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We live in a world where you will find lots of sports to be played by normal people and some by professionals. One of the most famous and expensive game in the world of sports is FOOTBALL or in some places it is called Soccer.

Football has a long and diverse history but, I will try to make it simple for you its history in simple words.

Some of the history tells us that, this game originated in the 19th century in ENGLAND but some other forms of football were already existed.

To the time, there was no difference associated with rugby and football specially because of their balls shape and size. But, later on they branched off and took to different roads.

In the earlier times there were no rules and some evidence shows that they were played in china for army training due to much use of kicks and heads in playing.

So the creation of association came in the existence to make some rules but, the problem was that each club was playing according to their rules. This was solved later when 12 clubs made at that time decided together the main or basic rules of football which all should abide to.

Together they made a governing body name FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION which should head the clubs and then now which holds the FA Cup.

Later on, it went to other countries like France, Spain, china, Netherlands and so on. They then made a bigger governing body which will oversee international matches. It is called FIFA which holds the world cups in this era around the world and is spreading this sport around the world.

Football has been called by different names round the world like, futebol, futbol but in USA it is called Soccer.

The interesting history of the name of soccer is that, in USA, PHILLIPINES, KOREA it is called Soccer. In England the word soccer was invented to distinguish between rugby and football.

Later on students decided to call football ”assoccer” to avoid confusion where as they used to call rugby ”rugger” but then , they decided to remove a from assoccer to make it sound nicer.

Eventually soccer outclassed rugby in the international world and people didn`t need a distinction between rugby and football. They knew that when someone is talking about football what sport they mean?

But, still Americans called their rugby football as football and normal football as soccer to avoid confusion

Today, other than Olympics no sports has beaten the popularity Football has gained. That is why they have the world cups head by FIFA. The first world cup was played in Uruguay in 1930 and since then returns every 4 years where as the women world cup was first held in 1991 in China and since returns every 4 years.

This sports has changed the life of lots of people with money, fame and what not but this sport had a strong history and commitment by people which made it possible to exist and flourish till now.

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