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10+ Best SEO Services Companies in Leicester

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10+ Best SEO Services Companies in Leicester

If you’re going to run an online business, SEO is going to feature pretty highly in your list of priorities at all times. This is an extremely important area of focus that can make or break your business, helping to expose your brand to the world and maximising sales and profits. Standing for “search engine optimisation”, successful SEO is a process that will help your products to feature at the top of search engine results, encouraging more people to click through to your page, browse your goods and make purchases. If you rank beyond the first or second page, chances are, nobody will even notice you. So, where can you start when it comes to optimising your website for search engine results? The best recommendation is to use an SEO agency. They’ll know the ins and outs of the trade and will be able to deliver the best results possible. Here are 10 of the best SEO agencies in Leicester to get you started in the right direction!

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Easy Internet

With the tagline “making online marketing easy”, Easy Internet doesn’t just specialise in SEO. They also offer hosting and web design. But SEO is their strong point and is the service that they first started out with. They’re a local Leicester run business who aim to help Leicester based start ups, established businesses, students, clubs, community groups and more to make their presence known online! They have good customer feedback and some of their earliest customers still use their services to this day.

Square Media Solutions

Based in Corby, Northamptonshire, Square Media Solutions are based around one hour from Leicester’s city centre, but they pride themselves on offering great SEO solutions to increase your Leicester SEO efforts. They profess to be experts in all things SEO and search marketing. So much so that they’re happy to offer a free SEO audit to get your journey together off to the best start. They also offer alternative services, including marketing and consultancy, branding and design, programming and development and social marketing.


Declaring “We are Unity”, Unity claims to take a unique approach to search engine marketing. They base their decision making on their understanding of your site’s individual needs and audience. They then create a tailor made strategy that focuses on satisfying the user’s intent and experience as well as simply getting them onto your site. They use data driven analysis and thorough keyword research to maximise your SEO successes. The focus here is really organic traffic and conversions rather than sheer numbers.

Pod Digital

Pod Digital focuses on three distinct areas of SEO – on page SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO. On page SEO refers to the measures that can be actioned on your website itself. They optimise your web pages, including headers, page meta title tags and meta descriptions. Off page SEO focuses on efforts outside of your website to grow organic traffic to your landing pages. Technical SEO refers to the process of developing and preparing your entire website for the crawling and indexing phase of the SEO process. You can rely on Pod Digital to offer personalised service from the outset!

Digital Ethos

Digital ethos takes a fresh and measurable approach to marketing, SEO included. They take getting your website in front of customers through search engine results seriously and claim to offer truly unrivaled SEO services in the Leicester area. Digital Ethos’ dedicated specialists will craft bespoke and data-driven SEO campaigns that will build and nurture your online presence. They also aim to drive traffic to your website and help your conversions to skyrocket. They have a number of successful case studies behind them, so you can trust in their skill and expertise.

Andrew Rigby

This SEO agency is different in that it is an individual as opposed to a company with an expansive team. Andrew Rigby believes that he can enhance your Leicester based SEO efforts by using quality search engine strategies at truly affordable prices. He guarantees that he will provide you with a tailored approach to help meet your exact business objectives. This adds a touch of individuality to his service. He can offer greater flexibility around your work schedules and can offer lower prices, as he doesn’t have to pay for the same staff and infrastructure that larger businesses might.

Bright Design

As you can imagine, Bright Design didn’t start out as an SEO agency. Instead, they originally focused on web design work. However, thanks to major expansion, this company can offer quality SEO services to small businesses and multinational corporations alike! They will work closely with your company, placing a heavy focus on your needs and requirements, to draw together the best SEO campaign possible.

 Marketing Voice

Formed in 2018, Marketing Voice is a relatively new company, but they have a good few years of experience under their belt now. They will do whatever they can to create a reliable and results producing marketing campaign for you and your company. With emphasis on SEO, they aim to maximise traffic and conversions on your webpage!


Anicca claims to be one of Leicester’s most successful SEO agencies, crafting and delivering successful SEO campaigns since 2007. They pride themselves on using highly ethical SEO strategies, devised and implemented by a competent team of well trained SEO professionals.


With a great website, Herdl presents a whole lot of experience when it comes to working with Leicester based businesses to optimise their SEO strategy. They have approved Google partner status and a wealth of high quality digital campaigns behind them!

These, of course, are just ten of the most recommended SEO services and companies based in Leicester. While there are plenty more out there, these should tick all of your boxes when it comes to planning and executing a highly successful SEO campaign!

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