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Top 20 Speech Writing Services Companies In The UK

by Best Agencies
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Are you looking for the best speech writing service or company in the UK? Hiring a speechwriter can be useful if you aren’t great at putting a pen to paper. It can also save you time and allow you to focus on other tasks in your personal or professional life. You can even use a speechwriter to ensure that you reach your target audience and engage them the right way. Below you can discover the top 20 speech writing services that could be perfect for you regardless of your budget or individual requirements.

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  1. Great Speech Writing

Great speech writing provides their service to clients on an international level but is based in the UK. As well as working with businesses, they also provide their service to private individuals. Many of their clients need to give high-profile speeches or create important presentations. They work to ensure that they provide their best service to all their clients. In the past, they have delivered their solution to key members of parliaments in both Brussels and Westminster as well as West Lothian.

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Their goals are simple and they will strive to ensure that any speech they write is consistent, relevant, and original. The company can work with anyone regardless of their needs and requirements. They can create speeches from scratch or work on an existing speech that requires a little fine-tuning. Among their many specialties, this company is particularly well known for writing speeches to be used at corporate events. The business has a fast turnaround and will aim to respond to any queries within 15 minutes.

  1. EduBirdie

EduBirdie has a fantastic review score on Trust Pilot of 4.8 and a score of 4.4 on Site jabber. The services offer a team of Ph.D. writers that you can choose to create your speech for you. The platform encourages writers from different specialties to sign up and provide their solutions. However, to be part of the platform, each writer is required to have certain qualifications. They must also pass a 30-minute test and provide a sample of their speech writing. As such, you can guarantee that the speech you receive from this company will match exceptionally high standards. Writers must also provide a copy of their diploma as proof of academic achievement.

If you are interested in hiring a speechwriter from this service, you can explore real testimonials from individuals who have used the writers before. Companies will also find it easy to manage their account using this particular platform and it is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. You will also be able to make any updates and request changes as a writer continues on your speech.

  1. PaperOwn

PaperOwn is another solution that provides companies with the opportunity to connect with experts to write their speeches for them. Getting started is easy. You can simply input your name, phone number, and email for a quick reply. Alternatively, it’s possible to chat with experts online and gain quick feedback. The completely custom speech writing service is one of the most popular choices due to the variety of guarantees that they make with their solution.

For instance, the company does provide a 100% money-back guarantee if the speech provided does not match the information you need on a chosen topic. They also state that you will have complete ownership of a speech that is created for you and firmly claim that there will be no issues with plagiarism for the speeches that they deliver. Another key point to keep in mind is that with this service you can access an unlimited number of revisions. You’ll be able to guarantee that an expert crafts the absolute perfect speech for your company.

  1. PapersOwl

PapersOwl focuses on helping create incredible speeches for companies to guarantee that they can impress their target audience. As well as promising to work to a chosen deadline, the service offers complete confidentiality and can deliver a speech on any topic that a business requires. Many of their writers have over a 98% success rate with more than 667 customer reviews. The service claims that they can deliver on any assignment and can work to tight deadlines. As such, if you need a speech written in a short period, this could be the perfect solution.

The service is easy for companies to use. You just need to choose what service you require and how long you need the speech to be. Once you have done this, you can select from a long list of available writers and find the one that you feel comfortable with. You’ll be able to check credentials before settling on a final option. Funds are transferred through the account and you will be able to keep in touch with the writer throughout the order. You will be able to check progress at each step too and revisions are available at no extra cost.

  1. The Happy Guy Writing Services  

The Happy Guy Writing Services is intent on providing a consumer-friendly speech writing solution that removes a lot of complications. It’s easy to get a free quote from this company. You just need to provide contact details as well as a few details about tone, audience, and deadlines as well as any sensitive content. The business specializes in providing speech writing solutions for a wide variety of different individuals from business wonders to celebrities and those who need speeches for personal events.

The founder of the company has received the “Distinguished Toastmaster” award and this is just one of the reasons why his company is popular with people looking for speech writing services in the UK. This is the highest level of recognition that Toastmaster International provides.

The company has received many positive testimonials with some highlighting the brilliant flow of the speech provided. Others have commented on the ability of the writers to include subtle jokes and match the tone that they needed perfectly.

  1. Go Dissertation Help

Go Dissertation Help allows individuals to connect with professional speech writers across the UK. With their support, it’s possible for people like students to gain the speeches that they need. They can provide speeches with a wide range of different tones, styles, and types of content depending on the purpose. They aim to ensure customers can access speeches that are both clear and concise. These could be used for anything from a birthday celebration to a professional event. The company provides an extensive list of the types of speeches they can create including speeches for a speaker introduction, tribute, political conference, or farewell.

There are countless reasons why this is one of the top choices for speech writing in the UK. This includes a fast turnaround time and easy revisions. Revisions are free and clients simply need to get in touch with the writer if they need something changed. The business also guarantees that all the speeches they provide will be completely original so clients won’t have to worry about any embarrassing issues here.

  1.  Get Essay

You could also think about using Get-Essay. This company has over 500 qualified writers that could create a speech perfect for you and they promise that work is completed on time with a success rate of 98.3%. They also have a customer satisfaction rating of 97.5%.

A key unique aspect of this solution is that you can choose the complexity of the work required. As such, you can order a speech that will be suitable for everything from high school to Ph.D. level of understanding. The expert writers will adjust the tone and the content of the speech accordingly to match. You can also select a deadline and speeches can be provided with a short turnaround of just 3 hours or up to 14 days. The options you choose here will impact the quote that can be provided immediately to help you determine whether the service is suitable for your needs. For instance, a Ph.D. level speech can be provided in 24 hours for approximately £35.

  1. Content Development Pros

Content Development Pros provide numerous content services and this includes a complete custom speech writing service. They specialize in providing speeches for people who constantly struggle to put pen to paper. With a team of expert speech writers, they aim to ensure that clients can gain a speech guarantee to impress their target audience. Their prices are suited more for professionals with rates started at £45 per one-minute speech. However, they do provide a wide range of benefits including 24/7 customer support. As such, if you need to make any changes or correct your speech, you can ensure that this is completed immediately. They will also check your speech for any grammar issues and this is included in the package.

Another key benefit is that you will have complete ownership of any speech that is created. The company can provide a wide range of different types of speeches including CEO-level speeches and wedding day speeches. They have a significant level of experience with business speech writing as well.

  1. Adaptable Speech Writing

This service provides speech writing for key events including political conferences, corporate events, and even weddings. The business is founded and operates by professional speechwriter Adam Cockerham. He has provided speeches for a wide range of professionals including political candidates and CEOs. His speeches have also been used by FTSE 100 companies as well as best men at different weddings. Over the years Adam has achieved fantastic testimonials from UK clients. Clients are particularly delighted with how helpful he was in creating the speech and how quickly he replied to different queries. Clients were also impressed with the level of originality that Adam inputs into his speeches that perfectly encapsulates different occasions.

The company is based locally and as such, it is possible to meet this speechwriter in person when using their service. Adam also offers a non-obligation chat for free. This will allow you to get a feel for the service before deciding whether it is the right choice for you.

  1. Essay-Lib

Essay-Lib is a speechwriting service that is designed to give individuals the speeches they need while saving them a lot of money at the same time. Though the service is primarily targeted at students who need support with their assignments, they also offer services to a wide range of different types of clients. For instance, they can provide speeches at a Ph.D. level. They specialize in providing a discreet solution. As such, clients don’t have to worry that anyone will discover they didn’t write their speech. They aim to ensure that they deliver speeches to clients that will attract the right attention from tutors.

A unique benefit of this company is that speeches are often delivered before a deadline. As such, you won’t have to wait for your speech to be delivered. Instead, you can get it precisely when you need it and be completely assured that it will be plagiarism-free. The writers from this company are also specialists in providing speeches with a wide range of different styles.

  1. Advanced Writers

Individuals and businesses can use this service to find a professional speechwriter that will be able to complete their speech for them. Using this service, it’s possible to get a fast quote and determine whether this solution is going to match your budget. Writers for this platform are tested on their knowledge of English and each team member goes through vigorous stages of training. New speech writers for the company are mentored for months before they start taking on orders and progress is regularly evaluated. The service also provides an advanced category. This category allows clients to use only the top writers for their speeches, by paying an additional fee.

This company has been operating on the market for ten years and they have an average customer feedback rating of 8.6/10. Overall, more than 97% of their orders are completed on time. With this solution, you can choose from a range of disciplines to find the right speechwriter for your needs. You will also be able to choose a particular academic level too.

  1.  The Speechwriter

This company provides businesses and individuals with the option of hiring a professional speechwriter. The individual writer behind the company has gained numerous positive testimonials from past clients. Among various benefits, this service offers essential advice to individuals who need help with their speeches as well as editing options. It’s possible that you already have a foundation for a great speech. If that’s the case, then you can use this service to whip it into the right shape. Another great advantage of using this service is that they do have experience with telling a story. As such, they can ensure that your speech is likable and will reach the target audience.

The cost of speeches provided by this service differs depending on the client. For instance, a best man speech will cost £750 while augmentation of a speech that is already written will cost £150 per hour. The service does provide a free consultation. As such, you can explore the solution before deciding whether it’s the right choice for your needs.

  1.  Allsorts Poetry

If you are searching for a particular type of speechwriting, Allsorts Poetry could be the right choice for you. As suggested by the name, this company specializes in providing poetic speeches. As such, they could be perfect if you are arranging a speech for a special occasion like a wedding or a similar event. Over the years, the company has provided speeches for everyone from the best man to the father of the bride, offering a personal touch for your important event. The company has a 100% approval rating with couples on Hitched and does provide a fast turnaround for their solution. Based in West Sussex, prices for this service start at just £30 per speech.

With this service, you can guarantee that you will gain a unique speech for your important event. This will be completely personal to you and match the celebration perfectly. The business can provide a fast turnaround and could be a great choice if you have a wedding or event that you need a speech for in just a couple of days.

  1.  Speechy

Speechy’s rates are a little more expensive than the previous service with prices starting at £39.99 per speech. The team behind this company has a rating of ‘excellent on Trust Pilot and this isn’t surprising. Particularly, when you consider that the writers are TV scriptwriters by their trade. The writers have provided scripts for various hit the UK shows including, Have I Got News for You, Dead Ringers, and Horrible Histories. They have also worked with a range of different celebrities including Dan Snow and David Mitchel to name just a couple. The company boasts that they can make any speech better. To use this service, you just need to email them your speech or an existing draft and they will work to improve it. If they can’t do this, they’ll return all your money to you.

The team also provides a bespoke speech writing solution. You can work closely with the writers through zoom, email, or even simply by contacting them over the phone. It’s entirely your choice which option you choose.

  1.  Assignment Doctor

This is another service that is ideally suited for students who require a professional speech writing solution. With this option, you can gain access to a discreet service with numerous advantages including free revisions. As such, you will be able to ensure that your speech can be tweaked and changed as much as you need until it is perfect for your needs.

Price differs depending on the deadline for the service. Speeches can be provided for as little as £9 and delivered in more than ten days. Or, you can gain a Ph.D. level speech for £23 in 24 hours. Arranging a speech through this service is quick and easy. You just need to make sure that you provide a little information about the speech and what you need it for. A professional writer will then get back to you without delay. The company has countless positive reviews from previous clients delighted with their exceptional level of service.

  1.  Freelancer

Instead of hiring a company dedicated to speech writing, you can also consider using a freelancer service. A freelancer solution will connect you to a range of professionals including to speechwriters across the UK. Freelancer is one of the most popular choices that fit this category. With Freelancer, you can choose a name for your project and state that you require a speechwriter. You can then provide a little information about the speech in question including the event it is for and your target audience. Qualified speechwriters will then bid for your project.

You can choose a freelance writer based on their experience, their turnaround, or their previous client reviews. In doing so, you can make sure that you hire a great writer for your speech at a fantastic value for money. This is a great way to save time and ensure that you don’t make a poor decision with your speechwriter. With over 50.4 million registered users it’s easy to find a top professional using this solution.

  1.  Edusson

Eudsson is an accredited speech writing service that is used by both businesses and individuals throughout the UK. Using this platform, you will be able to access support from professional writers. The business boasts an easy process that is completely private and offers their customers work that is completely original. As well as this, with a 24/7 solution, you will always be able to check and ensure that your speech is progressing the right way. It’s possible to get started with this solution in just three minutes and almost immediately hire a writer.

Speechwriters through this service have years of experience and some have written thousands of speeches for an eclectic variety of different clients. The company will also allow you to choose a writer based on their unique area of expertise.

  1. Writing Metier

This sign-up service could be the perfect solution if you are searching for a fast speech writing option. Once you have filled in an order form, you can sign in, pay for your order and then wait for the final speech to be delivered. Turnaround time does depend on the type of speech you require as well as the length. The company can offer a complete money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, they will provide all the money you spent back without delay. They also guarantee that your order will remain completely private. As such, you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing that you have used a speech writing solution. The writers from this company have more than 2 years of experience and many can complete a speech in 24 hours.

  1.  State Of Writing

This speech writing company boasts that they can deliver a speech for any type of event. They offer a completely bespoke solution and will ensure that any speech ordered is 100% original. Prices for the service are by page with £10 charged for one page completed in 14 days. A page can be completed in 3 hours for £29. The company also provides numerous saving options to ensure that it is more budget-friendly, perfect for new clients.

State of Writing has received fantastic reviews from its clients. Customers were impressed with the level of research for the speeches as well as the rapid turnaround and high quality. They were also impressed with how easy it was to keep in touch with their writer.

  1.  Fiverr

If you are looking for a specific speech writing service, Fiverr could be the best option. Through Fiverr, you can search for everything from writers of inspirational speeches to comedy writers. You can also select a speechwriter based on the individual budget you are working with. Some writers start at just £3.77 while others can be as much as £451. This will depend on the type of service that you need and the rating you are interested in. A five-star rated speechwriter could cost quite a lot of money on this service and will be best suited for business professionals rather than private individuals.

Using the service is simple and you can explore local sellers too. This will ensure that you can easily connect with the writer you choose and keep track of the project as it continues to progress. The service is growing rapidly so you’re guaranteed to be able to find the unique type of speechwriter that will be perfect for a particular event.

We hope this helps you choose the perfect speech writing service for your needs and allows you to get a speech that provides the absolute best results.

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