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List Of Best News Websites In The UK For Kids | 2024

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The world is a global village and because of having the digital devices in our hands like smartphones and laptops, we interact with the world by the news websites to be familiar with the information.  But today news is not restricted to only the adults but also the kids in the United Kingdom are looking for getting the information from the news websites.  There are some interactive news websites specially made for kids to give them the world news. 

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BBC News Round

BBC news round is the website made for the children exactly like the BBC channel you see on the TV. The primary age children are focused on this website. Like the TV channel, the website gives you information about every topic in the market including politics and the economy. The science and nature and the music are one of the prime topics available on the website which can interact with the children of primary age and give them the information and entertainment at the same time.  BBC is the big name in the UK market for giving out the news and this website is very good for the children and the information available is for free. 

The Guardian Newswise 

Guardian is one of the big names in the world for the news and they have given the online website as the platform for the children and their teachers to get the information.  One of the primary purposes of this online website for the children has been to give the information to the teachers and make the information as the curriculum for the children in the school. Mostly the news has been focused on the children with the age 9 to 12.  Especially focused on the schools and children in the UK the website gives information about every current situation but related to the stories which are focused on children.  The news website will be very interactive because of the colors and also other features like the Opinions have been made to facilitate the children in allowing them to give feedback. 

Tuesday News Day 

This is one of the best websites in the market, especially for children.  The children in the UK have the literacy problem and that is why the literacy news network has decided to arrange the Tuesday news day which focuses especially on the children studying in the school environment.  The website gives the platform for the children and teachers to read some news and have the discussion every Tuesday for at least 10 minutes.  This strategy allows the children to get familiar with the information which is real or fake.  The studies have shown that only 2% of the children in the United Kingdom can differentiate between real and fake news.  This website will allow them to understand the real news and don’t get trapped in the fake news. The question cards and the reliable children news forums are the source of the information and discussion for the children.  The website has interacted with the big names Like the Guardian and BBC And many other reliable sources to protect children from the fake news and give the real news. 

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First News Live

This is the newspaper made especially for the kids and now they are offering the website which is the online version of the newspaper.  The website will offer competitions and information along with the news. The website also offers the polls to get feedback from the children.  The language used on the website is very easy to understand and also according to the psychology of the children. By the daily news bulletins given by the video that children can get the information much easier especially in their school environment.  There have been accolades given to the website for their service to the children of the United Kingdom. 

The Day, UK

This is the online Newspaper for children’s especially those who want to get content for their educational environment. The articles and columns and other information available on the website have been focused on giving information to the school administration to teach the children effectively. Not only in schools and colleges but also in homes the parents and the Teachers read the articles and discuss each other.  The children get the information and realize that they are part of the world and they feel good about themselves and also engage with the world with confidence. 

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