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Top 10 Computer Repair Service Companies in the UK

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Human beings and computers can’t be differentiated with each other.  In other words, if you are the intelligent and livable human being, then you must have the computer in your house.  Not only in the place but also in the office where you are working must be having the computer for professional needs.  But like any other electronic thing, the computer also gets a problem.  This is the reason, in the UK and around there are many computer repair services which has opened to help out the individuals who are having a similar problem. The computer can have different issues, and solutions for that can be varied. To counter this IT Support Edinburgh is a must place to go.

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PC Repair Squad

This is one of the best companies in the UK who is offering the services related to computers irrespective of the model you have.  Laptops are one of the most vital computer devices in use today.  This is the reason this company is giving the services of laptop repair of a different kind.  Even if you have the damaged panel of the laptop screen, still they will be able to rectify this problem as soon as possible. People are also in need of virus removal in their computers, and this company will also give you the services about that.  This brand can do even software installations, which are very difficult to do yourself.  The charges for different services can vary which you can ask directly from the brand. 

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Nimbus Computer Repair

With more and more of us working from home nowadays technical support is more important than ever. Nimbus Computer Repair is a professional IT support company providing a specialist service direct to your home or place of business across South yorkshire and Leeds. The owner has several years of IT experience and the business itself has 5-star customer reviews. They provide services such as software and hardware troubleshooting and repair, custom PC builds priced for all budgets and much more.  
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Computer Repair Limited

This computer repair service company is working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to facilitate the people in the UK.  They are working from London, and some of the time they have a fixed rate of the service.  For example, some of the specific problems can be resolved by them in 50 pounds. Also, they will charge on an hourly basis if they find the situation very difficult. They are spread around the country, and they have multiple facilities and an excellent team to facilitate the people. 

Analogic Computers UK

This company is one of the oldest company for computer repair services in the UK.  They are working in this field from 1987. They are not specific to any Single problem of computers, but they are covering every aspect of computer devices.  Not only that they are going to give you the hardware solutions but also the software solutions like the virus removal or software installation, even if you have the out of the warranty computer is still this company will deal with that with ease. The networking problems are very tough to trade, and this company can also cover that. Some of the time the Apple computers are one of the most rugged computers to sell and repair according to the consumer, and this company specializes in that. 

All About Laptops

As you can understand by the name of this company that they are only dealing with the laptops. This company is not only dealing with the laptops repair services but also they are selling and buying the product. If you want you can repair the product you have, or you can exchange them with the new one. Recently they have started to deal with mobile phones also. The good thing about this company is that they are also making gaming computers for consumers.  It means that you will be able to get the high-tech device in your house but only if you have the money. 


This company is working in the field of Computer repair services from London, but the good thing about them is that they can give you the services at your doorstep.  It means that you will be able to tell them on the phone what is the problem you are having with your computer devices and they will come to your house to resolve that.  Now the question would be how much they will charge for the services; then this is the question which can be consulted directly from them. Some of the time, the output can be happening the next day, and this is the thing you should always remember.  But the guarantee from this company is to get the result within affordable rates. This company is also offering services from its onsite place. Then they will give you the time frame of the production, which will be in front of you. 

Reboot That Ltd

This is the computer repair working from London specifically.  What makes this company different from others is that they are going to tell you the cost of the services upfront. Also, if they will not be able to recover or repair the device you have them, they will not ask you a single pound. They also have the help desk to accommodate you. It is located in the centre of London which covers the whole of London. They are also ISO certified, which makes them trustworthy. They have limited services related to the repair work of the computer, but still, they are good enough. You can make the appointment as early as possible with them and see if they are the people who can give you the services according to your requirements and budget. 

We Hire Mac – Mac Rental & Repairs

This company is only dealing with computers related to the Mac computer.  From old to the new versions of the Apple computer, this company can rectify the problem related to that. If you want to sell or buy the Mac computers this company is for you. You can also replace the IMAC computer you have with the new one. If you want you can get the instant quote about the services you are looking for.  They will be able to tell you on the phone how much it will charge you and how much time it will take for the output to come…  the company is experienced in this regard, that is why they have the right name in the eyes of the consumer’s. 

Jeli Computer Repair Leeds

They are working from the Leeds city of United Kingdom. This is one of the most reliable computer repair services in Leeds, and you can get a different type of services from them without any trouble. You can also get the student card discount from this company.  You can get the gaming computers for your needs and even the office and home usage devices. They are not a very big company, but they are good enough according to the budget and requirement the people have in common. 

Computer Repair Norwich

If you consult with the people who have got the services from this company, then you will find that they are one of the best and also very ethical. For all your needs in the Norwich area, you will be able to find this company to be beneficial. From the repair of your computer device to buying the new product, this company can give you all. From desktop computers to laptop computers you can get anything from this company. They can also make the custom computer for yourself if you ask them. The products and the repair work from this company will be long-lasting and again will come with a warranty. 

Laptop Repair Specialist

Even though they are expert in the field of preparing the laptops, still they are dealing with the consumers who are bringing the desktop computers. Many people in London and UK are using Apple computers like the iMac, and this company will also deal with that.  There are not many people around who are going to resolve the problem with the Apple computers, and that is why you should contact this agency. If you want, you can even ask them to replace the devices on the computer—for example the Hard drive and the board. 

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