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Can I get an Umrah visa without agent?

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Can I get an Umrah visa without agent?

Commonly, a person performs Umrah by confirming his seat with an Umrah travel agency. We are here with the question “can I get an Umrah visa without an agent.

What is Umrah?

In Islam, a Muslim’s visit to Kaaba is called Umrah. Muslims believe the Kaaba is the sacred house of God, situated in Makkah, a city in Saudi Arabia. Umrah is a holy deed in Islam. Millions of Muslims visit Makkah to offer Umrah across the globe. A Muslim spends his life to get heaven by the happiness of God. Muslims perform Umrah to clean all sins of past life. You should visit any Umrah travel agency for confirming your seat if you are willing to perform Umrah.

Purpose of Umrah

The main purpose of the life of a Muslim is to get happiness of God, Allah. The main purpose of Umrah are here,

•           To clean all sins of life

•           To become a guest of life

•           To strengthen faith

•           To get social benefit

•           For the union of Muslim community

How long Umrah does last?

Every Umrah package is designed by guarding the hospitality, comfort, and relaxation of visitors. Umrah package maximum last 30 days and minimum of 7 days.

Are women alone performing Umrah?

From Islamic point of view, women cannot perform Umrah alone. But the government of Saudi Arabia now allows women to perform Umrah alone. So, now women are allowed to perform Umrah alone. Now government of Saudi Arabia announce to allow all children of all ages to perform Umrah. But children above five years need registration through Eater mana app.

Role of Umrah travel agent

Your Umrah travel agent confirms your seat for Umrah. He is responsible for your complete stay during Umrah. He books your stay in Hotel in Makkah during your stay in Makkah to offer Umrah. He provides you with complete guidelines about traveling to Makkah and about your stay in Makkah. These guidelines are very helpful during your stay in Makah. He arrange your trip to Madinah to visit holy places.

Can I get an Umrah visa without an agent?

An Umrah agent is not essential for getting an Umrah visa. You can get an Umrah visa without an agent. You should pay visa to the embassy for getting a visa. As you receive a visa, you can travel to Saudi Arabia and offer Umrah. But in this way, Umrah is so expensive than Umrah performed by a private umrah travel agency with a group. If you perform Umrah with a group all expenses are divided among all group members. But if you travel alone you will pay all expenses of travel, room and other expenses during your stay alone. So, Umrah will be expensive for you without an Umrah travel agent.

Best Umrah travel agency

You can travel by any Umrah travel agency. One of the best Umrah travel agency in UK isQibla Travels. Qibla travels is providing the best services from many years.You should confirm your seat by contacting qibla travels if you are willing to perform Umrah. Qibla travels are also providing online services, so you can apply online by visiting Qibla travels online website.


You can get an umrah visa without an agent but it is too expensive for you. So, it is better to travel through an Umrah travel agency.

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