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10 Best Beauty Salons in London

by Best Agencies
10 Best Beauty Salons in London

London is a great place to go if you are looking for a top beauty salon. Of course, if you are a Londoner, then you are already going to be aware of some of your favourite top salons. However, you might want to shake things up, and it’s possible that you are going to be keen to try out a few new options in the near future. In this post, we are going to make that a little easier for you by looking at ten of the best beauty salons in London. Each and every one of these is worth trying out at some point or another, whatever kind of treatment you might be keen to have done.

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1.  Urban Retreat

Located at the White House in Knightsbridge, this is a fancy and interesting looking salon and well worth a visit if you are hoping for some treatment in the near future. Specifically, they are a nail salon, but they offer a lot of other services too including bespoke colonics, drainage massages, and more. Plus, you can get all kinds of facial treatments, contouring and more here too. Whatever look you might be trying to achieve, you are going to find it easy to have done if you go here.

2.  Hair Lounge

If you are specifically looking for a top of the line hair salon, then the Hair Lounge has to be one of the best options out there. This multi-award winning hair salon can be found on the stylish Portobello road, and is run by none other than Charlotte Mensah, the legend of hair. All of her staff are well-trained by her too, so whoever is dealing with your hair you are going to find it is incredibly soothing and a wonderfully professional experience, and your hair is going to be exactly what you hoped for every time.

3.  Linnaean

This is a relatively new salon, having just opened towards the end of 2020, and yet it has already established itself as one of the best salons in the city. It is really more of an overall wellness hub, so whether you are looking for traditional manicure and pedicure treatments or you are more in the market for injectables and other non-invasive aesthetics, you can find it all here. What’s more, the setting is simply stunning, and there is a picturesque and plant-based restaurant attached to it too.

4.  Taylor Taylor London

This hair salon is known as being one of those London hotspots where all the famous people go. So if you would like to share a hair salon with none other than Rachel Weisz or Gisele, this is the place to go. At Taylor Taylor, everything is going to feel like a true pampering experience, and that is one of the major things that draws people back here time and time again. This is especially worth checking out if you are looking for a colour. But whatever you are getting done, it’s going to be worthy of the stars.

5.  DryBy

Many would argue that DryBy is the single most stylish salon anywhere in London – and that’s saying something. It is certainly true that you are going to feel pampered here, and the setting and surroundings are truly stylish too. If you like the sound of amazing blow dries taking place at ornate, polished marble tables, then this could be the place for you. It’s a relaxed and informal atmosphere too, so it’s great for catching up with friends while you get your beauty treatments done.

6.  Larry King Hair Salon

Although the name might fool you into thinking this could be in New York, it’s actually one of London’s top hair salons, and it’s a must-consider if you are looking for something slightly different to be done to your hair in the near future. With Larry King and co looking after you, you are going to feel truly pampered every time while receiving some of the best quality hair treatments that money can buy. Lots of famous models attend this salon, so it is definitely not going to disappoint if you are considering doing some celebrity-spotting too.

7.  Skin Matters

In Holland Park, you can find this amazingly unique and beautiful salon, Skin Matters. It is often the case that you have to wait on a three month list before you can get into here, and that is with very good reason – it is quite simply that good. Bespoke facials, plus a medical approach that means you are going to be getting what your body actually needs, plus some of the most amazing massages anywhere in London. There is so much to love about Skin Matters, so check them out next time you get an inkling for some true skincare.

8.  Glasshouse Salon

If you consider yourself to be particularly environmentally-aware, then you are going to absolutely fall in love with Glasshouse Salon, who offer a fully eco-friendly alternative to many of the older traditional ways of doing things. Every product and treatment here is eco-friendly first and foremost, so you can feel good about your actions even while being incredibly well looked after. Win-win!

9.  Bamford

It’s no surprise that South Kensington is a great area to look into if you want to find an amazing array of beauty salons. And one of the very best here is Bamford, which specialises in yoga as well as a fully comprehensive treatment range. Whatever you might be looking for, you are bound to find it at Bamford, and you are going to feel as though you are really in the lap of luxury the whole way too.

10. Richard Ward Hair

We’ll end on another hair salon, this time the Richard Ward Hair salon in Chelsea. If you are looking for hair fit for a princess, guess what – the clientele here includes the Duchess of Cambridge herself, so you are definitely going to be in good company. Despite that, you will be pleased to hear that they offer a truly amazingly affordable service – even while giving you true luxury every time.

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