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What Can We Buy With Crypto, If At All Anything?

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What Can We Buy With Crypto, If At All Anything?

With the invention or introduction of bitcoins or cryptocurrency in the world, we are seeing the people`s interest in this new phenomenon and with this new thing comes the curiosity of what to do with this? Can we only have this digital currency in the account and just trade it back and forth. Or can we use it as a mode which can buy us the goods as other forms of currency allows it to.

It is a currency which is seeing a rise in the recent era and considering that many giants of the world have started to accept crypto or bitcoins in exchange for goods and services. Proof of Bitcoin profitability is that With time going forward, many companies are showing interest in this currency and may start soon to accept this currency. Even with the currency not being under any authority or in words not being centralized, still is booming like a rocket.

Microsoft being a giant of the computer world has started to accept bitcoins and cryptocurrency as the mode of exchange for goods. They allow you to put bitcoins in your account and from that account, you can buy from Microsoft anything you like from apps to operating systems to games from your windows, mobile or Xbox platforms. For now, Microsoft has allowed only the residents of the USA this feasibility but they are planning to go to multiple other countries.

Similar to this, Dell is a brand who is a pioneer in their field and being a computer technology specialist have made many devices which are working immensely nice for the people of the world. They being the giant have introduced to accept the bitcoins as the mode of currency but in fact, as promotion strategy has offered that, whoever uses bitcoin for buying goods will get 10% discount on buying the dell products including the Alien ware PCs. They being the company with the revenue of $60 billion is one of the major companies who accept crypto or bitcoin as currency to buy products.

Overstock and Newegg both are also part of the chain of companies who have started along with the above ones to accept bitcoins. These companies have a variety of things to sell from jewelry to electronics to computer hardware and software. Newegg also deals in appliances and goods which is an amazing thing considering bitcoins.

Hundreds of other companies who offer goods, Airline tickets, watches, clocks, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and hotels too. Many small retail shops are coming too, to accept bitcoins or crypto as currency. It is really amazing to hear that and also relieving due to knowing that bitcoins are not centralized and can’t be used in general to buy products or services. With the interest of these companies in this currency, people are realizing now the worth of it and that vary interest has made the currency to boom upwards.

If for instance, you don’t find any place or any company who accepts this currency then, the best alternative you have is to turn your bitcoin or crypto to gift cards. Amazingly many giant companies like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Nike, gyft, giftcardzen and so on are accepting bitcoins and turning it into gift cards which you could use to buy products without hiccups. This is not only limited to the country of USA, People in the UK are using a place named Gift off who allow the customers to use 15 different types of cryptocurrencies to buy the gift cards from 177 retailers like Marks and Spencer, American apparel, Amazon and so on.

We can go on and on in telling the facts about the places from where you can buy the products and services by paying through the bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. With the demand and worth of crypto, giants of USA and UK have stepped up to accept it as a mode of exchange and in future, it is expected to spread to other companies around the globe.

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