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Top 15 Most Popular Sports in the UK | 2022

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A big Population of people in the United Kingdom plays sports of every kind. Whether it is the individual game of the team sport they are very good at it. In many of the sports they have become the champion across and that is why we are going to list out some of the sports in which they are good and also which are very good for the health of human beings. 

Many sports are called popular because they have been inserted into the curriculum of the schools where it is the responsibility of the students to play them for a must. 


Football is a game which is played very much in the UK.  You will be amazed to find that around 20 lakh people per week play football in the UK.  It is a very popular sport in the UK and there is much funding from the organizations to support the game. One of the oldest Governing bodies in the industry named the Football Association is the responsible person who is making this s sport popular in the UK. This game has been played by millions has been watched by millions and also it will last in the UK for a very long time. 


This game is very common to the UK and very popular. This is a team game that has gained popularity of around 8% in the last 10 years. In the past, this game was not very popular but the times have changed and today all the countries of the UK are having the established team in the rugby.  You will be happy to find that In 2013 England hosted the Rugby League which got very popular and the demand from the world.  This game is gaining popularity by the day and almost a hundred countries of the globe along with the UK are playing this sport very much with many funds. 


This game is predominantly only played by the women of the world especially in the school area. Now it is getting much popularity in the UK and also many international matches are happening.  You will be very happy to find that around 180000 people were going to the court once in a week which is the best rate in the last 10 years.  The reason is that now it is televised very much. Netball is played in the way which is similar to basketball but the rules are different.  Because of the popularity in the educational environment, the interest of the students in this game is getting much higher than it was in the past. 


Cricket is the game which is the most popular Around the World, especially in boys.  You will be very happy to find that England was the father of the cricket where it was played only in villages.  Even though it was started as the village Cricket today it is played across the globe.  In the UK there are many towns and cities there this game is played professionally. In UK cricket was more popular than football but by the time it has decreased but still, it is a very popular game in the UK. One of the biggest grounds of the world the Lord’s is in England which can give you the idea of how great this game is how popular it is in the UK. 


Who is not familiar with the great sport of hockey? This is the team sport like the sports we have mentioned above and that is why many organizations are supporting in the UK the players to come back to hockey.  The organizations are giving the initiatives and also other things to attract the players towards the ground and that is why around 92000 people come to the ground every week.  

These were the sports which are played by the teams but there are many sports which can be called individuals who are getting popular in the UK by the time. 


This is a very common and very popular game in the UK. According to statistics swimming is a very popular game in the UK and that is why this game is played at the national level and also in the Olympics.  England has a good team in the Olympics in the sport of swimming. More than 2.5 million people are involved every week in the UK in the game of sport. This is the figure which can give you the idea that this is one of the most popular games in the UK especially by the people who are playing it individually. 


This is the port which is played by the individuals not only in England but also in the whole UK.  You will be very happy to find that this game is also played in the Olympics and England has big participation in that. This game is not very popular compared to others but it is still very good in the UK. Around 20 lakh people are getting on their cycles and playing sports in the UK. 


Tennis is also the popular game in the UK in 2022 and you will be very happy to find that because of the media coverage of this game the popularity of this game is increasing by the day. Wimbledon is the reason for the popularity in the UK about tennis.  This gaming event is the most popular in the UK and you can find proof of that by asking any individual in the UK about Wimbledon and they will give you a detailed answer.


Athletics is a game that is not very popular in the UK but still popular. The reason is that the media showcasing the sport daily in their channels and that is why the spot is getting popularity in the UK area. The fundraising happens about this game is especially by the UK Sports agency. They are investing the money in this game to lead this game to succeed in the UK. 


Last but not least this is the most popular racket game in the UK and according to the statistics the game is played by the UK population with at least 10% population. Even though it is not very popular but still it is popular and you can enjoy your time by playing this sport in the UK especially when many dedicated matches are happening on daily basis and showcasing on the TV channels.  In the enclosed environment, this game is played and that is why it is mostly seen in the educational Arena that the game is played. 

Ice Hockey

This is another popular game from the UK and it is played by many of the players. The organization for arranging the Ice Hockey games in the UK is Ice Hockey UK which has been changed from the British Ice Hockey Association. This organization arranges different tournaments around the UK. Not only in the UK but also around the world this game is played very professionally and also it is very common to have the crowd in the arena of the Ice Hockey. Even though this game is more popular in Canada but in the UK it has been played from any time and even though sometimes the game can be brutal which is not the culture of the UK still many local people love these games to be played and seen. 


Amateur rowing Association of the UK is responsible for arranging this is sports not only on a local basis but also in the international arena.  This game is also popular in the UK but not that much. Geoffrey Taylor, Douglas Kirtland are some of the names who are popular in this sport from the UK. The famous club for this sport is the Kingston rowing club And Bedford rowing club. 

Horse Racing

The UK is another place in the world where horse racing is a popular sport.  This sport in the UK is coming from the Roman Empire which means it has a history. Every year, around 6 million people watch this sport in the UK with 13000 races. National Hunt and Flat racing are the two types of races that are held in the UK. British horse racing authority is responsible for arranging and managing the sport in the UK, specifically. 


This is the game which is popular only in the UK and Ireland. It is also known as bat and ball running. This game is regulated in England by rounders England. Smaller bats and balls are used in this game similar to Ireland. Because of the inter-school competition in the UK, this game is getting popular by the day and daily, people are getting familiar with this sport in the UK. 


You must have seen racings in the UK and you are familiar that the sport is called Speedway. Elite, premium, and the national league are played in the UK in this sport. Elite is the highest Domestic League played in the UK. To ensure competitiveness in the game there is a point-based system in the Elite and Premier League. The Speedway Grand Prix is the yearly competition that is held every year. England is the place where the semifinals happen every year in the Speedway Grand Prix. 


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