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What is Cough & Cold?

If any one of you doesn`t know what cough and cold means then, in simplest of terms coughing happens when there is an irritation in the nerves of yours which blocks the airways. Chronic cough is something which lasts for long and can be life threatening. Whereas the cause of cold is an infection which can affect your nose. These are one of the most common illness in the world and it is getting more troubling by the day.

Symptoms of Cough & Cold

Following are the symptoms of Cough & Cold:

Many people suffer from Low fever with body pain, running or blocked nose, Sneezing, Sore Throat, and Congestion in the body, Headache, Loss of appetite, Laziness or Lethargy, Insomnia and so on. All In all these symptoms are common in every one and if you get affected by them then wasting much time before curing that is wrong and could lead to chronic cough

Causes of Cough & Cold

The most common causes of an acute cough & Cold include:

Cigarette smoking is the most widely recognized reason for a consistent, constant hack.

Asthma is a malady of the aviation routes, bringing about trouble breathing or wheezing regularly portrayed by unusual breathing tests. Some asthma sufferers have unending hack as their lone indication. They may even have ordinary lung capacities tests. This is regularly alluded to as hack variation asthma. Asthma manifestations can be bothered by frosty air, presentation to air contaminations, dust, smoke, or aromas.

The common cold, acute sinusitis, Pertussis (whooping cough), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations, Allergic rhinitis

Risk factors of Cough & Cold

Risks are always associated with diseases and if you have or had cold then you will also be prone to these factors with Viral infection, lung infection, Allergic rhinitis, Asthma, Croup, Bronchiolitis and other similar risks to be associated with

Complications of Cough & Cold

These are some of the complications people faced and you could also face the same if you are having cold with Sinus Infection, Acute ear infection, Asthma attacks, Pneumonia, Diagnosis of Cough & Cold being the most prominent

Cough and Cold are common illness that you can usually diagnose yourself and can be treated at home. You can consult your doctor on the basis of your condition.

Treatment of Cough & Cold

Homeopathic Treatment of Cough & Cold

Homeopathy is a treatment which is used for lots of diseases and it can also help you in this regard. This treatment offers a very established cure for your cough and it will also make your body, less prone to this disease again in life. The remedies for cough and cold consists of


Arsenic album


Nux vomica




Acupuncture & Acupressure Treatment of Cough & Cold

Acupuncture has been known to Chinese people from ages and they have used this treatment for curing every type of disease you can imagine off. By acupressure is a common treatment in cough and cold and is used to locate the primary place, from where the air to the body goes. By using your fingers, you can apply the pressure on that point to make it for couple of minutes to make the air pathway less clotted.

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Treatment of Cough and Cold

Maybe many of you hasn`t heard about this treatment for cough but it has been known to the professionals for being viable to cure cough and cold. It is really important to use psychotherapy on a patient if he is getting continuous attacks due to cough and his body is becoming more fragile. To counter that this treatment is used to make his body immune to this illness and to eliminate the cause of that disease from scratch

Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Cough & Cold

Allopathic treatment of cough and cold is possible for every individual. It is something which can be got from any medicine shop. Just, you need to know the formula which is the prime medicine for curing cough. Even if your cough is chrnic, this formula will work for you. Chlorpheniramine maleate, Ammonium Chloride and Sodium Citrate is the prime formula which is golden for you if you really want to cure the cough and make your body tough. 

Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Cough & Cold

One of the best cures for treating the cough and cold from its base is to eat the food or avoid the food which is making you prone to this illness. There are mighty kind of things which you intake which makes you fragile and you get the cold without you imagining it. Check the underneath things to know what diet you need to abide to.

You need to avoid the tea, coffee, condiments, and pickles, refined and processed

Foods as they are one of the prime sources of cold generator in your body.
Avoid soft drinks, candies, ice-cream, and all products made from sugar and while flour.

In breakfast you can take fresh fruit, a glass of milk, sweetened with honey and some seeds or nuts. In lunch you should take prepared steamed or lightly cooked vegetables, whole wheat tortilla and a glass of buttermilk. They are a pioneer for your diet and can work for you amazingly

Other Treatment of Cough & Cold

Many of us who have been indicted with this disease has been lacking some exercises and for that matter, the professionals highly recommend a good plan of exercise and which goes for long duration. It will make your body less affected to any disease and will give you the power to fight back against any disease including cough and cold.

Home remedies for curing the Cough and Cold

Unending cough in grown-ups can infrequently be treated with home cures. Counsel your specialist for the home cures that may be best for you, and converse with your specialist before taking any home grown supplements or common solutions for unending hack as some may cooperate with prescriptions you take.

You need to Remain hydrated. Liquids can help thin emissions. Rinse with warm saltwater to help purge the throat and free it of bodily fluid. Lift your head with additional cushions during the evening to facilitate an endless dry hack. Breathe in steam in a shower, or utilize a humidifier to alleviate dry hack.

Hack drops may calm a disturbed throat. Try not to smoke or use tobacco items.

Stay away from breathed in aggravations, for example, smoke, tidy, or different poisons. Nectar regularly can be a viable treatment for a tenacious hack. Add nectar to hot tea, or even grape juice. Ginger, arranged as a tea, is frequently used to help diminish side effects of perpetual hack and clear the nasal entries.

Different herbs, for example, eucalyptus or mint are frequently used to calm hack manifestations.

Precautions & Prevention of Cough & Cold

Remember that the best “treatment” for a cold is Precautions & Prevention.

These preventions will not only help you to be tough against diseases but, they are so easy to abide to.

Wash hands regularly, Drink a lot of water and, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they will give you energy. Avoid direct or indirect contact with people who have colds or fevers or it will also infect you by touching them. Take multivitamin, which are available at health food stores

Avoid actions such as biting nails and rubbing eyes as they are harmful and seem a bad habits in social circle

Avoid sharing drinks or eating utensils or there might be a sharing of diseases along with it .Try not to smoke, as smoking is the most well-known reason for ceaseless hack.

Converse with your doctor about dealing with your asthma, postnasal dribble, or GERD to maintain a strategic distance from interminable hack side effects.

Avoid others known to be debilitated with bronchitis or pneumonia.

Eat natural product. Research recommends that weight control plans high in organic product fiber and flavonoids may avoid constant beneficial hack.

Ensure you and your youngster gets the whooping hack (pertussis) immunization.

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