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Discovering Cardiff’s Top Meat Shops

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Discovering Cardiff's Top Meat Shops

Cardiff, the vibrant capital of Wales, is not only renowned for its cultural attractions and scenic beauty but also for its thriving culinary scene. Among the many delights Cardiff has to offer, its selection of meat shops stands out for their quality, variety, and commitment to excellence. Here’s a closer look at ten of the best meat shops in Cardiff, where locals and visitors alike can indulge in premium cuts and specialty meats.

1. Martin Player High Class Butcher

Located in the historic Cardiff Central Market, Martin Player High Class Butcher has been a fixture since 1880. Renowned for its traditional approach to butchery, they offer a wide range of locally sourced meats, including Welsh lamb and beef. With a reputation for quality and service, Martin Player is a favorite among Cardiff’s discerning meat enthusiasts.

2. Cardiff Butcher

Situated in the Roath district, Cardiff Butcher prides itself on providing high-quality, locally sourced meats with a focus on sustainability and ethical farming practices. From free-range chicken to rare breed pork and homemade sausages, this butcher shop offers a taste of Welsh countryside in the heart of the city.

3. Oriel Jones

Known for its artisanal approach to butchery, Oriel Jones combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative cuts and flavors. Specializing in dry-aged beef and unique charcuterie selections, this shop in Pontcanna is a favorite among food connoisseurs seeking premium meats and personalized service.

4. Hopkins Butchers

Established in 1898, Hopkins Butchers in the bustling suburb of Rhiwbina is celebrated for its extensive range of meats, including locally sourced lamb, beef, and poultry. With a commitment to quality and community, Hopkins Butchers has earned a loyal following for its friendly service and expertise in butchery.

5. Tasteful

Located in Cardiff Bay, Tasteful is a boutique butcher shop known for its selection of specialty meats and gourmet cuts. From grass-fed Welsh beef to organic poultry and game meats, Tasteful offers an upscale shopping experience with a focus on quality, provenance, and sustainability.

6. Cig Lodor Meat Market

Nestled in the Riverside district, Cig Lodor Meat Market is a hidden gem offering a variety of meats sourced directly from local farms. With a commitment to supporting Welsh producers and offering competitive prices, this family-run shop provides a taste of authentic Welsh meat products.

7. Jenkins & Son

Located in Llandaff North, Jenkins & Son is a traditional family butcher shop renowned for its homemade sausages and award-winning pies. With a focus on quality ingredients and expert butchery skills passed down through generations, Jenkins & Son continues to delight customers with its dedication to craftsmanship.

8. The Well Hung Meat Company

Specializing in organic and ethically sourced meats, The Well Hung Meat Company offers a range of cuts that are traceable from farm to fork. Located in St. Fagans, this shop promotes sustainable farming practices and transparency in meat production, ensuring customers receive top-quality products with a clear conscience.

9. Bodnant Welsh Food Centre

Although slightly outside Cardiff in the Conwy Valley, Bodnant Welsh Food Centre deserves mention for its commitment to promoting Welsh food heritage. Offering a diverse selection of meats from local farms and artisan producers, this center provides a comprehensive culinary experience with a focus on quality and authenticity.

10. C N Skilton

Situated in the historic village of Llantrisant, C N Skilton is a traditional butcher shop known for its selection of premium meats, including dry-aged beef and specialty cuts. With a reputation for excellence in butchery and a commitment to customer satisfaction, C N Skilton continues to uphold its legacy as one of Cardiff’s finest meat shops.


In conclusion, Cardiff’s meat shops offer a diverse range of products that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re seeking traditional cuts of Welsh lamb, specialty sausages, or ethically sourced organic meats, these ten establishments exemplify the city’s rich culinary heritage and commitment to quality. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting Cardiff, exploring these top meat shops promises a rewarding culinary experience that celebrates Wales’ agricultural traditions and artisanal craftsmanship.

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