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25 Best Food Consulting Firms in UK

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25 Best Food Consulting Firms in UK

Understanding the Best Food Consulting Firms in UK before you choose the one you want to invest in is important. The list below represents the leading consultancy firms in the sector and they are listed according to popularity. Food consulting firms are experts in food safety, food quality and gastronomy and they work to advise the professionals in the food and beverage industries on how to improve and develop. They will guide you about the Prior Notice and these Food consulting firms can work with food producers, restaurants and all other food service facilities. The food consulting business in the UK is changing and developing with modern technology in the food and beverage industry, and below, we have 25 of the Best Food Consulting Firms in UK. Let’s take a look!

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1.  Food Consultants Group

Founded in 1989, the Food Consultants Group was brought together by several of the key players in the food consulting industry. The idea behind it was to put the very best in the food and beverage industry in one place, with room to discuss and share trends, ideas and areas of expertise. It didn’t take long for the Food Consultants Group to start attracting the best food consultants across the UK food and beverage industry, and today it’s the largest alliance of experts in the food industry in the country. There is a list of more than 75 high quality consultants working with the Food Consultants Group, and the Food Consultants Group covers retail, foodservice, restaurants and food processing arenas in the food and beverage industry. When working with the Food Consultants Group, the choice is between working with a single consultant or working with a larger team to handle the needs of your business.

2.  Pride In Food Ltd

Another player in the food consulting industry in the UK is Pride In Food Ltd. Working to help food related businesses to develop their profitability, Pride In Food Ltd has been successful in their efforts to help a range of business types, from the smaller start-ups to the larger, multi-national PLC’s. Pride In Food Ltd work to provide a wide range of consultancy services, and this includes the product and process development across the food industry. Pride in Food works with prototypes, product placement on the shelves and more. If a company requires more support to develop products and the way those products are placed, or there is a struggle to find managers to help, Pride In Food Ltd can step in and help. These are food consultancy experts who know what they’re doing and can help you to exploit the right opportunities in the industry.

3.  MQM Consulting

The food industry is large, and MQM Consulting works to support all areas in the food industry with a specialisation of food safety management systems. Along with this, MQM Consulting can also help with the implementation of HACCP, and both HACCP and food safety management systems are required to be compliant with food hygiene legislation. They also must be compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative Standards. This includes the BRC Global Food Safety Standard, the BRC Global Packaging Standard and the BRC Global Storage and Distribution Standard. The BRC Agents and Brokers Standard, FSSC 22000 and IFS Food Standards are also important to the experts at MQM Consulting, and in support of all of this, the food safety consultants and trainers working with MQM Consulting offer a range of training courses to those who require them. The training courses include the food safety, HACCP, internal auditor, food microbiology and food safety consultants training.

4.  L.E.K Consulting

A company passionate about helping clients achieve real results, L.E.K Consulting has been around since 1983 in the food services industry. It was named after three of the main partners: James Lawrence, Iain Evans and Richard Koch. Working globally, L.E.K Consulting uses its expertise and analytical abilities to assist other business leaders to gain practical results that offer a real impact. In the food industry, L.E.K Consulting offers an uncompromising approach to helping clients to make the best decisions. They also work to improve shareholder returns and an improved business performance. With 1,600 food consulting professionals on board, L.E.K Consulting has clients from around the world, and the goal is to help clients in the food and beverage industry to maximise their business potential.

5.  McKinsey & Company

As a business, McKinsey & Company works to help organisations across the social, public and private sectors to ensure that they are able to create the change that matters the most. Working in the Grocery and retail industries, McKinsey & Company partners with clients to be transformative and embed new technology into everything that they do. With challenges faced by grocery retailers, McKinsey & Company works to help to overcome them. The current retail and grocery challenges involve growing food, consolidating and defending the market position and acting as quickly as possible to allow a business to continue to compete in their arena. Working with grocers, McKinsey & Company helps to sharpen their end to end commercial offerings. This includes everything from assortment planning and optimisation, pricing and promotions and vendor management. McKinsey & Company can help their clients to transform their supply chains and procurement process for the best possible outcomes. McKinsey & Company works across 130 cities, with experience spanning the past 90 years.

6.  OC&C Strategy Consultants

With more than 3 years of experience, OC&C Strategy Consultants have been helping food and beverage clients to unpick their business challenges with as much simplicity as possible. OC&C Strategy Consultants are an international consulting firm based in the UK, and they are focused on a few specialisms rather than every single one in the industry. This enables OC&C Strategy Consultants to deliver better results that makes them stand out. Hiring agile thinkers with a relentless curiosity, the experts at OC&C Strategy Consultants have a desire to solve a problem and they do it with ease. OC&C Strategy Consultants work across a few industries, with the food and retail industry being one of them.

7.  Bain & Company

The food and beverage industry is a big one, and Bain & Company are a global consultancy that helps some of the biggest names in the world to change the future of the industry. Bain & Company sit across 37 companies and have 59 offices throughout, and they work with clients to achieve the extraordinary in their results. They work to outperform the competition and do what it takes to redefine the food and beverage industry. The entire experience with Bain & Company is designed to be tailored to ensure that clients receive a better, faster expert outcome. Companies dealing in the food and beverage industry will be better positioned when they have the food consultants at Bain & Company working with them.

8.  KPMG

One of the biggest firms in the food consulting industry is KPMG. With over 16,000 experts working in the UK alone but a global brand otherwise, KPMG are a force in the food and beverage industry. They run a network of experts beyond food and beverage, but they include consumer, retail and leisure professionals who can design the right business solutions with the best global industry insights. They also include leading practices to ensure that clients get the very best solutions in the industry. KPMG have worked closely with companies of all sizes, small and large, to support them in upgrading their customer and digital experience. They use the gathered data to enable a business to make better decisions, optimising the supply chain and exploring new opportunities for growth.

9.  Deloitte

A leading provider of consulting services, Deloitte works across a range of industries, including the food industry. As well as food, Deloitte are experts in the financial and risk advisory services, tax and related services and auditing and assurance. Deloitte has a 175-year history and the business has grown exponentially in that time. With approximately 330,000 people over 150 countries, Deloitte have serviced clients in the food industry for a long time and have made an impact in their services as a result. Deloitte has a shared mission to provide unrivalled consulting services for those in the food and beverage industry, as well as the other industries that they service.

10. CIL Management Consultants

An international management consultancy, CIL Management Consultants offers offices in the UK, Europe and the US to help businesses to grow and build value. They encourage their clients to invest wisely and with a rigorous approach, CIL Management Consultants are confident in their conclusions and are experts at what they do. CIL Management Consultants was founded in 1986, and they have extensive experience in competitor assessment, primary research, business performance evaluation and more. The list of clients in the food industry is guided by industry expertise and passion for what they do. CIL Management Consultants work internationally to ensure that standards are high in the food industry and they do this while supporting clients to be their best.

11. Alvarez & Marsal

In 1983, Tony Alvarez and Bryan Marsal came together to create a consulting firm that puts together operations, performance improvement and value creation to ensure that companies can stop being stagnant in their offerings. Alvarez & Marsal are fact driven and action oriented, and they work to ensure that their clients are moving forward to where they want to be. Building sustainable value is important for clients of Alvarez & Marsal, and they offer a team of consumer product experts who share a passion to help companies to achieve their potential to the max, with the least amount of disruption. Alvarez & Marsal clients need practical results and impact, and the team at Alvarez & Marsal work to bring that together with industry operator experience. The needs of clients in the food and product industries are changing and Alvarez & Marsal understand the broader needs of their clients and are committed to their success.

12. Ayming

As business performance experts, Ayming works across a range of fields to enable clients to go further than they thought possible in their business. With 1,300 colleagues working across 15 European, Asian and North American countries, Ayming has a 30 year long record of providing the right leadership and sharing as much insight as possible in the food and beverage industries. Ayming offers the support that helps food and beverage companies manage their people, processes and performances as effectively as possible. The food industry is fast-moving, and the experts at Ayming understand that! This industry demands a streamlined and responsive performance, and as Ayming are a trusted partner and are able to boost efficiency, they are a company to choose when you are looking for a new approach. Ayming can diagnose underlying issues and can come up with better solutions as a result.

13. Roland Berger

An independent company owned by the Partners, Roland Berger works to be responsible for overall corporate performance and business success. Founded back in 1967, Roland Berger is still the only digital consultancy firm that are leaders with non Anglo-Saxon roots. With a strong footprint in Asia and other countries, Roland Berger works to make an impact on companies in the food and beverage industries. Roland Berger strives to have a different perspective in the consulting field, and they continue to work to challenge the current thinking in the food industry, providing clients with a new solution to manage the transformation that they are going through.

14. Emerton

Emerton was originally founded to work in the industrial and technology sectors, but has branched out to consumer packaging and retail in recent years. Emerton offers a high service level strategy consulting service, and brings a higher value and a bigger return on investment than other companies in the industry. Emerton has established a culture working with larger corporations, family businesses, technology entrepreneurs and more. They work to ensure that their sector expertise is agile and pragmatic in their approach. Emerton advises a range of clients large and small, and they address the issues that are encountered by CPG firms in all supply chain stages, with a focus on direction and implemented plans. Retailers who need help can work with Emerton to manage their business around customer-centric propositions.

15. PA Consulting Group

In the food and beverage industry, PA Consulting Group is one of the top players in the game. At this moment, PA Consulting Group is working with clients to develop antiviral packaging and accelerate the production of goods that are currently in short supply. PA Consulting Group work with their clients every day to create new revenue streams and transform operations to build a competitive advantage. This is important in the ever-changing food industry and PA Consulting Group looks to connect brands with consumers. As an innovation and transformation consultancy, PA Consulting Group has over 3,200 specialists in the food, defence and security, transport, manufacturing, health and life sciences and energy and utilities industry. Operating globally from offices across the UK, US and Europe, PA Consulting Group work closely with clients in the food and beverage industry to ensure that they can repurpose supply chains for those in need, and this builds on the daily efforts made every single day.

16. Cordence Worldwide

A unique and agile global management consulting partnership, Cordence Worldwide works with Member Firms to ensure that enterprise and government clients around the world achieve the results that they want. These results are sustainable and remarkable, and Cordence Worldwide is not the same as other traditional consulting firms! We have a range of experts working in the food, consumer goods and retail industry that share expertise and world-class capabilities, and yet maintain the ability and autonomy to serve clients individually, without agendas. The Member Firms with Cordence Worldwide are leading in the European, Asia-Pacific and Americas and each have different ways of defining and implementing better, more strategic solutions to address business and cultural needs. The overall commitment is to the long-term success of the clients, and Cordence Worldwide is made up of over 5,100 consultants.

17. DuPont Sustainable Solutions

There are challenges being faced by companies in the food and beverage industry and the opportunities that relate to supply and demand volatility and increased consumer demand for better eco-friendly are huge. There are opportunities related to food safety and security concerns to be considered, too, and trying to maintain this while also focusing on achieving financial growth is important. At DuPont Sustainable Solutions, the global best practices in ESG, risk management and integrated operational excellence are implemented by the experts who are there to help a company enhance its financial growth. They work to meet consumer demands through the end to end management of food security, quality and product innovation. DuPont Sustainable Solutions does all this while positively contributing to the world around them. They are physically in manufacturing sites and in boardrooms across the world to ensure that clients have the right solutions.

18. 3Keel

A firm based in Oxford, 3Keel are sustainability advisors who specialise in working with food systems and supply chains, as well as food industry landscapes. Formed in 2013, 3Keel are relatively new compared to other businesses in the industry, but the leaders – Tom Curtis, Simon Miller and Richard Sheane – work to ensure that they offer their clients stability in the rough seas of the food industry. With the help of 3Keel, clients are able to offer organisations resilience. 3Keel worked to boost their expertise in international development as well as corporate sustainability, and they offer complimentary skills and experience that allow for the cross-fertilisation of ideas across their business. 3Keel advise on complex issues in the industry and help clients to work better as a result.

19. Grant Thornton

From farm to fork, Grant Thornton advises businesses across the entire supply chain, with an 80-person strong team working nationally on food and beverage. There are over 550 food and beverage businesses across the UK, from manufacturers to agri producers and bars and restaurants. The Grant Thornton team has advised on over 45 transactions in the past five years, and have been involved in more than 110 deals in the food and beverage sector since 210. The team itself is unrivalled and offers stability in their connectivity to patients, with strong relationships in this sector. A whole wealth of local and international sector knowledge combines with very strong transactional expertise. Grant Thornton offers a relationship-based approach to their clients, ensuring results-driven delivery and maximising the value for clients with international needs. There are over 190 partners and 4,500 people in the UK being led by Grant Thornton, and they have a larger, global network, too.

20. Tastehead

A leading food development agency, Tastehead understands that one of the most important purchase drivers for consumers’ choices in food and drink is their taste. They work to develop products that taste amazing, allowing clients to put their brands ahead of the competition. At Tastehead, a team of experts has decades of experience as chefs, product developers and food consultants, and they develop food and drink products for larger global brands, private labels and successful startups. Tastehead have won a lot of awards for what they do, and they bring a huge range of experience to their workplace, keeping a close eye on the UK and global food innovation trends. They do all of this while having the confidence to focus on the correct clients that have longevity. Tastehead offer a vast experience of presenting to industry buyers, consumers and even journalists. Tastehead offers valuable insights to the market and advice as to how best to sell food and drink products.

21. Talik & Co.

One of the most important areas of Talik & Co. is in designing organisational models and structures for businesses in the food and beverage industry among others. They work to design your products and bring them to life. With their combination of expert skills, branding and positioning, Talik & Co. have the culture and values that bring everything together, and Talik & Co. are the place to turn when looking for expert strategists in design and development. They work with clients across a range of food and beverage sectors and backgrounds, and Talik & Co. are there to help across the industry as a whole.

22. Think Hospitality

At Think Hospitality, clients are consulted on projects across a range of sectors to ensure that they realise the value of the food and beverage hospitality in their enterprises. Think Hospitality brings a range of leaders across many disciplines and they will offer a depth of experience in a range of hospitality settings. They are a collection of multi-disciplinary leaders that offer growth to a range of brands, helping them to realise their potential within investments and developments. Think Hospitality works to empower brands in the hospitality sector as food and beverage innovators and strategists. Their experience extends to bars, restaurants, foodservice, contract catering and even retailers.


For a company that is in the best place to support those within the food, beverage and manufacturing industries. From water treatment and hygiene to noise and dust monitoring. SOCOTEC is the leader in the UK for testing, inspection and compliance services, and SOCOTEC helps those with a range of requirements. The comprehensive solutions offered in the infrastructure, building control and compliance sectors are specific to SOCOTEC, and with a history dating back more than 100 years, SOCOTEC is proud of the heritage it has cultivated for the food and beverage industry over the years. SOCOTEC has delivered more than 1,700 experienced employees, and they aim to be a leader for technical expertise and service. SOCOTEC supports food and beverage clients across a range of requirements, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

24. Visagio

A management consultancy with a rather different approach, Visagio carries out a strategy design, organisational improvement and diagnoses to ensure that food and beverage clients. Visagio also works to support their clients to operationalise and implement defined solutions to their business. This is done through consultancy, interim management, analytics services and technology. With offices around the world, Visagio covers a global footprint and works in over 25 countries. Finding support with Visagio is easy and they are able to help their clients in supply chain, operations, administration, finance, people and performance, technology and interim management. The important thing to note is that Visagio are able to help in a range of industries, and food is one of them.

25. Fabric Food

Based in the North West of England, Fabric Food is a creative food and drink consultancy working to support the food and drink industry in all sectors. They deliver innovative product development solutions that are inspiring to clients, and they ensure that they identify, develop and strengthen the entire fabric of your business. Fabric Food has over 20 years of experience in what they do, and they work to create a diverse and inspiring offering. Fabric Food started out in gastro pubs and award-winning restaurants to offer culinary training and knowledge that was acquired into new product development. This then stretched into international opportunities in the food industry.

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