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10+ Best Furniture Stores in Nottingham

by Best Agencies
10+ Best Furniture Stores in Nottingham

Sitting in the centre of the Midlands, Nottingham is a popular city for shoppers from across the UK. With countless independent and chain stores on offer, you will be spoilt for choice when you next visit this place to go to the shops, especially if you’re looking for products like furniture. To give you an idea of where to find the 10+ best furniture stores in Nottingham, this post will be exploring some of the most popular options on offer.

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–      1: Hopewells

Founded in 1885, Hopewells has a huge amount of experience when it comes to creating quality furniture. They offer a range that covers furniture for your entire home, with options from some of the biggest furniture brands in the UK. Their prices are very competitive, though they only stock pieces of furniture that match their high standards, making them great for those who want to pick something good.

–      2: Furniture Village Nottingham

Most people have heard of Furniture Village before. This large chain has been providing affordable and discount furniture to customers for a very long time, with a staggering range of cheap pieces that can look as good as options that cost twice as much. Of course, while stores like this offer good value, they also lack the same quality that smaller stores tend to offer, and this can be a big downside to some people.

–      3: Dwell

Dwell was founded in 2003 by a designer looking to make beautiful furniture more affordable and available to the masses. The Nottingham showroom is situated inside another furniture store; DFS. This gives you access to contrasting approaches to furniture when you start your shop, with Dwell offering designer-inspired pieces, and DFS focusing on cheap and discounted furniture.

–      4: Aura Designer Furniture

For those looking for luxury in their furniture, few stores offer more than Auro Designer Furniture. With a wide range of different products that all use unique materials like marble, steel, and glass, you can find pieces from this store that are like nothing you’ve seen before. Of course, this chic also comes with a price tag, and this means that you can expect high-quality items from Aura.

–      5: Sofa Workshop

Like many modern furniture stores, Sofa Workshop specialises in a single type of furnishing. Offering sofas of just about every conceivable variety, shoppers are often a little overwhelmed by the range offered by this store. Unlike other furniture companies, Sofa Workshop designs and builds all of its own products, giving you confidence that they are built to high standards and with longevity in mind.

–      6: Frank Knighton Suite Choices

This next store has possibly one of the best names you could pick for a furniture store, as long as you like wordplay. Like Sofa Workshop, Suite Choices focuses on sofas, having opened their doors in 1985 with the aim of offering quality pieces at affordable prices. Suite Choices offer bespoke sofas, along with designer and recliner options, making it possible to tailor your furniture to the rooms that it will be used in.

–      7: Zoo Interiors

Zoo Interiors is a furniture store with a big difference. Selling everything you need to furnish your home, Zoo can provide support as you go through the design process in your home, making recommendations and helping with the challenge of interior design. The natural world plays heavily into their designs, and the company has been making Nottingham’s houses look great since 2005.

–      8: Danish Homestore

As its name suggests, the Danish Homestore mostly deals with furniture that has come from Denmark. All of their pieces are vintage and have gone through some level of restoration, giving you access to authentic pieces that have already been cherished for many years. Denmark is well-known for furniture design, with many of the pieces you find being instantly recognisable as one that has come from this part of the world.

–      9: Furniture Market

Furniture Market is rare amongst other furniture companies. Rather than presenting its options as “affordable”, this store uses the word “cheap”, promising that they simply won’t be beaten on price. Many of their options are cheaper than those found in stores like DFS, giving you access to options that you may not have realised that you can afford. This store focuses on sofas, beds, and other bedroom furniture, though this doesn’t do much to limit the size of their range.

–      10: DCC Furniture

DCC Furniture is proud to state that they offer award-winning furniture. While many of their options are fairly standard compared to other furniture stores, this is another business that will give you excellent deals when you’re looking for your next piece of furniture. This company works with Wayfair, offering very good prices for goods that have been returned from customers of this store.

–      11: Bulwell Discount Furnishings

Bulwell Discount Furnishings is the retail end of a house clearance company. This means that they have a lot of secondhand, or “pre-loved”, furniture on offer. These pieces are all high-quality but will cost a fraction of the price of something new, but Bulwell also offers new furniture for those who want something that is fresh to their home.

–      12: Mega Discount Furniture

Mega Discount Furniture is a store that offers staggering discounts on high-quality furniture. Their small store is absolutely packed to the brim with modern pieces that will look great in your home, but they don’t operate online. This means that you will have to pay a visit to see what they have on offer, but this will always be worth it when you’re buying furniture.

Buying furniture has never been easier in the modern world, with many people choosing to shop online. While it may take some extra effort, though, visiting physical stores can be a great way to improve your time with this, giving you the chance to see the furniture you want before you spend any money on it.

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