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Top 50 Accountancy Firms UK 2024

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Top 50 Accountancy Firms UK 2021

Managing your financial needs can be difficult and no individual can be expected to bring all the insight and expertise they need while also running their business. As such, finding the right accountancy firms to work with can help you grow, thrive, and reach your financial goals. But who should you look to for help? Here are fifty of the top accountancy firms working in the UK in 2021.

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AccounTax Zone

AccounTax Zone is one of the best accounting services companies in London, they ensure effective communication and understand all the objectives, needs, and strategies of their clients. As a result, they stay on the same page with the client and offer custom solutions. So, you can hire AccounTax Zone for experienced and professional tax accountants in London.

  1. PwC

A purpose-driven accountancy firm that provides a wide range of services, largely to corporate-sized clients, but with options for smaller to medium business owners, as well. As one of the largest accountancy firms in the country, PwC offers help with a wide range of audits, deals strategies, investment advice, business restructuring services and more.

  1. Mazars

An international audit, tax, and advisory firm that has an integrated team working around the world of help in a wide range of industries, including consumer, energy, financial service,s health care, public & social sector, transport, and much more, with tax, audit, advisory, outsourcing, and planning and sustainability services on offer.

  1. Deloitte

This Anglo-American multinational professional services network is not just an accountancy firm, but they do provide auditing, consulting, risk management, task, and general financial assistance to organizations and individuals in the UK, including services that focus on dealing with the climate and sustainability, as well as continuously publishing insights across sectors and a wide range of topics.

  1. Smart Solutions Taxation And Accounting

Smart Solutions Taxation & Accounting Services can help you to take care of your UK tax matters on your behalf. They provide fully cloud-based support, so you never have to schedule an appointment, leave your office, or wait in long queues to get your business tax and accounting done right. Visit their website to learn more!

  1. MJH Accountancy

Chartered Accountants with offices in the UK and Ireland providing services to small to medium sized businesses. MJH Accountancy prides itself on providing a professional yet friendly service to our clients around London. We are Xero certified and cna help with everything from software selection and integrations to bookkeeping, payroll and tax advice. We also specialise in providing advice for clients based between Ireland and the UK.

  1. Pearl Accountants

A team of chartered accountants that is based in London, Pearl is built on helping businesses of all sizes and stages, including startups that are just getting settled, businesses that are looking to grow, and individual professionals, including contractors and landlords. This multilingual team uses the best tools available to provide a large range of both general services, as well as more specialist services, such as contractor bookkeeping, e-commerce accountancy, and even outsourcing part-time finance directors to those that need them.

  1. Athena Accountancy

A team of accountants that are positioned to specifically help small business accounts, Athena offers a wide range of services with the convenience of outsourcing. As such, they help with bookkeeping, payroll services, VAT services, tax advice, and returns, as well as help with more specific needs such as Construction Industry Scheme Services

  1. KMPG International

A globally operating Anglo-Dutch professional services network, previously known as one of the “big four” in the accountancy world. They typically deal with clients on the larger side that need assistance with company-wide audit and assurance, tax and legal, advisory, and private enterprise services of all kinds, working with clients in consumer and retail, financial services, energy and natural resources, and more.

  1. BDO

Also known as Binder Dijker Otte, this is a Belgian-based international network that offers a range of accountancy services in the UK, including public accounting, tax, consulting, and business advisory services. BDO has recently replaced KMPG as one of the “big four” firms in the accountancy world, working to provide a huge range of services to corporate and public clients.

  1. Grant Thornton

A world-wide network of independent accountants, Grant Thornton operates by partnering businesses and individual clients up with the right service provider suited to their needs. As well as standard accountant services, such as tax, risk management, and financial advisory services, they also offer specific and time-sensitive services such as Brexit advice and cyber consulting.

  1. KJM Accountancy

A team of accountants specifically designed to help contractors, small businesses, and freelancers in Scotland, they work on a package module, offering different levels of services in differently priced packages. Their services include the use of proprietary accounting software, access to a specialist accountant, receipt and expense processing, financial reporting, cashflows & budget reports, and more that are all designed to help businesses grow to the next level.

  1. HW Fisher

Another accountancy firm that is better built for smaller clients, HW Fisher works with both small businesses and individuals, as well as large corporates and high net-worth individuals. They provide a range of expert accountancy, audit, tax, corporate and financial advisory services. HW Fisher also regularly publishes insights designed to help businesses navigate all manner of challenges, and have a team of sector specialists to help meet the specific needs of clients.

  1. Fusion Accountants

A team of chartered accountants based in London, Fusion has services that help small businesses, individual clients, and limited companies with a range of wide-reaching accounting and tax services. This includes the planning and appropriate use of different accounts, legal advice on finances and taxes, as well as access to a range of top-quality accounting software.

  1. Thomas Wescott

A modern UK accounting firm that focuses on leveraging technology to make its services as reliable and convenient as possible. Thomas Wescott offers a range of services to both individuals and businesses, including Cloud Accounting, tax digitizing services, and the latest updates that can help businesses keep current with the best methods of using the power of modern technology in their accounting.

  1. Avalon Accounting

A team of accountancy in the Hampshire and Surrey area who have been providing an extensive range of accountancy and taxation services to both businesses and not-for-profit clients for over seventy years. Avalon works with a range of clients, from individuals to limited companies, offering services including payroll and VAT return services using software like Sage, Xero, and Quick Books.

  1. Gerald Edelman

An accountancy firm that goes “beyond accountancy” with a range of financial planning and strategic services that are dedicated to helping with growing and future-proofing business clients of all sizes. This team specializes in providing advisors that build close consulting relationships with their clients, providing specific advice based on the needs of the client, as well as a range of more general accounting services to go with this bespoke approach.

  1. The Accountancy Firm

A Wolverhampton-based network of accounting & tax advisors that offer large-scale financial services for smaller businesses. This includes individual personal tax returns, personal wealth planning, tax services, and financial advice to help facilitate the growth of small businesses. A relatively small but quickly growing provider of tax services, they help businesses in all stages, including start-ups, growth, and existing phases.

  1. Gibson Booth

A Huddersfield-based accountancy firm that offers services both to local individuals and businesses, as well as to a more widely-based range of national clients. This progressive firm of Chartered Accountants offers a wide range of services, including audit, taxation, and accountancy services to suit all manner of both individuals and businesses at different lifestyles. They also offer specific accounting services based on more specialized industries.

  1. Doshi & Co

A team of accountants that offers a range of services, including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, property accounts, tax (including self-assessment), and tax investigation services to a wide range of clients. At the most basic level, they work to ensure that clients are best prepared for tax season as possible, such as automatic reminders of when tax accounts are due, appointments to collect and organize the information necessary, and preparing accounts for submission.

  1. RSM

An international network of professional accountants, RSM offers a wide range of services, such as audits, legal services, restructuring, specialist services dedicated to specific industries, transaction advisory services, business consulting, and outsourced business services. They also help businesses adapt to changes with the best possible modern advice, such as with recent services dedicated to helping businesses adapt to Brexit, the coronavirus, and Budget 2021.

  1. Smith & Williamson

A financial and professional services firm that has been working in the UK for over a century, they help with all manner of services related to the financial affairs and business interests of their private clients. This includes both personal and business services in accountancy, taxes, financial advisory services, and investments.

  1. Azets

An international network that provides accounting, tax, audit, and advisory services to both individuals and businesses in both the UK and the Nordics. Azets works by being able to operate both locally and online, to whichever standards best suit the needs of the clients. Some of their more specialist services include payroll, corporate finance, and banking services that are designed to support businesses at all stages of growth as best as possible.

  1. PKF UK

A UK and Ireland provider of a wide range of accounting and tax services, they are oart of a larger multi-national network that covers 100s of accountant services across the world. As such, they are partnered with firms that can offer advisory services, audit and assurance, business solutions, corporate finance, taxation, and wealth services, with a specialization in hotel consulting, too.

  1. MHA

As a member of the larger Bakertilly International Tax Network, this is a smaller network of dynamic firms across the UK, that has over 50 Uk offices. MHA offers financial and advisory services of all kinds to clients in agriculture, hospitality, professional practices, construction, real estate, manufacturing, engineering, energy, motor retail, health, and not-for-profit sectors.

  1. Albert Goodman

A team of accountants based in the South West of England, Alber t Goodman offers a wide range of professional accountancy services both locally and now digitally. They offer general bookkeeping, tax, and detailed financial planning services, as well as some specialisms in academies and education, agriculture, care, charities, construction, later life financial, golf accountancy, health care, and small business accountants.

  1. Kreston Reeves

A UK accountancy firm that has been dedicated to helping with private clients and wealthy individuals, they also offer a range of business tax services. Kreston Reeves orders its services based on the needs of clients, whether they want to attract investors, accelerate business growth, buy businesses, expand internationally, or otherwise. They are also currently helping clients address their needs in response to both the coronavirus and Brexit.

  1. Price Bailey

An award-winning accountancy firm in London that has been named the National Firm of the Year at the British Accountancy awards. This team is dedicated to helping businesses solve a wide range of challenges, including not just basic financial and tax services, but also fundraising, VTA management, and overseas expansion efforts in a wide range of sectors, including digital media, farming, vets, parks and leisure, and more.

  1. UK Business Consulting

An international accounting company that helps both Greek and British clients from their headquarters in London, they offer both a range of general accountancy and tax services, as well as both company formation and ban k account opening services. Their services are specifically designed to help those setting up in the UK from scratch and assisting them from that point on as keen financial advisors.

  1. Lovetts

Opened in 1922, Lovetts is a team of chartered accountants based in Hatfield that offers a range of services for both businesses and individuals. Their customers can also benefit from a range of resources, such as tax strategies, tax calculators, and online interactive tools designed to make it easier for them to manage their finances.

  1. Moore

Moore is a large-scale UK accountancy firm that has offices in the East MIdlands, London, the North East, and Northern Ireland. They offer an extensive range of services, such as accounting, audit and assurance, consulting and advisory services, as well as all manner of tax organization and planning services. The Moore network also includes the Moore Family OFfices for internationally-based families, and finance and ERP systems consulting.

  1. Naail & Co

A team of accessible accountants and tax advisors that offer several services for both individuals and businesses. This includes tax advise, accountancy for business development and growth, and access to a dedicate accounts manager that can help learn and speak to the specific needs of the client. This London based accounting firm can help businesses of all sizes and stages, with a reputation for top quality advice as well as excellent service to their clients.

  1. DNS Associates

An award-winning accountancy firm that has won several awards from the British Accountancy Awards, this London-based firm has been working since 2005, offering accounting, advisory, and business support schemes, specializing in helping clients such as start-ups, construction industry clients, agencies, contractors, freelancers, sole traders, and landlords. They also have a range of online tools and resources to help their clients better understand and manage their finances to the best of their ability.

  1. McKeague Morgan

A Belfast-based firm of Chartered Accountants that works to ensure close relationships with their clients not just through their accountancy, tax, audit, business advisory, and recovery services, but the dedicated and specialist nature of their expert advice. Their team works to understand and best meet the needs of clients individually, not based on any pre-baked solutions.

  1. Vyrgyl

Founded by previous members of large accountancy and business consultancy firms such as Deloitte, Smith & Williamson, and Grant Thornton, Vyrgyl is a relatively new accountancy firm that offers a range of fully digitized services to a web-native client base. As such, they have adapted many of the traditional accounting services to businesses that primarily do all of their working, bookkeeping, and organization online.

  1. MGL UK and Ireland

Part of the wider MGL Worldwide network of accountants, this is an extensive collection of independent auditing, tax, and accounting firms with over 460 locations. As such, this extensive network allows MGL to tap into the expertise of accountants that bring the industry-specific advice and services that their clients need, including working in global mergers, forensic accountancy, and more.

  1. Shorts

A team of UK-based accountants who offer a range of both individual and business services, such as accountancy services, business taxes, corporate finance, and private client help. They also specialize in wealth management for business owners and high net-worth clients, having worked to help their clients excel their needs for over 130 needs. The team also specializes in a range of industries thanks to a team of over 120 highly trained experts.

  1. Makesworth Accountants

An award-winning accountancy that is comprised of a range of chartered accountant, tax specialists, and business advisors. This team helps their clients stay up to date with not just the latest needs, but also the latest technology, with services dedicated to helping business, make their tax digital, as well as general services such as account preparation, payroll, tax planning, VAT, and general outsourced accounting services.

  1.  Target Accounting

Part of the wider DNS network of accountancy firms, Target was established in 2002, that offers extensive experience and specialized expertise to clients in a wide range of accountancy and finance services, including tax returns, corporate tax, PAYE services, year-end accounting, as well as general cash flow management, bookkeeping services and more specific services, such as business startup and sole trader accounts.

  1. Braant

An award-winning accounting firm that is dedicated to helping business outsource all of their accounting needs to that business owners can better focus on running their business. Able to boat a 97% client retention rate, this team has offices across the UK that offer services bookkeeping, annual accounts, payroll, tax (including self-assessment), VAT services and more.

  1. 1st Class Accounts

A team of chartered certified accountants that is one of the fastest-growing firms in the UK, 1st Class Accountants provides a variety of services to clients, including financial planning, taxation services, and more general bookkeeping outsourcing, helping small to large business owners take the effort of straightening the books off of their mind, allowing them to manage other priorities instead.

  1. Rowe

A team of world-leading accountants that are available across the nation to offer businesses of all sizes across all industries a selection of audit, tax, advisory and risk management services. Crowe helps businesses understand and navigate their finances, including helping international businesses get to better know the local laws and customs to help them launch or expand their business in the UK. They also help businesses keep up to date, such as with recent services and resources to help businesses navigate the Budget 2021.

  1. Smith Cooper

One of the leading multi-award-winning accountancy companies in the UK, this is a multidisciplinary team that offers, amongst other services, accounts and audit, tax services, business recovery, insolvency, and outsourced services. They can also help business owners further their interests with services designed to help them buy, sell, or grow any business on demand.

  1. PEM

An accountancy firm based in Cambridge, this is an independent but well-regarded firm of accountants, as well as tax advisors and business advisors, that specializes in industries such as agriculture, not-for-profit, education, health care, property, construction, and technology. They help business owners, professional firms and private clients alike stay on top of their business needs as best as possible.

  1. Evens & Co. Ltd.

A team of chartered accountants as well as registered auditors that are based in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, but offer their services nationally to businesses of all sizes. They can provide accounts, audit, taxation and business advisory and support services, with a proactive approach to business that ensures they are always looking for the best solution and fostering long-term relationships with clients.

  1. Webb & Company

A team of accountants that are designed to help individuals and businesses better understand and prepare their taxes. They specialize in helping their clients minimise their taxes while outsourcing all of their paperwork so they can better focus on their other priorities. They’re one of the top firms in Somerset and the South West and offer a free, no-obligation consultation.

  1. Taj Accountants

A team of small business accountants based in London, Tja accountants are there to help new businesses grow with a range of bookkeeping, accounts, payroll, tax, and business planning and advice services. They offer their services to individuals, limited companies, sole trades and partnerships, suiting their advice to the needs of the individual client.

  1. Saffery Champness

A firm of chartrted accountants and registered fiduciaries who have been in business for over 160 years, now, offering specialized services to over a dozen different sectors including non-profits, corporate, entrepreneurs, and international business. They also help their clients navigate matters of national importance, including Brexit and coronovirus.

  1. UHY Hacker Young

A network of independent specialist chartered accountants spanning 19 offices in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with services designed to help clients prosper, including audit and assurance, Cloud accounting, corporate tax, finance, VAT, and more.

  1. Borner Bullock

A team of London-based chartered accountants that has been working with a huge range of clients since 1883, providing services for individuals, business, and charities, as well as services to those with international based-businesses. They also offer their clients an extensive range of resources on the website to help them navigate all the latest changes in the financial world.

  1. Goringe Accountants

An award-winning accountancy firm that offers bespoke services dedicated to the growth of their clients, including accounting, auditing, tax and business planning, as well specializations such as IT solutions, and professionals services to clients of all sizes, including individuals and services.

  1. Ernst & Young

Also known as EY, this is another international business services provider, based in London, that also offers a range of accountancy services. Their services include consulting, assurance, tax, strategy, and transactions. As such, they focus less on the traditional accounting services provided by some of the other companies, but rather more suited to large-scale planning for large businesses, bringing strategic relationships with a range of industry and technology leaders.

  1. Menzies

Designed more to help small to mediums businesses, Menzies is an accountancy firm with both a range of traditional accounting and financial services, as well as advisory services designed to help businesses grow by adding value. Otherwise, they offer tax and audit services, including a focus on business recovery services.

Hopefully, the list of the top 50 accountancy firms in the UK for 2021 helps you find the specific services you need to take care of your financial needs, enabling you to focus on your own business and work.

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