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Why Salaried Professionals are Opting for Second Citizenship?

by Best Agencies
Why Salaried Professionals are Opting for Second Citizenship?

When it comes to the talk about immigration then there is no better place than the Asian countries to take the example out off as they are one of the biggest immigrant’s continent.  Immigrants from India and Pakistan are going to the countries from the Western hemisphere to immigrate there for eternity.  In the recent past, we have seen that not only the people are going to those countries on an investment basis but even the employment immigration has increased over time. But there are some specific reasons which are the seed for this plant. 

Economic Condition

Places like the Caribbean are opening their borders for the immigrants but especially for the people who are willing to invest. They are giving the opportunities to the whole world to immigrate to their country by paying a specific amount of money. For example, in the Caribbean region, you can become a citizen by paying $250,000 (for a single applicant) and $300,000 if you have a family of four. In the Caribbean region, different islands have different rules and different pricing but the output is becoming the citizen of that country and availing the benefits immensely. These options have allowed the salaried professionals to immigrate to those countries and have a blessed and establish life.  Sadly, the condition of the economy is not that good in the Asian countries, that’s why the people are going for citizenship in those countries and make a prosperous future. 

Free Access

By getting citizenship the salaried professionals are making sure that they have no restrictions in traveling. It is very important for the professional working in the office to increase the options of the work and by getting the citizenship in a good country they are increasing their options to get the job and according to the skills and pay rate. For example, if you are a citizen of St. Lucia then by getting their passport you can increase your options to travel around the world without any Visa. You can travel to at least 160 countries with that passport.  it means as the salaried professional not only you will be getting the option of Travel to those countries but at the same time find and do the work in those countries. Even the Schengen countries will be open for you on the passport from the Caribbean region.

Property Ownership

One of the industries which have boomed in the business world can be called real estate.  In the real estate industry, you will find profits irrespective of the country where you are living.  The real estate giving the profits to the individuals has given the option to the professionals also that by getting the citizenship of a specific country they can legally own the property and if wants, can sell it at the high price. Not only this is good for profits but if you travel to both countries from time to time then it can be an economical choice for you to get the property but this is only possible after getting the citizenship of that country. 


There are many other reasons also which are making the professionals immigrate to foreign countries and get the citizenship. Many countries are offering it employment-based whereas some of them are offering it by investment like the Caribbean. This option has allowed the salaried individuals as they can pay a small amount and get citizenship in a short period of time. It has been proven that only 3 to 6 months are taken in St. Lucia or Antigua & Barbuda to get the passport in your hand with all the benefits people can imagine off.

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