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20 Best Travel Agencies UK and USA in 2024

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If you are in the United Kingdom and you want to travel around the world then you can plan the trip by getting the services from the travel agencies. Agencies will arrange everything for you including and they will recommend all the services which can allow you to enjoy your time with your family and friends across the globe and also in the United Kingdom.  There are also some Agencies providing USA Green card lottery which are best in this regard in 2023 and let us try to find information about them. 

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Amazing travel agencies are best in the UK and this is also one of them.  This is the agency has connections around the globe with more than 12500 the UK and Ireland alone.  Their experience gives us the idea that they have given the services to more than 6 million people. They have been awarded multiple awards and they can be regarded as one of the best in the UK because of their links with multiple heads of the world.  They have been voted World’s best leisure airline for 5 years running.


One of the biggest companies in the world and also in the UK.  This company has the experience of 74 years and now more than 5 million satisfied customers of them can give you the idea about the Traveling plan they range. They are one of the most awarded traveling agencies in the UK and because of their big experience and also the team of hundreds of people, they can plan around 300 trips across seven continents for you. You just Name the country and the continent and the plan for you will be in front. Across seven continents they have an arrangement in the accommodation and also the flights and even the last minute plan can be arranged by them. 

STA travel

This travel agency is working in the UK and they are one of the best in this regard in the forum that they are the student and youth travel agency. If the person wants to make the trip memorable and adventurous then this is the agency in the UK who can help you out at affordable rates. 2023 is the year, in which you want to make the most of your life and make it adventurous and STA travel will be the ideal choice for you

Hays Travel, Chingford Mount

They are one of the largest traveling agencies in the UK. They have around 1700 people as their employee and they have a turnover of 1 million pounds. More than 180 retail shops and around 270 traveling agents working from their home this agency is one of the big in the traveling field. They are calling themselves an independent travel agency and they will give you the custom made traveling across the world including trip to Club Wyndham. They are good at customer service and they will be able to accommodate your needs.  If you are planning to tour the world at affordable rates then this agency will accommodate you at your doorstep. 


Another great agency another great service in the UK for traveling around the globe.  This agency can give you the custom made travel plan and also the last-minute plans arranged without any hesitation. They have expanded their connection around the globe and that is why they will be able to accommodate the state of the airline services and also the best hotels in the market to accommodate the needs of the tourist. 

Back-roads touring

If you want to plan that group travel across seven continents or you want to go alone, this Agency will give you that deals and traveling plan according to your desire. They have arrangements across all the continents so you can make the most of your trip with this agency. They are working in the United Kingdom for some time and they have established a team and also have been awarded some of the awards. One good thing about them is that they will talk to you and will plan an itinerary which will have the personal touch according to the psychology you have.  This thing allows people to enjoy their time to the fullest without even imagining. 


Dreamworld is a big name in the field of traveling and they are offering multiple services in the field of traveling in the UK and across the world.  If you are the individual who wants to travel the world and make your life memorable or you are the businessman and you want to go for the business meeting across continents then this agency will give you the services according to your desire.  They will reason plan your trip in the last minute at affordable rates because they have a connection with multiple airlines and hotels and you can contact them 24/7. Irrespective of the plan you are trying to make they will arrange everything. If you want to make your life happy and adventurous, then the traveling agency like this will help you out.

Reed and MacKay

This is more than the traveling agency but the provider of travel management for business individuals and also for normal individuals. This agency can give you the services across the world and they have their office is based across every big city in every continent.  Mostly the corporate travel can be arranged through them which will have everything to accommodate your business needs.  If you want to plan the business trip or you want to attend the business meeting then this is the agency in the UK who can help you out to make your Prestige remain. 

Crystal travel 

In the UK another travel agency came by the name crystal travel and they are the pan European traveling agency who is giving the services about the hotel booking and the trip to your dream destination. They have connections with around 65000 plus hotels across the globe and also 150 Airlines are in connection with them.  They have been given the award in the year 2014 year and they are proud of that. You can connect with them on the online travel portal and they will be able to accommodate your needs. 

Berkeley travel

If you are in the United Kingdom and you want to travel the world with the luxurious traveling experience then this is the agency that can give that service with Pride. They will engage with you on a personal level and will give you the custom made luxurious traveling experience irrespective of the country you want to plan about.  On top of that, they are accredited by good and authorized agencies like IATA, ATOL, etc. This makes them good in the eyes of the law also. 

Designer Travel

That much can be told about this agency but good.  They are working this week from 2008 and they have extensive knowledge about Traveling across the globe.  When the customer will contact them then they will arrange the meeting with Expert for the inquiry and the expert will guide the individual according to the requirement they have. They are going to plan the travel for the tourist across the globe and because of being in connection with multiple Agencies and flights, they will be able to give the affordable rates on more than thousand flights. The hotel collection they have is amazing and also they will not give you the plan of 1 to 2 weeks but in fact, will arrange the plan in the custom way about the length you want.

Go Travel, Blackheath

The agency is working in this field for some time and according to their biodata they have around 22 Experienced staff in four locations and they are giving the services about accommodation, flight reservations, and even the car parking irrespective of the country you are trying to plan the trip about. They are licensed and that is why they can work according to the law and they will give you the information and details which will be authentic.  In the London area, they are working for some time and will give you experience tours with efficiency. 

Royal travel

This company has started as the father and son Business in a small place in 1990 and now it is the multi-million-pound agency working in the field of traveling.  They have around 40 people as the expert to guide the client towards planning the travel. They have good relationships with the Traveling Airlines across the globe and that is why they have access to multi affordable plans. They are under the rule of many traveling authorities like IATA so they are going to guarantee you the safety and Peace of mind. 

Polka Dot Travel, Stafford

In the UK area, there are many cities and many places where you can get a traveling agency to help your traveling plan. About the Polka Dot travel agency in Stafford, They have established themselves in the year 2013. They are expanding across the region and they have very quickly become a very big name in the Traveling field. As the name suggests, their traveling plan is very good and also very fun-loving. If you want you can even book the plan by the phone or even can go to the store and they will accommodate your needs and will give you the plan according to your desire. 

Haslemere Travel

Haslemere Is a town in England and this town there is an agency with the same name to plan your travel across the globe.  This agency is going to accommodate the need of the people as they have experience in this field and they will want the client to enjoy the tour as they want to. They are proud to say that they will arrange the plan for the blind which will be tailor-made and a hundred percent tension free. Also, they will make sure that all the accommodation is trustworthy and also every asset of the client is safe. They are going to make your traveling experience like the dream and make it an amazing remembrance. 

Travel center UK

Working in this field for a long time this London-based agency is going to accommodate your flight booking and also the hotel booking for your trip across.  They are also one of the good Agencies who can plan your Cruise ship travel in the seas of the world. Holiday booking across the globe with your family and friends can be arranged through the agency in the United Kingdom. 

Goldwing international

This agency has come into the market in 1990 and now they have become a good brand in the United Kingdom. They will be able to give affordable packages across the globe and one of the advantages they have brought in the market today that they are also focused on the Mauritius country. They have made a specialized website to tell the consumer or client that you can book your Mauritius trip online with every detail and every requirement you have. On Mauritius Island, everything can be acquired through them.

London Travel Agency

London travel agency is not only e one of the best in the UK for providing the traveling needs of the tourist but also they can give you the local tour of the UK.  They will be able to arrange the custom made tour of you as the solo traveler or you can go with the tour of multiple people.  Irrespective of the continent you want to go, you can plan with them and arrange everything through them without any hesitation.

ArrangeMY Escape, Worcester

England is full of traveling Agencies and this is also one of them. This is another family-owned independent travel agency. They have established their self in this build in 1990. They are going to offer you a travel visa across the globe and also they are going to give you Holiday trips of every kind. You want to plan the wedding in the foreign country you want to get the ski trip across the Western area and you want to get the package which will have everything inclusive them they are going to help you out in this regard.  Their team is not very big and they are established and working in the field for a long time so they will accommodate the needs of the tourist accordingly. 

Mabuhay travel

In the UK you want to plan the trip towards the Philippines than this is the agency that will be ideal for you.  They are mostly focused on the Philippines and because of the local Philippine people working in the agency they can understand your requirements and also will be able to make the custom made tour by guiding you what will be beneficial for you and also memorable. The Philippines is a very beautiful and natural country and they will be able to accommodate your traveling experience by giving you the accommodation and also their flights which will make it mesmerizing for you. 

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