for serious boxers and doesn’t offer combo classes for fitness alone. While it’s not a place for complete beginners, amateur boxers with passion and dedication are always welcome.

Peacock Gym, London E16

Peacock Gym is a charity founded in 1978 renowned for fantastic work in the community. As well its many programs supporting young boxers over the years, it’s also famous for its champion boxers including Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis. The gym itself has many areas, rooms, and features. It has a pro boxing and cardio area, aerobics hall, amateur room, and fixed and free weights zones. As well as these you can also make use of the dance studio, recording studio, community cafe, and hair and beauty salon. The Peacock gym is much more than a boxing studio, it’s a loved and respected gem in the community.

Left Hook Boxing Club, London E1

Left Hook Boxing Club celebrates boxing as a true art form and more than just part of your fitness regime. The walls of this boxing studio are decorated with posters of historical boxers from around the world and some of the most famous champions. There are plenty of training sessions available along with competitive fighting. If you’re looking for inspiration in East London, then Left Hook Boxing Club is the place you want to be. Left Hook is designed to offer an alternative to an overcrowded and overpriced trendy gym and boxing training for all. There’s a mix of classes to cater to different levels of fitness boxing experience, so you can definitely find something for everyone.

Kobox (multiple locations)

Kobox is almost like a boxing studio meets nightclub with its fluorescent lights and dark, loud atmosphere. If you like the idea of glowing in the dark while you work out in your fluorescent gear the Kobox is perfect for you. Aside from the exciting atmosphere, the sessions are pretty simple and straightforward. You can choose between 30mins or 50mins and work on honing your boxing skills, strength, and mobility. Kobox is also the favorite boxing gym of many celebrities, so keep your eyes peeled if you try out this trendy spot. It certainly is one of the most fun boxing classes you’ll even attend.

Legends Boxing Gym, Richmond TW9

If you’re looking for the best boxing gyms in London, but a little further out Legends Boxing Gym based in Richmond offers a range of sessions. You can choose between evening boxing classes or personal boxing coaches. If you’re interested in competing in white collar shows you can even train for free. There are also a couple of sessions a week for children so there’s a bit of something for everyone. Legends also boast the best value in London and excellent customer service. You can create your own personalized schedule by opting for the classes that suit your needs.

BuddhaBox, London W1J

The BuddhaBox building is a unique space spanning over 5500 square feet of basement rooms. These are stacked with state-of-the-art equipment, however, including industry-leading mobility assessment technology. This piece of hardware records your body’s composition so that each individual’s training programs can be catered to this. BuddhaBox’s three main focuses are boxing, yoga, and movement. There are also different treatments available such as Thai massage, osteotherapy, tuina, and nutrition advice. If you’re looking for the complete package, BuddhaBox truly offers memberships with benefits as you get full access to the fitness center, classes and wellness club.

BXR London, London W1U

BXR is known as one of London’s first high-end boxing gyms. There are two locations, one in Marylebone, and another in Canary Wharf. If you’re tired of boxing in a sweat, dingy studio, then BXR is definitely the one for you. The company was founded with the idea of bringing luxury back into boxing. Even the bathrooms are stocked with fancy products you can use after your training session. Although it’s a high-end gym, sessions are affordable and you can choose between single sessions or discount packs. Both locations offer a wide range of boxing skills classes as well as cardio, strength, and conditioning.

Jab, London W1

Jab is ideal for those who like an air of nostalgia in their boxing studio, as it is inspired by boxing champions of the 60s and 70s. If you feel motivated by the golden era of boxing, enjoy a workout in the spacious studios, or try out one of their varying classes. Jab studio is well-stocked with plenty of equipment including punching bags, med balls, and kettle weights, and you’ll feel like a pro entering through the spotlight lit tunnel. Jab was designed to make all users feel like a boxing superstar.

Rathbone Boxing Club, London W1T

One of the finest in London, the Rathbone Boxing Club offers a range of classes for both children and adults, including online sessions. You can buy credits to pay for the classes or get different package deals. Rathbone’s experienced trainers create a comfortable setting even for newbies and will teach you all the fundamentals. If you’re looking for a place to compete in charity white collar boxing, they also offer plenty of opportunities at Rathbone. It’s perfect for those who have always dreamed of stepping into the ring but don’t know where to start. Experienced boxers can also train at Rathbone, as it’s one of the best boxing gyms in London.

Box Clever Sports, London W11

Box Clever Sports is said to be David Beckham’s favorite boxing gym. This isn’t the only thing that makes Box Clever Sports special, it’s actually a makeshift gym in a multi-storey car park. This might mean that amenities are limited, but the experience is unforgettable, and you’ll get down to some authentic fighting. If you’re attracted by the scent of sweat, rubber mats, and raw adrenaline, then try out a session at Box Clever. There are plenty of different classes available, that focus on both technique and sparring. Their trainers are leading in the field so get ready for them to push you.

Stonebridge Boxing Club, Wembley HA9

Stonebridge Boxing Club is inspired by the famously hard-care Kronk gym in Detroit. This means high temperatures, creating an atmospheric sweatshop, aimed at “incubating champions”. If you’re looking for a fun fitness class then Stonebridge may seem a little intimidating. For those of you who are serious about boxing, you can learn from coaches with vast experience who will really motivate you to get to the next level. They will match your dedication and you can train with Olympic professionals. They do also welcome budding boxers of all ages and levels, but a certain amount of commitment is required.

12×3, Algate, Paddington

12×3 is for those of you looking to work up a serious sweat. The name refers to the boxing-strength combo class which involves 12×3 minute sets of boxing drills, bag work, and pads. Not for the faint-hearted as there are also plenty of lunges, burpees, squats, and med ball exercises thrown in. Think crossfit mixed with intense boxing drills. There are also technical classes and sparring options. You can choose the workout that’s right for you depending on your skill level, and whether you prefer boxing with a component or a blend of aerobic exercises. There are two locations on 12×3, one in Algate, and one in Paddington.

Blok has two locations, in Clapton and Shoreditch. The trendy Clapton gym used to be a train depot and they also have a range of interesting snacks on offer. Blok offers over 160 workout classes, many of them involving boxing and combat. Their technique-focused boxing sessions help develop timing, distance, accuracy, speed, and power, as well as providing an all-over workout. If you want to work on your boxing fundamentals, then Blok is a great choice. There is a range of class sizes from one-to-one, to shadow boxing and defensive drills. Pricing is also pretty flexible and you can opt for a single class, package, or full membership.

Gymbox (multiple locations)

If you’re looking for a multi-functional gym with decent boxing options, Gymbox offers five different boxing classes at its various locations. You can learn the fundamentals with the “Counterpunch” class, take things up a gear with “Gymboxing and Sparring” and branch out into kickboxing and prepare for Muay Thai competitions by joining the Kickboxing Fighters Club. With several convenient locations and a wide range of classes, Gymbox is one of the best boxing gyms in London. It’s suitable for all levels and you can go on to compete in inter-club fights if you think you’re ready for the next challenge.

1Rebel (multiple locations)

1Rebel offers high-intensity boxing workout classes. You’ll be jabbing, punching, and kicking your way through a powerful 45min HIIT workout. The class takes place in a darkened room to banging beats. It’s technical as well as an intense workout, and you’ll learn to perfect your stance and form while practicing some killer moves. 1Rebel is also ideal for those of you following a zero-waste lifestyle, as they were the first London gym to ban the use of plastic bottles. You can get your training done guilt-free and reduce your carbon footprint.

Virgin Active (multiple locations)

Virgin Active has several locations across London and as a multi-functional gym chain, it offers a variety of combat classes, so it’s a great place to box. One of the most popular is “Punch 50” which involves twelve rounds on the bags with different challenges mixed in. There are also standard boxing classes and sessions available. If you’re looking for a complete gym with plenty of boxing options available to add to your routine, then Virgin Active is ideal. There are different types of membership and you can choose the one that best suits your workout pattern.

Third Space (multiple locations)

Third Space is a luxury gym chain with multiple locations and they also have a wide range of combat classes. You can choose between Boxing lessons and Boxology, which will both teach you the necessary skills and techniques. Boxology, in particular, uses innovative training methods to really get your abilities to the next level. There is also a variety of other martial arts classes including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and ladies only boxing. If you’re looking to expand your fighting skills, Third Space has something for everyone. With a monthly membership, you can also use the other rooms of the gym and their state-of-the-art equipment.

London Boxing4Life, London N1C

London Boxing4Life is the company founded by the trainer Gabriele. Gabriele offers a number of specialisms as well as boxing technique and tactics, including self-defense, HIIT training, nutrition and diet and weight loss. If you’re looking for a personal training programme tailored to your needs by a professional boxer, then could be the option for you. Training sessions can be held at the gym in Kings Cross or alternatively at your home or outdoors if you prefer. If you would like to work individually to hone your boxing skills or take the gloves and pads out to the park, it’s an effective alternative to a fitness class.

Ringtone Boxing Gym, London NW1

Ringtone Boxing Gym has excellent exercise classes for all ages and abilities based on the training methods used by boxers. The first boutique fitness center in London offers boxing based classes and personal training sessions and white collar boxing. Ringtone Boxing also offers advice on nutrition. The gym is available for personal trainers to train their own clients, so if you’re looking to hire a private space, this could be ideal for you. There are also various types of memberships and you can pay for the gym on a daily basis or classes individually if you prefer.

These are some of the best boxing gyms in London offering activities from technique and tactics to HIIT training. Whether you’re looking to progress as a boxer or have fun achieving your fitness goals, find the right gym for you. There are plenty of options across London including classes, personal trainers, white collar fighting events and more. Whichever method you choose to boost your boxing abilities you’ll certainly find the ideal environment to suit your needs.

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