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5 Tips for Spotting a Fake News Story

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Fake news is becoming very common by the day, around the world. There are many speculations that how fake stories become viral. Some of people say that because of the misinformation, the research has been done in this regard and the research gave the output that people are believing the news which is according to their expectation not what is the reality. To counter these problems you need to find some of the ways by which you can spot a fake news story. 

The Credibility of the Publisher

When you are reading the news story the first thing you need to do is to read the name of the story publisher.  You need to make sure that the publisher is credible and he is from the place where the story can’t be fake. Some of the time the site where you are reading the new story is credible but the publisher is not and vice versa.  That is why you need to make sure that the publisher is also credible and the website is also credible. 

Mistakes in the Language

A good publisher with the experience will never write the new story with the spelling mistakes and also in the capital letters.  He will be very good in terms of content formatting and the language will be very up-to-date and understandable. You need to proofread the whole new story to understand that whatever you are seeing is Understandable and also relevant to the English language. 

Check the Source

You need to check from where you are getting the news story.  I am not saying that from which website you are reading the news story but I am saying that have the story came to you or you went for the story.  This is the generation that is more interested in the news which comes on social media and if you have read the story on social media then there is a higher chance that it will be fake. You can also reverse search for the images posted in the news story which will tell you that the pictures are real or not. 

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Ask the Experts

because of the popularity of fake news stories across the globe,  big organizations like Factcheck.org, International fact-checking Network, and many others are available who are spotting the fake news story and removing that to secure the public from getting that.  You can easily contact these sources and these organizations and ask them that whatever they are reading is credible and real news or fake. 

Check if Anybody is Posting Similar

When you read one story then you rely on that but if you want to spot a fake news story then the best procedure is to analyze that if a similar story has been published by any other writer or news source. If there are two to three sources that have posted the same news story then you can rely on the story but if there is only one story on some specific website or source then it will be troubling for understanding that is it credible or not. 

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