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What Kinds of Nurses Get Best Pay?

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What Kinds of Nurses Get Best Pay?

When you are looking for a job, and you have the education of the medical, then you think that what you should do. Many people want to become a nurse. But not every nurse has a good type of payment. There is some nurses who get a good type of payment.

But remember that a good education will give you a good type of job and good type of payment as a nurse. There are many specializations in the field of nurse, which you can do, and you can get a good type of payment.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

There are many types of careers in the field of nurse, but CRNA is the best field. This type of nurse gets the best because they have a good type of education. Their salary is around 150,000 dollars.

This position is very important because this type of nurse needs to make an important decision at important time. She will decide about anesthesia for the patient. She will check when the patient needs this and how much. If she can get the good type of output by doing this thing, then she will have a good type of position. But not everyone can become this because it is very difficult education and difficult decision. Many of the countries need a Doctorate from the nurse to get this job.

And even if you are living in a small country still you need the masters in this field to become this type of nurse. But it is very good job, and the people who have a career in this field will have a good type of payment as a nurse.

Pediatric nurse

This type of nurse takes education and experience by taking care of the children. If you want to become pediatric nurse, then you have to become a good type of person who loves the children. Not many people can teach you this thing, but you can get experience by going towards the clinic, which offers services to children. The salary of this nurse is not as good as the previous one, but still, it is going to pay around $70,000 American.

If you want to learn some skills regarding this, then you can get an education about gerontology. There are many places from where you can get gerontology certification online. It will help you out to learn this skill and also get the certification by being at your home.

Nurse midwife

This is a specialization in the field of nursing regarding services for childbearing mothers. This nurse will give the services to pregnancies mothers and will ensure a smooth output while having birth. This nurse can get the experience by being around the obstetricians. She will need to help out the mothers in good and bad times around pregnancies, and that is why she will get around $100000 as a salary. There are times when we get complications in the birth of the child. Still, she is calm and makes sure to counter. No wonder she is called the midwife for a reason.

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

A very important and good career for the nurse is psychiatric mental nurse. This nurse will get around $110000. The reason is that this nurse wants to help out the patients who are having depression symptoms and also other emotional feelings. The crisis is happening by the day and making people suicidal. This nurse is ideal for countering that by skills and having a personal relationship with the patient. She can be told a life-changing nurse. It is called PMHNPs and getting an education in this field is important and helpful.

Pain Management Nurse

As the name suggests, this nurse will help out the patients to remove the pain. Mostly the pain is associated after the surgery. This nurse will check the reason for pain with the health team and will guide along the patient what needs to be done. Its salary will be around $90,000 per year, and you need the certificate to become this professionally. Clinics and rebab centers are ideal places for this nurse to get experience. If a nurse gets specialization in this field then she will be gaining much respect and salary by the day.

Nurse Educator

Willing to switch from taking care of patient to teaching nurses then, this is the field for you. You will need at least a master’s degree to become the teacher in this field. You will be teaching your fellow nurses the skills and will be getting a handsome salary of $80,000 per annum. There are not many nurses around who have the skills in this field, so it is going to be beneficial for future.

Nurse Practitioner

Having experience as a general nurse, you can become NP. But, the more you learn the skills, the more it will be beneficial for earning money. According to research the more you educate, the more you earn. It can be around $97,000 per annum which is worth it. Master is the minimum education this nurse needs. And after that, you can get the job in hospitals, staffing agencies, and even in clinics.


We can easily say that there are many specializations for the nurses and many good-paying jobs, but you need to have the skills. The more educated you are, the more options you have, and the more pay you will get per annum. You will excel sooner than expected but, only if you know the drill of the field. One thing which many people don’t know that the night time nurse will be earning better than the day time nurse. If you want to earn more then, try to fill up the holidays by working as a nurse. Hospitals are paying better than general clinics, so that is also a considerable point.

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