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How Long Does HP Take to Repair Laptop?

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How Long Does HP Take to Repair Laptop?

Laptop has certainly become one of the essential things to have in your supplies. You need a laptop for entertainment, work, and several other activities. So, you need it to be up and running if you use it on a regular basis. However, what if it stops working? If you have an HP laptop and it stops working, HP is bound to repair it. However, it often takes a lot of time. If you want to know how long does HP take to repair a laptop, here is a detailed guide!

The Cost of Repairing an HP Laptop

Professional repair by HP typically costs around £200 or more. In case you are comfortable working on your computer yourself, you can find replacement screens online for some economical prices, at times too low around £30 to £80. Also, if you go for laptop repair Edinburgh, it may take just an hour or two to complete the replacement job. Unless your computer;s motherboard is dead or you have rendered your display useless, fixing such a dead laptop is not out of the question. Rather, it’s realistic. You can purchase HP house calls and get convenient service at home from an HP representative amid standard working hours in case issues can’t be resolved remotely. It may include technical assistance with operation, installation and troubleshooting of your HP laptop.

How HP Repairs a Laptop?

HP offers delivery specifications for assistance in any hardware issue diagnoses and resolution on certain HP products. HO provinces TAC or Customer’s technical assistance center along with certified technicians with priority access to the Level 2 HP technical specialist through phone or any other electronic medium of communication. So, contact HP for scheduling a repair with a certified service center of HP. The HP agent would determine if the HP laptop needs to be repaired at the service center. In case a repair is required, they would schedule a pick up of your laptop. The repair would generally take 5 to 10 working days, shipping included.

What About HP Support?

All the personal computers and printers come with a standard warranty of 1 year. Care packs offer an increased level of support or an enhanced period of coverage for your HP laptop’s hardware. All commercial printers and PCs come with a year warranty or up to 3 year warranty. HP however has unfortunately failed to bounce back from a lackluster showing during 2019. However, the HP support site could use some optimizing, thanks to resources they have.

How Long Does HP Take to Repair Laptop?

So, how long will HP take to repair a laptop? Generally, they would take 5 to 10 business days to repair one. You can use the HP repair status for tracking the progress of your HP laptop repair. However, with some shipping issues, back orders, and circumstances beyond the control of HP, your repair may need some additional time. Apart from that, the maximum time your repair can take is around 10 business days.

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