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How To Create Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns This Year

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Who needs a digital marketing strategy?

Whether your business is online or offline, local or global and big or small, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy could be crucial to your business success. With the recent impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are having no choice but to take their business online, so the search landscape is more competitive than ever before, meaning we as digital marketers have to try harder than ever. There has been a huge spike in both internet spending and Google searches throughout the pandemic, meaning that there is opportunity for your business to go digital. Making sure to know who you want to target and what your competitors are doing will be critical to standing out amongst the millions of other online businesses. We would suggest contacting a reputable Digital Marketing Agency who can help with implementing a digital marketing strategy and campaign to ensure your business can deliver results, despite the uncertainty.  

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Increase traffic to your website with SEO and improved website design 

Ultimately, your business may set-up the best marketing campaign of all time, but if no relevant users or searchers see it, the campaign will fail to deliver the results desired which may affect future investor buy-in. Setting up a well-designed website that is optimised for the keywords you wish to target will be key in driving the right traffic to your website and in the long-term, and gain conversions. SEO is a long term strategy that can deliver results for your business and website for years to come. If you’re not sure on how to implement the right SEO strategy for your business, be sure to contact an expert SEO Agency who can guide you through all the steps needed to optimise your website for search engine search results, and can even train you so you can implement these steps yourself.  

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Target the right audiences with paid search campaigns 

When maximising your campaign budget, you’ll want to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience types through paid search campaigns. Although it may seem straightforward and worthwhile to target half of all internet users, paying for clicks on irrelevant keywords can eat up your budget and leave you with poor results. For example, if you own a coffee shop company and want to target people with the keyword ‘coffee’ you may end up getting clicks from people searching for ‘coffee machines’, ‘organic coffee beans’ or even people searching for ‘coffee cake’ which would not be relevant to your business offering and would be meaningless clicks for high prices. Instead, compile a list of really relevant keywords to your business, the more specific the better and make sure to include keywords you don’t want to be included in people’s searches, like excluding the terms ‘cake’ and ‘machine’ to remove irrelevant searchers from your campaign. 

Tracking, tracking, tracking

Now you have started to think about the types of digital marketing your business can do to attract new customers and you have employed the help of a trusted Digital Marketing Agency, it’s time to track! Of course it’s important to keep track of any website data such as clicks, conversions, keyword movements and the average time people spend on the website, which can all be delivered in report form from your Digital Marketing Agency. But it’s not only important to track website performance, but also your internal employee results which can all be tracked through performance management tools. With a potential reduced workforce, it is more important than ever to track performance in people which will be crucial to delivering results through digital marketing techniques. It’s not just important for employees to be measured, but is also essential to have the right management in place to ensure that the digital marketing campaigns are being prioritised effectively and are performing as they should. Thus, internal feedback systems will be necessary to drive successful digital marketing campaigns. 

Remember, every digital marketing campaign will be unique to your business, and there is no ‘one size fits all approach’. If you’re eager to make the most of your digital marketing efforts, speak to an expert today or contact your local Digital Marketing Agency today. 

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