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Top 20 Beauty & Skincare Brands In The UK

by Best Agencies
Skincare Brands In The UK

The UK continues to take its place in this increasingly globalised and competitive beauty industry. The UK is currently home to so many major powerhouse brands in the industry that it can be challenging to keep up or choose one brand that works well for you, especially if you are new to the world of beauty and skincare. And that is the reason why we have taken the time to put together this list for you. So, if you find yourself in the UK, and are looking for some of the best homegrown cosmetic brands and products, then take a look at our top 20 brands.

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Guava And Gold

Clare Price successfully launched the Guava and Gold brand as recently as 2020, with a simple goal in mind – to create an elegant capsule collection of beauty products for anybody looking for a cruelty-free option. Her range of products is designed to offer exquisite perfumes uniquely blended with natural oils serving you the full effects of natural scents and vibrant colours that are sure to heighten your sensory experience.

Guava and Gold’s wide range of products will teleport each user to exotic corners of the world through its beautifully mixed distinctive flowers and fruits, like guava and cherimoya, orange and plum bosom, fragrant pink magnolia, sweet vanilla orchid, and whistle floral facets of tuberose. Although this is a British brand, Guava & Gold has worked with some of the best international fine fragrance companies to bring you a collection of beautiful perfume products. The aim is to encourage you to live the company’s simple philosophy – buy into confidence, trust, and belief.

Bee Good

The next brand on our list is Bee Good. Bee Good is one of the rising beauty and skincare brands in the UK, using honey, beeswax, and propolis from the British wildflower bees. The company has a wide range of beauty products, including honey lip balms, natural moisturisers, face creams, cleansers, and so many more. So, whether you’re looking to replenish and treat your skin with advanced skincare products or just looking for everyday skincare products, Bee Good offers it all. But that’s not all; this UK brand shows a strong commitment to supporting or helping our precious little bees to survive and thrive. So, if you’re a bee lover, you should also be a Bee Good lover.

The company also promises that every beauty or skincare product it makes is cruelty-free and made with hundred per cent natural ingredients, all wrapped up in recyclable packaging. This commitment to the environment won the company the prestigious Environmental Responsibility Award in the 2020 Inspire Business Awards. You can also choose from a beautiful variety of gifts with wildflower seed balls that you can scatter to create a wildflower meadow. And this provides protection and food for our little gold and black striped fellas.

Sports HAI

Moving on, we have the Sports HAI brand. Who says sports people can’t look good while breaking some sweat? Definitely not Grace De Alvaro. If the best products always come from a lightbulb moment, then the Sports HAI range of products began with Grace De Alvaro’s smudged makeup during her first triathlon experience. Her immediate goal after that experience was to ensure every athlete can be their best and look good while at it.

The range of beauty products that Sports HAI offers are perfectly suited for that sports individual who wants to look good while grinding it out. The company’s capsule sports collection includes products like water-resistant mascaras, eye shadows and liners, chlorine and sea salt products, two-in-one lip transformers, and a combination of moisturisers and lip balms. Every product that Sports HAI develops is not only designed to be applied quickly but can easily withstand the rigours of any athletic undertaking. For example, with products like the ‘Glo & Go’ bronzer and nourishing hair cleansers, you can be and look your best at the same time.


Although SEAMS was originally created for seamstresses’ hands, SEAMS has gone to become one of the growing beauty and skincare brands in the UK. From one lightbulb moment to another, Karen J. Gerrard’s uncomfortable experience with having cut, sore, dry, and burned hands while on a military course led to creating this skincare product. As we already mentioned, this brand was developed initially for seamstresses, with the sole purposes of helping them mend and moisturise their hardworking, dry, and pin-pricked hands without worrying about leaving behind any oil residue on their fabrics.

SEAMS hand cream works by instantly absorbing as soon as applied. Plus, its non-greasy nature makes it an absolute must for anyone experiencing very stressed, rough, dry, distressed hands. SEAMS hand cream is composed of a biometric lipid complex, which penetrates the skin to help lock in moisture, and therefore, leaves the skin feeling very soft, smooth, and supple. Plus, this skincare product is made with purely natural ingredients and has won much praise from publications like The Guardian and the Daily Mirror.

Decree Skincare

Dr Anita Sturnham created the Decree Skincare range of products, with all the experience and knowledge she has from specialising in dermatology and aesthetic treatments. Decree’s range of products has garnered quite some positive popularity among skin experts, influencers and editors alike. The brand does not waste time with unnecessary fluff, as every ingredient used is potent and intended to make the right difference on your skin.

You will find products like spray-on sunscreen, which reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them. Decree Skincare is also the proud creator of Peptide, which is becoming a buzzword in the beauty circle. Peptide works with proteins to repair the skin, making it look and feel supple. And the moisturising effect ensures that it is the perfect product for any dry skin condition. Now, speaking of dry skin, Decree Skincare’s Treat Tincture retinol serum comes with squalane and hyaluronic to hydrate, moisturise and transform the skin.

Amanda Harrington London

Amanda Harrington London was created on a straightforward premise – that only a healthy skin tans best. And with the brand’s very skilful formulation, it seeks to promote the healthy skin you can only dream of, taking each user to that beautiful spot where the sunless tan meets cosmeceutical skincare. Amanda Harrington London’s products seek to throw the old perception of unrealistic ‘orange’ results and “tacky tanning” out the window. So, if you still have the same ancient conceptions about orange results being unrealistic, think again – and do so, reaching for an Amanda Harrington London Advanced Glycolic Body Scrub.

This beauty and skincare brand took off with rave reviews from experts in the industry, focusing on the company’s natural and modern approach to tanning. The brand tries to be inclusive by ensuring that its products can be applied to almost every skin type and shades while enriching the skin’s natural glow to give it the natural lustre and glow it deserves all year round. Founder of this brand, Amanda Harrington London, once remarked that she loves the boost in confidence that a tan can give. So, if you’re searching for that same confidence boost from the perfect tan, you don’t have to look any further.

Deviant Skincare

If you have ever paid a visit to the Instagram page of Deviant Skincare, you should know what the growing buzz is all about. This brand goes back to the basics that work, no fluff. And although there are currently only about three products in the company’s portfolio or product line, we can only wait in anticipation for more options in the coming years.

Speaking of product lines, Deviant Skincare currently has facial oil, an exfoliating toner, and a balm cleanser. But you’ll be making a grave mistake if you underestimated these three products.

If you’re looking for useful products that offer an absolute pleasure of usage, then Deviant skincare products may be what you need. The yellow balm cleanser, for example, emulsifies on contact with water to make it air creamy and light. That makes it very easy to dislodge makeup and oil. Plus, it also rinses very easily. The exfoliator works deeply inside the skin, while the facial oil is easily the natural alternative to skin-smoothening retinol.

The Rose Tree

The next beauty and skincare brand on our list is The Rose Tree. If there are two words that can easily describe what this brand offers, that will be organic luxury. The Rose Tree specialises in producing organic products that touch the body and soul. The company offers a piece of British luxury perfectly designed or created for the woman who desires to look and feel amazing while taking on life’s frantic and fast-paced nature with the grace and beauty of a woman.

So, if you’re too busy to make time for long-process beauty routines sitting for hours before your mirror, then opt for The Rose Tree. The brand focuses on ingredients that actually make a difference in your skin appearance. Each component helps you nurture your skin, de-stress, and relax your mind while energising your body to meet each new day’s challenges. And if you’re not convinced yet, The Rose Tree won the Green Parent Beauty Award in 2020 and the Editor’s Choice award in the same year, among other honours.


Watermans beauty company is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after brands in the UK at the moment. But that’s not all; according to experts, the brand is also one of the most searched for hair care brands in the world. For example, Watermans currently sells more hair conditioners and shampoo products than any other brand or company on Amazon. The company has also produced the number one best-selling shampoo brand for the previous two years on a trot. Plus, the company currently produces the number one best-selling hair product for hair loss issues.

Watermans describes its products in one simple phrase – “a kiss of life for hair.” no matter what your hair type, colour, shape, or length is, this brand has you covered with hair care products that are packed with the right ingredients to help keep your hair and scalp feeling and looking great. A product like InstaHair is developed for hair building purposes and is capable of concealing hair loss spots. It comes with a formula that mixes different kinds of natural hair care ingredients like biotin, lupin protein, rosemary, allantoin, caffeine, argan oil kernels, silica and niacinamide for optimal hair benefits.

Charlotte Tilbury

British makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury MBE, makes it onto our list with her Charlotte Tilbury brand of beauty and skincare products. Charlotte Tilbury is already one of the most influential makeup artists in the UK’s beauty industry, and her brand is slowly following suit. After launching her eponymous makeup line in 2013, she has created a leading contender in the beauty industry.

Her mission has been pretty simple from day one, which is to share the power of makeup and demonstrate to every woman how easy it is to feel and look the very best versions of themselves. So, if you’re looking for the beauty brand that represents what is becoming the ultimate in British glamour, then you should not be looking farther than Charlotte Tilbury. From their super-radiance resurfacing facial to different kinds of lipsticks, finishing powders, foundations, and other types of skincare options, each product is a product of thorough research.

Eclat Skin London

Eclat Skin London takes a lot of pride in using a unique blend of the much sought after ‘dream team’ of active ingredients. And what kind of ingredients are we talking about? Vitamin C and retinol. Vitamin C plays an essential role in shielding the skin against various forms of pollution while giving it the brightening and lustre it deserves.

Retinol also greatly improves skin tone and texture while ensuring that your skin gets the glow it needs to look and feel as radiant as possible. There has been a lot of lab research to prove that two ingredients alone can combine to improve and work wonders on any skin. Eclat Skin London also has all the bases covered when it comes to their range of products. For example, the company has in store moisturisers, serum, different kinds of eye treatments, facial oils, concealers, foundations and cleansers.

Conscious Skincare

Conscious Skincare is a family-owned organic beauty and skincare brand. This multi-award winning brand is currently located on the beautiful coastline of Wales and makes some of the most sought after formulations in the beauty industry. And if you’re an environmentally conscious person, you can rest assured that both the ingredients used for the products and the packaging are all eco-friendly and natural. Most of their products are now in either aluminium or glass containers. But that’s not all; you can always take your empty container back for refill after using the product.

Conscious Skincare’s range of products has won awards like the ‘Best Buy’ from Ethical Consumer, kicking off several other brands to take the first place. And when it comes to the company’s range of products, you’re completely covered. From everything related to your face, hands, hair, and even your little ones, you’re sure to find what you are looking for.

All the products this company manufactures are free from sodium, parabens, and phthalates.

Denys & Fielding

Denys & Fielding is family-owned and operated. Unlike most of the brands we have already mentioned on this list, this company offers a wide range of products that range from daily luxury options to skincare products. For example, you will find products like plant-based aromatherapy candles, skin balms, other skincare products, and different kinds of garden and deck chairs for the ultimate relaxation pleasure.

The company is currently based in Kent and manufacturers a vast majority of its products by itself. But let’s focus only on the company’s skincare products, shall we? If you love spending time working on your garden regularly, then Denys & Fielding Gardener’s Skincare products are made just for you. From hand soaps to balm and bath oils, you will find almost everything you need to make your after-garden work time relaxing while giving your hands the quick recovery they need. The company’s range of aromatherapy and plant-based treats are specially made to nourish and restore your hands. Plus, everything is wrapped up in sustainable and thoughtful packaging.

Belle Cell

Do you want to live a long, fulfilling, and active life? Then Belle Cell offers you the most realistic chance of genuinely optimising your chances of living that kind of life. Located in London, this beauty brand provides the perfect space that uses the proper techniques in combining breakthrough scientific analysis to ensure that every client receives a deeper understanding of how their bodies’ molecular makeup operates.

This understanding, combined with a hyper-personal treatment program, is designed to give the human body’s natural regeneration process the needed boost by tackling almost anything related to molecular ageing. But if all the technical stuff is making your head spin, then let’s focus on beauty alone. Belle Cell is also one of the best places to go if you want to address all your beauty, nutritional, and aesthetic concerns.

The company is currently located in Mayfair, nestling in an unassuming and quiet courtyard – a perfect location away from the hassle of your daily life. The company was founded by Kasia Zajkowska, a bioscientist transformed into a beauty and health entrepreneur. She makes full use of her in-depth knowledge of cellular ageing and molecular technologies to make one of the most advanced beauty treatment services available for all her clients.


Moving on, the next beauty and skincare brand to make it onto our list is Elemis. Elemis is a luxury British spa company or brand that also manufactures or formulates different kinds of beauty products in the United Kingdom. The company works with a face-to-face philosophy, which means that it believes in offering physical health and skincare services to its clients in person. Elemis works with some of the best and award-winning growers in the country to ensure that they receive and use the best quality ingredients, including natural oils and extracts.

The company also supports a wide range of oilseed plants in Britain in an effort to help sustain the existence and sustainability of honey bees. Elemis has, therefore, engaged itself in the farming of starflower, camelina, and echium. Various beauty experts, editors, and publications have not held back their praise for the company’s range of Pro-Collagen products. The company has several skin care products like its weightless hydration formula that is sure to double your skin’s moisture content and leave it looking and feeling radiant.

Fairfield Gardens

Fairfield Gardens is increasingly becoming one of the UK’s leading homes for all kinds of all-natural skincare products. This award-winning company works with a straightforward philosophy, and this is, Skincare does not need to look exotic to be effective. In that regard, every ingredient the company uses in its formulations is predominantly from Britain. The result is a range of lip balm products with no compromise on quality or effectiveness.

And speaking of their lip balms, these are not only award-winning products but also ones made purely with natural and pure essential oils, natural aromas, plant oils, beeswax, botanical extracts, etc. That means that you can rest assured that none of their products contains artificial flavours, mineral oils, or synthetic colourants.

Carol Joy London

Up next on our list of top 20 beauty and skincare brands in the UK is Carol Joy London. This company offers diverse beauty, health and wellness solutions by ensuring that all its products and services work both inwardly and outwardly. The company uses precious ingredients that are well known for their ability to cleanse the body and relax the mind at the same time. Carol Joy Hatton, the founder of Carol Joy London, had spent many years of her life in search of the perfect ingredients that are capable of creating the ideal age-defying products, treatments and beauty solutions.

Currently, Carol Joy London is one of the most leading players in the skincare and haircare industry. Plus, from the brand’s humble beginnings in 2009, it currently has its products in a selection of major luxury spas around the world. At the heart of the company is the ability to deliver transformational beauty results that are instantaneous, along with a client experience that surpasses all other brands. So, if you search for the ultimate skin brightening treatment, Carol Joy London promises you significant results in just 15 minutes.

Little Beau Sheep

Once you get past its name, you will realise Little Beau Sheep promotes the best of British. The company does this by creating a unique range of British-made beauty care and even laundry products. Although Little Beau Sheep is well known for its signature wool laundry dryer balls, it also has a range of beautifully made beauty products like felted wool soaps. The company also has products like laundry fragrances while focusing solely on solutions that offer an eco-friendly and innovative take on your daily cleaning tasks.

The beautifully made dryer wool balls are not only eye-catching with their ‘sheepish’ appearance, but you can also use them for your cupboards, drawers, etc. But because beauty is our prime focus here, the brand’s lanolin balm is more than worth having in your home, especially if you’re used to handling a lot of laundry tasks at home. You can use the lanolin balm to give your hands the relief and rejuvenation they need after intensive laundry work.

Salon 64

Salon 64 exemplifies the rise of the ultimate super salon, a brand that takes beauty and skincare services to a whole new level. Salon 64 makes its entry onto our list as the only brand that offers beauty and skincare salon services so far. And speaking of services, the company has a team of incredible and talented personnel powering incentive hairstyles and other beauty services. Nestled in the heart of Soho, the idea behind this beauty destination came from the social salons where women went for their regular dose of chats over bottles of wine.

The brand’s founder, Ricky Walters, felt the time was right to review the old concept of social salons. Salon 64 has re-engineered the art of social conversations, cosmetology, hairstyle treatment, and other kinds of beauty and skincare services. The company has also attracted many positive reviews from top-notch publications like Forbes, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Style Nest, Evening Standard, Glamour, and so many more.


And last but not least, we will round up our list with one of the most prestigious spa brands you can find – ESPA. This beauty and skincare brand has racked up popularity that goes way beyond the skincare industry but also covers the beauty spa industry as a whole. For this beauty and skincare brand, the most important thing has to do with delivering the right kind of beauty and inner calm needed to treat both the mind and body.

ESPA uses tried and tested methods alongside the company’s innovative spa treatments. But that’s not all; even if you’re not in the mood for a spa treatment, you can still rely on the company’s range of skincare products as well. ESPA was created in 1993 and is currently the preferred partner of many (550, to be precise) of the major and globally acclaimed spas worldwide. The company has also established many award-winning flagship spas, with one of their most prestigious setups located in London.

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