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10 Best Furniture Stores in Cardiff

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10 best furniture stores in Cardiff


dwell offers people the chance to buy designer-inspired furniture at an affordable cost. Design enthusiast Aamir Ahmad created dwell in 2003 with the idea that urbanites would want pieces that make a proper statement in the home. They want to ensure that they have a talking point with friends and family, and Aamir really understood the needs of his customers. This is why dwell is one of the best furniture stores in Cardiff. The customers that have a need for instant gratification knew that Ahmad would be able to offer that. He created a range that is all about seeing it, wanting it and getting it – and that’s still as important today. The culture in the store is all about celebrating creativity.

Fairtrade Furniture

When it comes to looking for the best furniture stores in Cardiff, you should give Fairtrade Furniture a chance to shine. They are the only furniture company across Europe that have been guaranteed and verified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. Everyone gets a fair deal with Fairtrade Furniture, especially those looking for better and more sustainable options in their home. Furniture can be sampled all year around and there are display partners right across England who showcase what Fairtrade Furniture has to offer. People will be more than welcome to visit the showroom once the pandemic has lifted. All materials can be traced back to the source, and Fairtrade Furniture ensures that the environment isn’t harmed in the process of creating new furniture.

Momentum Cardiff

With a thirty year history, Momentum Cardiff is a furniture store that was born in response to the request for high quality contemporary furniture in Wales. Momentum Cardiff is a leading expert and supplier of beautiful and contemporary furniture across Cardiff. The furniture is great for residential, business and contracted customers and they supply all over the UK and Europe. Momentum Cardiff has a huge history of dealing with partner manufacturers, and they have a huge portfolio for furniture, lighting and furnishings. It’s these partnerships that are crucial to success and they offer excellent customer service at the same time.

FW Home Stores

Finding the best furniture stores in Cardiff is easier when you deal with a family owned furniture company. FW Home Stores has been in the game since 1993, and the ethos of the company is all about finding stylish designs at the most affordable prices possible. With more than 20 years of experience, FW Home Stores is now an independent store with four large superstores in Cardiff, Caerphilly, Newport and Barnstaple. They offer an online store, too, where you can shop online for furniture.

Happy Home Furnishers

Since 1979, Happy Home Furnishers has been trading in south Wales. Finding a business with an extensive range of furniture to suit a wide variety of lifestyles, budgets and homes isn’t easy, but Happy Home Furnishers make it much easier. This is a business that has been established for a long time and there is over 30,000 sq. feet of business located just off the M4. Offering a unique shopping experience, Happy Home Furnishers is all about being there for the customer, and they’re also a Silentnight Ultimate Partner and proud of it. The display for the Silentnight beds and mattresses is better than most, too!


A huge name in furniture shopping, one of the best furniture stores in Cardiff is SCS – Sofa Carpet Specialists. With over a century of experience and with specialists in flooring and sofas on hand, you can get the best advice for furniture in your home that you need. You’ll find that each of the furniture specialists in SCS guarantees to offer the best in customer service and design suggestions. You can find the whole range online, and as a dedicated sofa and carpet specialist, you’ll get a range of leather and fabric sofas as well as carpet ranges.


One of the biggest furniture pieces that you will ever have is a sofa. It takes up a lot of room in the house and you want to ensure that you have the very best out there. This is the piece of furniture that you are least likely to upgrade, and it’ll be in the heart of your home for at least the next decade. With the experts at Sofology, you can ensure that you find a design that works for you and the sofa range is exclusive to Sofology. The experts here are passionate about being in the forefront of sofa design, and they don’t operate in the same way a traditional sofa retailer does. They never run a sale and this allows Sofology to stand out. They offer the best price every single day – no discounts necessary!


Natuzzi was founded in 1985 in New York, and here they are today in Cardiff! One of the best furniture stores in Cardiff started out in the U.S and has been a strength in Europe, too. Offering excellent furniture that is designer inspired and affordable, Natuzzi is all about offering high quality furniture that is affordable for all. Taking the time to shop here means taking the time to enjoy beautiful furnishings for your home.

Benjamins Interiors

If you are looking for exclusivity with your home decor and furniture, you want Benjamins Interiors. Based in Cardiff, Benjamins is one of the best furniture stores in Cardiff for a reason. They offer the best dining furniture, fabulous bedroom furniture options and living room furniture including original oak pieces. Whether you want painted furniture, shabby chic or pine furniture, Benjamins has everything that you need. You get the best possible price and service with Benjamins, and you will find that the customer satisfaction and dependability levels are very high. When it comes to buying furniture from Benjames Interiors, you will only ever find the best available!

Hammonds Furniture

A unique business, Hammonds Furniture has been around the block for the past 90 years. They are offering furniture that is beautifully designed and with a seamless end to end process, you can create your perfect home space! There is a workshop that Hammonds Furniture works from in Leicestershire and they oversee every single stage of the furniture development process.

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