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Top 30 Video Marketing Companies In The UK

by Best Agencies
Top 30 Video Marketing Companies In The UK

Video marketing is a persuasive tool when it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention. It’s so powerful because it’s so easy to consume and widely accessible.

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Would you rather read a recipe on how to make a cake? Or watch a step-by-step video that guides you through the process while being able to witness the magic of baking? It’s an unfair battle because the video will always win out. And that’s because showing people something is more powerful than telling them.

To take your business to the next level, you’re going to want to take advantage of the power of video. And you can do this with clever video marketing. But if you’re a novice when it comes to editing, you’ll want a professional.

It can be tricky separating the wheat from the chaff, though. What should you be looking for when choosing a video marketing company that works for you? You want someone who’s at the top of their game. Someone who’s an authority in the video marketing world. Also find the one who is providing Digital billboard services in terms of digital marketing.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list with that in mind. Using Domain Authority (DA) and customer reviews to find the top companies specialising in video marketing has let us find the best of the best in the UK. A good DA means they’re an authority in their domain. And good customer reviews indicate they’ve been tried and tested by people just like you.

Here are the 30 best video marketing agencies in the UK that’ll help you realise your video marketing goals.

30. Shootonsight.co.uk

Shoot On Sight market themselves as a video production company, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Based in the Shropshire countryside, they aim to create video content full of passion and creativity.

Alongside video production from a team with impressive career backgrounds, they also provide bespoke video marketing services. They’ll take time to learn your business goals, pinpoint key areas where their video skills can build on what you already do, and build a video marketing plan unique to your business.

Everything’s done in-house, and they’ll measure retention rates once the content goes live, ensuring the video is really working. There’s certainly more to them than the surface suggests.

29. Creative Jam

Creative Jam implores you to see them as your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs based in High Wycombe. That they’re your innovative marketing team, just in a completely different building to you. And this atmosphere of fun and personal service continues throughout everything they do.

Video marketing isn’t necessarily the company’s focus, but it’s part of the bread and butter marketing and branding services they offer. Creative Jam will cover all your video marketing needs. From concept to production, they’ve got your back.

As their video services are more centered on production than marketing, go to them for sleek videos to support your own marketing strategies.

28. Smokey Dragon Media

Smokey Dragon Media is great at what they do. And that’s producing high-quality videos to use alongside your marketing. For this reason, they’re lower down on the list than you might imagine because they’re not strictly video marketing.

Smokey Dragon offers video production services that are comprehensive. You can have anything from full-scale location filming right down to studio shoots and green screens. They’re also really flexible within these services. So if you just want them to shoot it and handle editing yourself, that’s on the cards. Or even the other way around; if you’ve filmed a piece of video that you love but are lacking the editing skills, Smokey Dragon has got your back.

27. The Collective Group

The main point to make about The Collective Group is that they handle B2B marketing only. So they might not tick all your boxes if you’re looking for a partner to help you break into a consumer mindset.

But if B2B is your jam, they’re a great partner to have. The Collective Group handles all kinds of marketing needs. From design and content marketing right down to the nitty-gritty of this post – video, and media. For them, video and media are a marketing must-have. And their unique approach to creating it encapsulates this idea. They’ll make great strides to understand your business and marketing objective and will then develop media bespoke to those needs.

26. Humanoid

You’d be hard-pressed to locate a company that was more central geographically in the UK than Humanoid. With offices in Birmingham, Manchester, and Staffordshire, they pride themselves on being friendly and approachable. They’ll even work with children and animals.

Humanoid offers 3 packages to choose from. Getting the basic package basically means you get the services of a stellar video production company. But opt for either one of the other packages, and you’ll have a marketing strategy integrated into your video solution. The top package even provides an annual marketing plan; there really is something for everyone.

25. The Animation Guys

Meet the storytellers. That’s the endearing introduction you’re greeted by when you navigate onto The Animation Guys page. It’s hard not to be pulled in when the welcome is evokes such sweetness.

These guys are a little different from what you might expect simply because they work with animation. Although they do dabble a little in testimonials and corporate video, animation is their specialty. But they create captivating video that works wonders for your marketing.

And they do offer a video marketing strategy service, even though they display themselves as primarily video production. The video marketing service is aimed at being a long-term partnership that creates really effective video output.

24. Vermillion Films

Vermillion Films are a video production company, so you’ll have to use their services alongside your own robust marketing strategies. Based in Birmingham, they work with a huge array of clients from a plethora of sectors.

They’ve identified 5 primary reasons why clients choose to work with them. For Vermillion Films, these reasons are their creativity, ability to interrogate the brief, understanding of the complexities of video that works, and their agility in working with short timescales. Plus, they’re nice. Who doesn’t want to work with a company that says their pleasant nature is a great reason to choose them?

23. Beast Agency

Beast is an award-winning production company and creative content agency. And they really do have the awards chops to back this statement up. They’ve worked with some real heavyweights, like Apple, Netflix, and Vans, so your video production is in safe hands. They provide full-service video productions for online delivery — Beast pride itself on being cost-effective.

They may only come across as a video production company, but they provide access to a content strategy guide. And even though they’re best known for their sleek videos, they do offer digital marketing services. Integrate these services with their video prowess, and you’re onto a winner.

22. Blaze Media

Blaze Media markets itself as Liverpool’s #1 digital marketing agency. And while video isn’t their specialty, they offer a great all-around marketing service. Plus, they come well recommended on Trust Pilot, achieving a 4.1 out of 5. Not bad.

Their digital marketing chops are part of what makes their video offerings so tempting. If you’re not totally sure what you want, Blaze Media asks you to reach out, and their professionals will help you hone in on the video content that will work best for you. Coupled with their digital marketing services, you can get a full-coverage service that gets the most out of your video offerings.

21. The Like Minded

We make split-second decisions based on how things look. And when talking about video marketing, the way things look is important. The Like Minded knocks aesthetics out of the park with a creative and professional-looking website. If their video marketing is anything like their homepage, you’ll be in safe hands.

The Like Minded will cover all channels, giving you top-notch film and great graphics to take your marketing to the next level. And they’ve worked with some big names. The NHS, The House Of Lords, and Bupa, just to name a few.

20. Shoot Business

Shoot Business may, at first, appear as just a video production company. But hidden within their many service offerings is the holy grail. Video Marketing. So not only with they make excellent videos with their 10 years of experience, but they’ll also provide effective marketing campaigns around the videos they produce.

Shoot Business are a good choice because they’ve worked with both large and small clients. Shoot Business is based in Manchester and covers a host of marketing services alongside their video marketing package. Such as digital marketing, video SEO, video analytics, and social media campaigns, just to name a few.

19. Brafton London

Braftons video marketing services are interesting because they focus on return on investment (ROI). And the ROI that video marketing brings to a company. Because of this, they use video at every stage of sales and customer engagement because it’s the most efficient and powerful way to convey a message.

It should be noted that while Brafton does offer a full-service video marketing strategy, right from filming through to marketing goals, they actually advertise themselves as a content marketing company. Video isn’t strictly their primary focus. But it reads as so important on their site that it’s safe to say video marketing is integral to what they do.

18. Southwestfilm

For Southwestfilm, based in several locations across the UK, making quality video and media is what they do. It’s the meat of their company. Another company describing itself as video production – but that’s not a fair assessment because they offer such a comprehensive video marketing service.

They create high-quality video campaigns that they boast will fit any budget. Southwestfilm will cover the design, development, and implementation of the campaigns, so they weren’t lying when they described the service as complete. This service means your sales will be boosted, and you’ll reach a much wider audience.

17. Vebu

Vebu is an interesting company in London. What makes them exciting is that they offer a massive pool of talent. Because they’re made up of freelance talent. So you can choose to have Vebu manage the project and deal with the freelancers, or you can contact the freelancer directly. Whatever works for you.

The beauty of this is that there’s a huge amount of creativity at your disposal. And they don’t actually just offer video production. Part of their video production package is sign-off and delivery. Here they say they’ll create marketing campaigns for the video to target the right people.

16. Pebble Studios

Pebble Studios prides itself on being the best video marketing company that London has to offer. They describe making great content as a process that shows a true understanding of the consumer, the industry, and you, the client.

Pebble covers in-house production, planning, creative design, and final distribution. And their personal service sets them apart because everything they offer will be specially picked and designed for you. So you can get the most out of their video marketing services to see your brand grow. And they’ve worked with some top brands too; Adidas, Samsung, Sky, Burberry, and Vodafone are just a small selection.

15. Gramafilm

Gramafilm might only be a video production company, but they’ve made it high on our list. That’s because their video production capabilities are massive. They cover films, animation, and documentaries that look like they could be on the big screen.

But their services don’t stop there. Gramafilm also offers design, illustration, digital campaigns, and branded content. All of this collectively creates a powerful media offering that’ll take your company to the next level purely because it’ll look so sleek and professional. Plus, they can put on brand experiences and events to bring consumers and clients closer to you.

14. Silvertip Films

Silvertip Films are another video production company, but they get so high on this list because of their sheer experience and prowess. Their corporate video offerings cover every type of video production you could want. And they’ll still take the time to really get to know you and your customer base, so their film will take your business further.

They’ve also run the Horsham Film Festival, so you will feel safe in the knowledge that the content they create is top-notch. And most importantly, Silvertip Films love what they do, and you can tell.

13. The Marketing Cafe

The Marketing Cafe focuses on creating video that delivers results. TMC started as a marketing consultancy that evolved into a creative design and video production house. Their complete marketing and design approach sets them apart from the crowd. And that’s because they understand what makes marketing work.

Their team of video specialists also has great experience in marketing and creative design, which makes them a powerful partner to have. They are best placed to help you ensure your top-quality video reaches the audiences that will most impact your business.

12. Powerhouse Photo

Powerhouse Photo is a leading video production company and photography studio. They work with brands to deliver mouth-watering digital content that is sure to achieve eye-catching results.

Their in-house team brings forth a conglomerate of creative directors, producers, videographers, photographers, and digital content experts to meet your needs and requirements.

They focus on collaboration, aim to create long-term, trusted partnerships with clients. And they can, with their seven state-of-the-art studios under one roof in Leeds! This offers a chance to accommodate you as they can plan, shoot, edit content and tackle any challenges you throw at them!

11. Toast TV

Toast is an award-winning advertising agency with offices in London and Oxford. Established in 2002, they have worked and produced video content with many different companies such as Innocent, Aids Alliance, Wayfair, and Cancer Research UK.

In fact, they produced the first-ever TV advertising campaign for Innocent Smoothies!

For Toast, to stand out in a congested media environment, simple is best, but so is being ruthless with creative ideas that will increase your sales and your traffic! They aspire to keep their client’s output fresh, memorable and they aspire to work with their clients to focus on their messaging.

10. Topline Film

In an age where summoning the patience to read anything longer than a Facebook Status or a Tweet is difficult, Topline Film knows that a creative video is the best way to communicate your company’s message.

Topline Film believes that videos generate leads, go viral and inspire trends, which is exactly what any business should achieve! Topline was named UK’s top-ranked video production company in 2020, and their video strategy is why.

Their video production services include strategy design, audience analysis, concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, sourcing talent, filming, animating, and video editing. Topline wants to ensure that their clients’ video is creative, technically flawless, aesthetically beautiful, and most importantly, on message.

9. Mynd

Mynd is a creative family devoted to creating beautiful things. They devote themselves wholeheartedly to creating videos, to exceeding customer’s expectations in every regard. Whenever a client needs a new video, they are at the top of their list.

They want their client’s videos to be “myndblowing”, and know that hard work, constructive criticism, and brilliant ideas are needed every step of the way. They have various video styles such as 3D animation, flat motion, line, Iso, Graphy, and so many more.

To achieve the results that your company wants, they factor in your desired content and the format, target group, and distribution channels!

8. Hurricane Media

Hurricane Media is a video production company that cuts through the noise and gives brands a voice worth listening to. They are video-first thinkers, which is the world now – and they believe brands need to be brave to impact. And they craft through=provoking ideas that connect brands with audiences.

They are an effective company as they know that content starts with a clear strategy that compliments your marketing plan. They work with clients and brands of all sizes to develop video marketing plans, covering audience research, industry insight, launch activation, PR support, and analysis.

But no matter what, powerful creativity is at the heart of what they do!

7. Spiel Creative

Everything Spiel Creative does is centred around their core mission; to provide you with great videos at great prices. By staying true to their mission, they always strive to exceed expectations by understanding you, your vision, and your audience.

They believe that if your video content can win the hearts of your customers, you will win their minds. They will want to take action! They offer various video types, such as demo videos, promotional videos, short animations, sales videos, and more. Furthermore, they offer a plethora of video styles like stop motion, virtual reality, live-action, anything that sorts your brief!

6. Absolute

Absolute Digital are not just a marketing agency based in London, they aspire to be your partner. They use video marketing and video production to engage your audience with exciting campaigns!

Absolute Digital can help you plan an effective video marketing strategy that captures the exact audience and can circulate it far to increase the number of leads brought into your business. They know that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Absolute know that video production and marketing are essential for any modern brand.

5. Aspect Film & Video

Aspect aspires to make the video everyone else wishes they had! If you are open to a new approach then Aspect may be the one for you. They are a new breed of insight-led video production agency based in Bristol and London.

They also help their clients support sustainability, from ethical, sustainable sourcing of all props, costumes, and shoot sustenance.

Aspect Film & Video want to help their clients overcome the challenges of creating compelling content through frequency, engagement, distribution, and quality, all on an affordable budget. What more can you ask for?

4. Skeleton Productions

Skeleton Productions aim to create completing content that captivates audiences, inspires action, and drives results. They believe business can achieve more with video.

Their video services can help you reach your business goals to engage employees or convert clicks into customers. But, video production is only the beginning. They know that for your video to make a dynamic impact, they need to identify the messages and approaches to create the desired outcome. It ends with continuous testing, optimising to make sure the results they are getting are the best they can be, and therefore the best yours can be.

3. Bigfoot Digital

Bigfoot Digital is not a mythical creature. It’s a results-focused digital marketing agency. They offer a reliable, transparent, and upfront approach to marketing that delivers results.

They offer affordable video marketing services as a great way to promote your brand online and to generate interest in your business. They know it allows you to easily communicate your message to a large audience.

The process of promoting a video online includes everything from choosing the right hosting platforms to syndicating the video online through social media and search engine optimization to increase visibility and to outperform your competitors.

2. Casual Films

Casual Films seeks to meet all of your marketing, recruiting, explaining, and training needs through their reliable and effective video production. With over 14 years of video marketing experience, they have analyzed exactly how to make video production work for a company like yours.

They call their unique approach to high-quality content generation ArielTM.  It relies on agile and flexible client service with efficient workflows that maximize creativity, streamline production and guarantee delivery. The cornerstone of this unique approach is a consistent client experience across all their production teams.

They have five offices based in the UK and North America. Their service is committed to driving social media traffic as well as meeting your individual needs.

1. Found

Found is leading the way in digital marketing with a focus on SEO and PPC—this laser-focused approach to driving traffic sets itself apart from most digital marketing firms.

Their aim is to ensure your work is not only at the highest quality but reaching the most eyeballs. Their entire approach is underpinned by smart data and a growth experience that delivers results fast.

Their Team is built up of channel experts, growth partners, data scientists, and analysts, so you know your business is in safe hands. While video is a core and fundamental part of their operations, their range of digital and content marketing will see your business skyrocket to success!

Final Thoughts

And that’s the list! Hopefully, you’ve found a video marketing company here that caters to your individual needs. While they are all highly recommended, since many offer a specialized and laser-focused approach, it is important to find the company that is right for you and the needs of your business.

It can be tricky and even daunting to be able to keep up with the times since the business world moves at such a breakneck pace. It is easy to fall behind. It cannot be stressed enough how important clever and pinpoint video marketing can be to set your business apart from your competitors.

Keeping your users’ attention can be hard these days with such a plethora of businesses competing for their clicks and eyeballs. Videos can be an addicting and invaluable resource for creating a powerful connection between your users and your business.

 This is why you should not skimp out on a video marketing team; you want the highest quality content with a fundamental understanding of your user base to ensure your users are hooked and keep coming back for more. Showcase your features, products, and services in style. Don’t let your great service lose business because your presentation has fallen short. Find a video marketing that highlights all the strengths of your company; your business deserves it!

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