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Why Smart Lighting Makes a Fantastic Addition to the Home

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Why Smart Lighting Makes a Fantastic Addition to the Home

Smart lighting is becoming simpler and more affordable to install all the time.  With devices like Evvr’s Zigbee 3.0 In-Wall Relay Switch, making the switch is as simple as swapping out your existing switches in a matter of minutes.

The surprisingly broad benefits of smart lighting really hit home.  Far from just a superfluous extra or a high-tech toy to play with, smart lighting can be so advantageous in a variety of ways.

With options available to suit every requirement and every budget, there has never been a better time to join the smart lighting revolution. With this in mind, here are just four of the many reasons why smart lighting makes a fantastic addition to any home:

1. It Makes a Major Contribution to Home Security

Smart lighting enables the creation of bespoke activation/deactivation cycles on a room-by-room basis. Ideal for giving the impression your home is occupied, when there is in fact nobody present.

A smart lighting system can also be accessed and interacted with remotely, using a corresponding mobile app. This allows the user to manually switch their lights on and off at the touch of a button, at any time and from any location serving as a major deterrent for would-be intruders.

You can even hook a smart lighting system up to movement and audio sensors, as part of a more comprehensive smart Home Security System.

2. Smart Lighting Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Smart technology can be great for giving households a clearer indication of their energy consumption habits. Not to mention, the tools and features they need to boost their energy efficiency.

It is all in the numbers – decrease the intensity of the lighting in your home by 25% and you will consume 25% less energy. Ensure your lights are switched off when not in use and you stand to save even more.

Getting the most out of a smart lighting system calls for the most advanced LED bulbs and fixtures, which are designed to minimise energy consumption in their own right; all of which can add up to significant energy and cost savings long-term.

3. Nothing is better for Creating the Perfect Mood

Smart lighting technology takes things far beyond the confines of the traditional dimmer switch; you can adjust the lighting intensity level with pinpoint precision, but you can also take control of things like temperature, hue, colour and so on.

You can also program your own preferred pre-set configurations into the system, which can then be accessed at the touch of a button. A “Movie” profile for the ultimate home cinema experience, a “Work” setting for productivity or perhaps a “Guests” pre-set for dinner parties.

Creating the right ambience with smart home lighting automation is as easy as it is enjoyable, all with the added bonus of cutting down your energy consumption in the process and saving money.

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