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20 Best Flower Delivery Services Companies UK in 2022

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Best Flower Delivery Services Companies

In an increasingly detached world, it is important to be able to show someone you care. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to be separate from our loved ones by remaining in our homes and staying safe from the virus. Some of us have lost loved ones to this pandemic, while others are simply missing their friends and family, separated sometimes for months on end.

While we are living through a tragic time right now, life does still go on in many wonderful ways. We can show each other our love through other means, thanks to the technology available to us in 2021. Birthdays, anniversaries, births of babies, and even funerals are not canceled, just different, at the moment.

One of the timeless ways of showing your love, kindness, sympathy, or devotion is by sending flowers. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there has never been a better time to find out the best Courier company London in the UK! Even if you can’t be with your loved one on a special occasion, you can show your devotion by ordering from one of these trusted florists.

No matter your budget, your taste, or your delivery needs, this list will have you covered. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Bunches is a well-regarded UK-wide floristry site that delivers bunches of flowers at different sizes, prices, and styles. No matter the occasion, Bunches has got you covered; their current Valentine’s Day promotion gives you £5 off your Valentine’s Day flower order!

Why order from Bunches? Firstly, this floristry company has a great reputation, with impeccable delivery and a highly reliable ordering process. If you are ordering last-minute flowers that need to be delivered on time, Bunches is a trustworthy company to go with! Secondly, Bunches stocks a wide range of seasonal flowers that will brighten up your home instantly.

In addition to beautiful flowers at reasonable prices, Bunches also stocks house plants – an increasingly popular addition to many households! Plus, Bunches stocks bundles that include flowers and prosecco, cakes, teddies, and other sweet gifts that will impress just about anyone.

Shop for your Valentine’s Day flowers at https://www.bunches.co.uk/!

2.Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers is known best for its Next-Day delivery option – it will save your skin in a late-ordering situation, no question about it! Prestige is a large company that has plenty of great reviews online, making it a trustworthy floristry delivery service that many people opt for.

Prestige offers a range of flowers for all occasions, from birthday flowers to sympathy flowers and everything in between. At reasonable prices for great quality flowers every time, you can’t go wrong with ordering from Prestige.

Prestige also offers subscriptions, for the most avid of floristry enthusiasts who want a regular delivery of flowers to their door. You can subscribe to seasonal, classic, or luxury flower bundles that allow you to regularly enjoy fresh bunches of flowers in your home. What could be a better pick-me-up during these challenging times?

If you are looking for next-day flowers at great prices, visit https://www.prestigeflowers.co.uk/ to bring a smile to someone’s face!

3.Appleyard London

Appleyard London is a classy, well-established online floristry company with elegance oozing from every petal! If you are looking to step up your flower game for someone special this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Appleyard. This online florist knows how to make simple bunches of flowers into jaw-droppingly gorgeous arrangements that are bound to impress even the pickiest of recipients.

At a higher price point than the previous two companies we have chosen, Appleyard London is a luxury brand. That shouldn’t put you off, though; there’s no better time than now to treat someone you love to a special floral arrangement.

Appleyard London offers floral subscriptions as well as one-off orders with multiple delivery options. You can even choose next-day delivery if you order by 8 pm – ideal for a spontaneous gift just to say ‘I love you!’

For luxury flowers that will make lasting memories, go to https://www.appleyardflowers.com/ for more!

4.Flying Flowers

Flying Flowers encapsulates simple, good-hearted floristry, with lovely arrangements that will put a smile on your face instantly. Flying Flowers is here to impress with a whole range of delivery options that suit anyone’s needs. Their fabulous delivery range includes same-day and next-day delivery services, subscriptions, hamper delivery, and letterbox flowers too.

Flying Flowers boasts a phenomenal repertoire, with over 12 million bouquets delivered around the UK! With this kind of experience under their belt, Flying Flowers is likely to tick all your boxes and deliver high-quality flowers right to your door. Flying Flowers stocks seasonal bouquets that match the time of year perfectly. For spring, this online florist is offering daffodils, lilies, and other gorgeous spring flowers that will bring the warmth of spring right inside your home.

Flying Flowers offer affordable prices too; with the average bouquet between £25-30, this reasonable price point will cover many bases around the country. Visit https://www.flyingflowers.co.uk/ for reliable flower delivery services in the UK.

5.Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is a popular online flower delivery company for those who are invested in environmental accountability. Bloom & Wild are known for their commitment to sustainability, while still offering beautiful bouquets that will turn heads and invite compliments from your guests.

With excellent Trust pilot ratings, Bloom & Wild don’t just have to vouch for themselves! This online floristry company has devoted customers who return time and again, due to their fantastic array of bouquets available and trustworthy delivery service.

Offering bouquets that are great for any occasion, Bloom & Wild has a reliable delivery service. Although they don’t offer same-day or next-day delivery, these sustainably sourced and carefully packaged flowers are worth waiting a few days for!

Bloom & Wild ship around the UK and to Europe. If you are interested in this environmentally-friendly online flower delivery service, visit https://www.bloomandwild.com/ to order online!


Formerly known as Teleflorist, eFlorist has been around for a while – and for good reason. This exclusively online flower delivery service allows you to pick your flowers based on the occasion, or by price, with under £30 and £30-40 price ranges to choose from. This allows you to whittle down your options based on budget and theme, finding your perfect bouquet in no time at all.

The delivery services offered by eFlorist are innovative, to say the least. EFlorist not only offers a great array of delivery time frames, such as next-day delivery, but they also have different delivery modes for you to choose from. For example, you can choose delivery by courier or hand-delivered flowers, to make the whole experience more personal and enjoyable for the recipient. Plus, these delivery options allow you to ensure your flowers will arrive unscathed and in perfect condition.

With all these options to choose from on a budget, shop at https://www.eflorist.co.uk/ for UK wide flower delivery.

7.Serenata Flowers

Based in two locations across the UK, London, and Glasgow, Serenata Flowers has got all points covered! This award-winning online flower delivery service offers a wide range of bouquets, priced between £29.99-£99.00. This wide range allows any customer to order from Serenata Flowers with ease, catering to low, medium, or high budgets.

Offering letterbox flowers, subscriptions, and of course one-off orders, Serenata has arranged their site by occasion, flower type, and even flower color! This ideal site design makes it super easy to choose your flowers based on what you require them for, as well as to cater to your exact budgetary requirements.

The Serenata Flowers site is packed full of rave reviews from happy customers who have already ordered from this online florist. This means you can see for yourself just how reliable Serenata Flowers are and what they could do for you!

Interested in a reliable UK online flower delivery company? Visit https://www.serenataflowers.com/!


Interflora is an online floristry company known for delivering special bouquets from the UK around the world. If you are missing a loved one right now and can’t see them physically for a special day, Interflora has got your back. What better way to say ‘I miss you!’ than with a gorgeous bouquet?

Not only does Interflora deliver flowers from the UK to over 130 countries, but they also offer same-day delivery within the UK. Same-day delivery is the perfect excuse to send spontaneous flowers for no reason at all – and those are the most romantic gestures of all!

Interflora’s bouquets are special and unique because each bouquet is uniquely arranged by an in-house florist. There are no generic designs or arrangements offered here – only original arrangements that will be refreshing for any recipient to look at.

For more on international flower deliveries from the UK and unique bouquets at that, visit https://www.interflora.co.uk/ for more.

9.Waitrose Florist

Did you know that Waitrose supermarkets have a special section of their operations dedicated to floristry? Waitrose is widely regarded as a reliable, steadfast staple of supermarkets, and when it comes to their floristry, you can rely on them just as heavily! Waitrose Florist is a branch of Waitrose that is run by specialist florists, dedicated to sustainably growing flowers at reasonable prices for all occasions.

Just like the supermarket itself, Waitrose Florist offers next-day delivery slots that guarantee you on-time delivery of your special occasion blooms. With reasonably priced flowers starting at £20.00 and going up to luxury bouquets at £150.00, anyone can find beautiful, hand-crafted bouquets that aren’t just your average supermarket flowers!

If you are already a Waitrose fan, you’re going to love Waitrose Florist. Check them out at https://www.waitroseflorist.com/ and order your Valentine’s Day roses today.

10.123 Flowers

If you are searching for responsibly-sourced, highly reliable flowers that are delivered on time, 123 Flowers is the answer to your prayers. 123 Flowers aren’t a big-name brand like Waitrose, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch.

123 Flowers offer your standard range of lovely occasion flowers, but in addition, they have a bespoke ‘Flowers by René’ section that shows off the stunning floristry offered by this brand. Florist René Franklin designs stunning bouquets that, naturally, are priced higher than the rest of 123 Flowers’ stock due to their uniqueness and size. This great section lets you splash out on flowers if you so desire, while also giving you the option of purchasing standard bouquets at more affordable prices.

123 Flowers doesn’t offer next-day delivery, so make sure to order in advance. They’re worth the wait, we promise you!

For more information on great online flower delivery, go to https://www.123-flowers.co.uk/!

11.Funky Pigeon

You probably know Funky Pigeon from their catchy TV ads for e-cards and birthday card deliveries. However, Funky Pigeon has expanded their repertoire to include floristry, and boy, have they succeeded!

With Under £30 and over £30 options that cater to all budgets, Funky Pigeon is the ideal site for reliable, affordable flowers that will be delivered on time. Plus, Funky Pigeon’s user-friendly site gives you options as to how you find your perfect flowers; you can search by occasion, by type of flowers, by price, or by bestsellers! It’s never been easier to find the flowers you want at lightning speed!

Funky Pigeon offers free next-day delivery for orders over £30, meaning that most bouquets will be at your loved one’s door promptly the day after your purchase! And of course, because it’s Funky Pigeon, you can easily combine your bouquet order with a card, small gift, or box of chocolates to make the whole thing complete.

Visit https://www.funkypigeon.com/ to shop for flowers at Funky Pigeon today!

12.Arena Flowers

Are you looking for an ethical florist that offers reasonable prices and fast delivery? Well, you’ve found it now! The stunning bouquets offered by UK online flower delivery company Arena Flowers will put a big grin on your face, and not just because they’re pretty. Arena Flowers stock Fairtrade blooms for those customers who want to give back to the world when they purchase their flowers.

Additionally, Arena Flowers have their tree-planting scheme, as well as eradicating single-use plastics from their operations. All in all, you can count on Arena Flowers – they are voted the #1 ethical florists in the UK!

Now let’s take a look at their delivery options. How do they compare to the other fabulous florists on this list? Well, Arena Flowers has got you covered; if you order before 7 pm, you’ll receive free next-day delivery no matter what.

Visit https://www.arenaflowers.com/ for medium-to-high budget flowers that are ethically grown and promptly delivered!

13.Flower Station

With bases in London and Glasgow, Flower Station offers same-day delivery within those two cities in the UK. However, if you aren’t based in London or Glasgow, you can still order for next day delivery UK-wide!

Now that the delivery options are covered, let’s break down what Flower Station has to offer you. With hand-tied and luxury flower bouquet options, you can splash out on an elegant arrangement for your special someone at Flower Station. Alternatively, you can order from their standard collection, for stunning bouquets of seasonal flowers delivered straight to your door the next day.

There are also beautiful arrangements available in different holders, such as vases and bowls that bring the whole bouquet together. Flower Station can put together spectacular arrangements for events such as weddings and funerals, and can also, of course, put together one-off orders for a special someone.

Searching for the perfect bouquet of any size in the UK? Visit https://www.flowerstation.co.uk/ to shop today.

14.Haute Florist

Haute Florists have cut their teeth in the online flower delivery services industry and succeeded hand over fist from there! This luxury flower company boxes each and every bouquet in a charming hat box for the perfect delivery every time. Bouquet prices range from around £35-£95, depending on the size of the bouquet as well as the flowers included in the arrangement.

Furthermore, Haute Florist is dedicated to an immaculate presentation at all times. If you want to send flowers to a special someone who has great attention to detail, Haute Florist can deliver on that promise! In addition, these flowers are ideal for a luxurious workplace environment, to impress clients and guests.

What about delivery? Don’t worry, Haute Florist deliver luxury in that department, too. Order by 7 pm for free next-day delivery, so you’ll never be too late to say ‘I love you’ in the most special way.

Find out more about Haute Florist’s range of beautiful flowers at https://www.hauteflorist.co.uk/.


Floom is one of the most far-reaching same-day delivery florists out there. Order online in one of twelve cities across the UK, including Aberdeen, London, Manchester, and Cardiff, and you can have flowers delivered the same day. Floom works with local florists to deliver high-quality bouquets all around the UK at lightning speed.

Because Floom works alongside local floristry boutiques, no bouquet is ever the same. You get what you order, but each bouquet will have a personal touch of the local florist who has prepared it that very day. This gorgeous touch makes your arrangement special!

Floom is passionate about working with local businesses, so by ordering with them, you’ll be supporting a small business and helping them thrive. The quality of your order will always be top-notch because it will be freshly made that day by your local florist.

Find out more about supporting local florists and getting same-day delivery at https://www.floom.com/!

16.Blossoming Gifts

Blossoming Gifts is a well-regarded online flower delivery company with plenty to offer! This company offers more than just your standard bouquets and arrangements; they specialize in beautiful rainbow flowers that will stand out in your home.

Blossoming Gifts makes it easy to shop online because their user-friendly site breaks the flowers available down into simple categories. You can shop by price if you are on a strict budget; by occasion, by types of flowers, or by the ranges Blossoming Gifts has on offer.

Not only does this company deliver flowers within 48 hours of purchase before 4 pm, but they also offer this delivery for free for all customers!

You can also order hampers and other gifts, such as wine, champagne, chocolates, and sweets to accompany your bouquet. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year than with a beautiful floral arrangement and a hamper to match?

Visit https://www.blossominggifts.com/ for UK-wide online flower delivery services that won’t disappoint.

17.Clare Florist

Originally based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Clare Florist is a UK-wide online flower delivery company that arranges stunning bouquets for any occasion. With 35 years under their belts, the team at Clare Florist knows a thing or two about how to create beautiful arrangements and deliver them in perfect condition to your doorstep.

You can shop for flowers by type, occasion, price, or by clicking Clare Florist’s ‘Inspire Me’ tab, full of recommendations from the professional team behind the company. Clare Florist offers a subscription service, like many of the companies on this list, allowing you to enjoy their scintillating arrangements regularly!

Clare Florist also offers next-day delivery for customers ordering online, meaning you can send someone a bouquet, well, just because! These bouquets are delivered in hand-packaged wrapping that protects the delicate flowers and makes sure the arrangement looks perfect on arrival.

Find out more about Clare Florist here! https://www.clareflorist.co.uk/

18.Freddie’s Flowers

If you are searching for a great flower subscription service, Freddie’s Flowers is the place to go! This small business is perfect for those looking for a weekly delivery of beautiful flowers right to their doorstep with no hassle at all. Not only this, but you get to try your hand at floristry yourself!

Your flowers will arrive in a carefully constructed flower box that will contain simple instructions on how to put your bouquet together. This way, you get to learn how to arrange beautiful flowers while receiving a weekly delivery that’ll keep your home bright and fresh!

For just £25, Freddie’s Flowers will deliver locally sourced, gorgeous flowers to your home. This site also has great tips, including videos, on how to arrange flowers yourself. If you are looking to try a new hobby during the lockdown, Freddie’s Flowers is the answer!

Are you interested in subscribing to a floristry delivery service? Just visit https://www.freddiesflowers.com/ and let your journey begin!

19.The Great British Florist

You’ve heard of The Great British Bake Off, but have you heard of The Great British Florist? Well, you should have! As one of the top-rated British online flower delivery companies, The Great British Florist stocks stunning seasonal flowers, as well as dried flower collections and beautiful pottery to match. This UK online flower delivery company caters to any occasion with their unique arrangements and delivers next-day every time. Ideal, right?

Not only this, but The Great British Florist’s flowers are not imported, but grown right here in the UK. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, this is the way forward; grown, not flown, is the perfect way to make a change.

With bouquets starting at £39.00, The Great British Florist has everything you need at any budget. You can opt for luxury arrangements for more special occasions, or even subscribe to their weekly deliveries for constant flowers from The Great British Florist.

Interested? Click here for more!

20.Marks and Spencer Flowers

Marks and Spencer are a true British staple, so it wouldn’t quite be fair to leave them out of this list! Last but not least, M&S stock beautiful arrangements at reasonable prices that are bound to turn heads. Ranging at prices between £20.00-£60.00, M&S aren’t cheap as chips, but they won’t break the bank either.

Do M&S deliver their flowers? Why, of course, they do. Marks and Spencer offer free next-day delivery on flowers, meaning you never have to miss out on a birthday, anniversary, or congratulations again!

You can also subscribe to weekly flowers through M&S, or coincide your flower delivery with your food or other products being delivered. You can’t go wrong with Marks and Sparks, can you?

Visit https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/flowers-and-plants for more!

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for the perfect bouquet to be delivered for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, this list has got you sorted! Never miss an occasion again with fast, reliable delivery and breathtaking floral arrangements that will impress just about anybody.

Whether you are supporting local businesses, going sustainable, or on a tight budget, we’ve listed it all here. Happy online flower shopping!

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