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10 Best Security Agencies in the UK

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10 Best Security Agencies in the UK

When it comes to safety of your loved ones or your business, there should be no room for compromise. That is why you should opt for specialized security agencies in the UK that provide security services to keep your office or home safe, or provide you with a professionally-trained security bouncer to keep you safe. But first let’s find out what kind of services you should typically expect from such security agencies.

Services You Can Expect from Security Agencies

Most reputed security agencies –

  • Listen and pay heed to their staff and customers so that the services are carried out efficiently and accurately.
  • Adhere to the standards and regulations of the industry so that they can provide the best and most efficient security service to you.
  • Work on their weaknesses and strengths through continuous analysis of their performance and feedback to improve their services.
  • Keep reviewing and improving their services so that everyone associated with their business can benefit, and so that they can stay updated with the latest industry news and regulations.

Having noted the above, it is up to you to make your pick from one of the following best security agencies in the UK.

The Top 10 Security Agencies in the UK

Here’s a list of the 10 most reputed security agencies that you can select from for security services in the UK:

1. MEC security

With its security services spread across Essex and other parts of the UK, this company has a wide array of services for your security. Whether you are in need of a security bouncer for celebrations, or want your vacant property protected, or are looking for sniffer dogs to keep your office safe, MEC security is equipped with well-trained and experienced staff to provide security tailored according to your requirements.

2. Corps Security

This company is one of the oldest and most-reputed security agencies in the country. Some of the services they cater to include keyholding services, manned guarding, and mobile patrols.
3. Mitie

This security company is known for providing integrates solutions related to security. They provide CCTV surveillance, cybersecurity, and manned guarding, etc.

4. G4S

Another security service providing company that has a global presence is the G4S. They are known to provide several types of security services, such as event-related security, security bouncer, and risk assessment.

5. Securitas

This leading company provides comprehensive solutions related to security, and specialize in security guarding, mobile patrolling services, and also remote monitoring.

6. STM Group

This security company is well-known for providing specialized services in event-related security, manned guarding, and retail security.

7. Wilson James

The specialization of this security service provider in the UK is in infrastructure and corporate security, in the form of logistics security, manned guarding, and reception security.

8. Axis Security

They are well-known for helping their customers with customizable solutions when it comes to security services. Their services extend to several industries, and include concierge services, reception security, and manned guarding, etc.


Another renowned company, this company provides services in different sectors that include corporate, aviation, and transportation security.

10. CIS Security

This security service provider works to provide specialized security services in mobile patrols, manned guarding, and reception security across sectors including healthcare, corporate, and retail.


Before rushing to make a decision, always ensure that you thoroughly research to evaluate the certifications, client testimonials, and industry experience of the security agency in the UK you wish to select for security services.

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