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10 Best Jewellery Stores in Leicester

by Best Agencies
10 Best Jewellery Stores in Leicester

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Lanes Fine Jewellery

You can find Lanes Fine Jewellery on Loseby Lane, in the centre of Leicester city. As a family owned, independent jewellers, they offer a range of diamond jewellery to include IGI and GIA diamond certificates for wedding, eternity and engagement rings. There’s a range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are offered as part of the diamond collection, too. They’ll even help you to design your own bespoke jewellery! All it takes is a consultation and you will be working with the best diamond setters and goldsmiths possible. Mix and match your diamond style, and you will be nothing short of excited by the results.

Arti Jewellers

Arti Jewellers is based in Leicester and is known as one of the best jewellery outlets in the city. They have been around for 30 years, and they work in the business as a family. They can help you to buy the jewellery that you want with the best results, and they offer exclusive designs compared to other jewellery stores. At Arti Jewellers, they take the price of the jewellery into high consideration and they will help you to buy with confidence each and every time. Arti Jewellers have a great reputation among jewellery stores in Leicester.

Robinsons Jewellers

As an independent and family run jewellers, Robinsons Jewellers has made a great name for itself in the almost 50 years it’s been in business. It was founded by Michael and Janet Robinson and they have remained a trusted jewellers in the area, going from strength to strength. Its expertise and roots go way back to 1885, so you know you’re getting quality from true jewellery experts. They specialise in certificated diamonds and preowned, high end watches. The brands include Breitling, Rolex and Cartier. Robinsons Jewellers offers a jewellery remodelling service, valuations and insurance options for all your jewellery needs.

Churchgate Jewellers

Churchgate Jewellers are a second generation business that has been built on more than 40 years of experience in jewellery. They were established in 1977 and currently are run by an expert certified by The Gemological Association of Great Britain. This means that they are experts in the grading and certification of diamonds. The business has grown in Leicester over the years, and they specialise in bespoke jewellery designs. With wedding, engagement and eternity rings a focus, Churchgate Jewellers offer customers the chance to design their own jewellery, too! They are members of The National Association of Jewellers, and they are committed to the highest level possible of professionalism.

Greens Jewellers

A Leicester-based family run business, Greens Jewellery offers a range of silver and gold jewellery and they ensure that they offer affordable prices with it. They have a range of clocks and watches and they aim to offer the best in customer service, too. Their website is updated with new stock every day, and they can help customers to source the items that they need. This enables them to offer a newer, more personalised jewellery buying service for customers – which is generally appreciated!

Warren James Jewellers

One of the best things to learn about Warren James is that the name is big enough to be part of a chain of jewellery stores. For Warren James, it’s all about genuine jewellery and they will ensure that you and your loved ones are able to cherish it forever. They have been around since 1979 and they offer the best in truly breathtaking pieces, from earrings for weddings to engagement rings and wedding sets. Having been around since 1979, Warren James has built a solid business to buy jewellery from for many years. Their mission is to become the best jewellers in the nation.

Rebecca Winder Jewellery

As a personal jewellery maker, Rebecca Winder concentrates on beautiful pieces for customers who want a bespoke service. With over 20 years in jewellery design, artisanal goldsmithing and teaching others how to create, Rebecca Winder has created an excellent reputation for herself, driven by the vision of excellence. Her jewellery brand in Leicester is one that has been shaped by being responsible. Rebecca Winder can be found in Leicester’s cultural quarter.


As a big part of the heritage in Leicester, Lumbers is a business that has been the heart of the city for many years. They offer a luxury experience for their customers, ensuring that each person who comes through the door gets a personalised service. They have been around since 1881, so they’re no stranger to any jewellery request that comes through the door. Lumbers has been a family business for many years, providing customers in Leicester with high end jewellery to match a budget.

Rock C Jewellers

As a 5th generation family business, Rock C Jewellers have been based in the city since 1874. That’s five generations of understanding about jewellery, which pieces sparkle most and the types of customers that come through the doors. They employ over 100 staff members, as their business is located around the UK. This is a business that has been recognised by the National Association of Jewellers for being experts in the jewellery business. If you are looking for fine stones and gems, this is the place to shop in Leicester – so why not go online and take a look at what they’re offering online?

Beaverbrooks Jewellers

Opening their doors in 1919 was one of the best things that Beaverbrooks Jewellers did for the local area. They are an award-winning jeweller, offering a range of jewellery to suit every type of customer. They aim to enrich the lives of the customers that come through the door, and they have been a part of some of the most treasured moments people have. They know that they aim for  – and succeed in – making a difference to others around the country with their expertise. They have a passion for fine jewellery and watches, diamonds and gems. If you are seeking the help of expert jewellers in Leicester, this is the shop to look into first and go from there!

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