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How To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

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How to protect from coronavirus

In the United Kingdom and across the world there is a pandemic of coronavirus.  Not only the health but also the economy has destroyed by this problem.  According to the study and Research, the Coronavirus has started from China which has transmitted from the animal to the human being and from there it has been spreading from humans to humans.  This is a viral infection disease and now the whole world is fighting against this.  Millions of people have been affected and millions of people have been cured.  Thousands of people have died.  You can understand that this is a very big problem.  But, there are ways by which you can protect yourself from the coronavirus. 

 Social Distancing

This is one of the biggest points if you want to protect yourself from the coronavirus.  If in the past you are very fond of interacting with the other people then you should leave that all together.  The reason is that you are not familiar that maybe you are infected or the other person you are interacting with may be infected.  This is why if you will keep the distance of at least 6 feet between that people then you will not be infected.  This is the ideal procedure by the World Health Organization who is recommending to keep the social distance and around the world, it has been implemented. 

 Cleaning the Hand

Maybe you have touched the surface which has been infected or have the coronavirus germs that is why you need to clean your hand by the soap and Hand sanitizer market size.  According to the Recommendation of the World Health Organization, you should at least wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.  If you will wash your hand lesser time than that then and it will not clean your hand effectively. 

 Wear the Mask

According to the latest research which has been done on coronavirus not only that virus can be transmitted from the touch but also it can spread through the air.  Sneezing and coughing of human beings can spread the droplets in the air.  If you will inhale those droplets from the coronavirus patient then you will also be infected.  This is why you need to wear the mask which will allow you to prevent those droplets to come in your mouth and nose. 

Don’t Go Out Until It Is Necessary

 Because of the Coronavirus spreading around the world like the Wildfire you should stay at your home as much as possible.  You are not familiar that on the streets and Markets who are infected without any symptoms.  So if you will stay at your home and will not go out until there is a necessity then it will be a very good procedure to protect yourself from the coronavirus and will be implementing the social distancing of a good kind.  The big countries have implemented social distancing and asked the people to stay at your home and that is why they are combating the coronavirus with effective output. 

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