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10 Best Beauty Salons in Southampton

by Best Agencies
10 Best Beauty Salons in Southampton

When you look good, you feel great. For this reason, it’s simply a nice activity to partake in beauty treatments from time to time. It’s a really powerful benefit to see yourself at your best, and to have a beauty salon you can visit and trust to help that happen.

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But of course, not all beauty salons are built the same. Some may cater to certain services, while others may not. It can be hard to understand exactly where you need to go to satisfy your particular needs, and that can feel overwhelming when scouring through Google listings.

For that reason, we have decided to list ten of the absolute best beauty salons in Southhampton. We’re sure they’ll help you make the most of this treatment going forward. Without further ado, let’s begin:

  1. Ambience Beauty Salon

Ambience Beauty Salon is concerned with more than just providing beauty treatments, but in nourishing your body and spirit. For that reason, the salon is crafted as more of a relaxing getaway than a strict, clinical salon environment. They offer a range of services to enhance your beauty, such as hair removal and tanning, sure, but also offer a range of amazing products such as massage oils and other nourishing items. Ambience seem to understand that when you look good, you feel good, but also when you feel good, you look good too.

  1. Rush Hair & Beauty

Rush Hair and Beauty is a salon with over 25 years of experience and are known for their excellent cut and style, colour and treatment or texture services. They also have a degree of experience in providing advanced hair care techniques. They are a true unisex salon, and encourage a welcoming environment for anyone no matter their age or gender. They are also located on Above Bar Street, and so offer easy transport access.

  1. The Ocean Rooms

If luxury is your thing, then the ocean rooms are certainly for you. With a beautiful glass/mirror interior with central seating and cushions, to themed ochre and silver colors within, the salon is certainly a visual feast.

The Ocean Rooms have a slogan that denotes their interest in ‘bringing tranquility, together with beauty.’ This shows that the family-run business cares for the whole experience when you attend, not only content to provide you with excellent treatments.

  1. Selly’s Hair & Beauty

Selly’s Hair & Beauty is known for its spacious interior and comfortable affability. They offer free consultations with regular refreshments and free WiFi during your visit. Their services are attractively priced and run the full gamut of popular beauty treatments you would expect to see, like hair removal, hair treatment, eyebrow threading and more. They also provide relaxation therapy massages and these seem to be very popular according to Google reviews, particularly the hot stone therapy options.

  1. Beauty Enhanced

Beauty enhanced clearly cares for not only how you’ll leave the salon, but what you experience while there. They’re great at providing a pampering experience, including facials, make-up and massages all the way up to full waxing. They offer 10% discounts to students or OAPs and make sure to run regular promotions from their social media pages.

They also claim to offer a holistic approach, meaning that they care for the full gamut of techniques and qualified strategies necessary to help you feel totally nourished, as that’s an often underutilized beauty benefit.

  1. Ukiyo Hair & Beauty

UKIYO is known for its excellent high-street beauty treatments without the associated unreasonable price tag some might expect. They take their name from the term meaning ‘detached from the bothers of life, living in the moment,’ and it seems they take that principle to heart when scheduling their appointment.

Sabrina, the owner, has worked in various salons before and took her time to arrange Ukiyo using the best techniques and customer service abilities she had learned in the industry. They’re known for their IPL, hair, waxing, threatening, makeu, lashes and microblading services, but can offer almost any beauty service with an appointment.

  1. Chique Hair & Beauty

Chique hair and beauty are known for being one of the leading hair and beauty salons in Southampton. The staff have a combined experience of over thirty years, and are specialists in their nail salon treatments. They also offer a range of excellent packages including Easi Meche highlights, complete colour changes, and Brazilian Keratin treatments.

  1. Ruma Salon

Ruma salon is known for its expert teams of hairdressers able to grant almost anyone classic hairstyle options or those from the latest catwalk shows. They know hair, but they also know beauty, and can provide a range of advanced treatments like Laser hair removal and Medispa non-surgical cosmetic treatments. These include dermal fillers, signature facials, and wrinkle relaxing treatments. As such, they’re a one-stop-shop for not only looking your best but feeling your best too, with care and attention directed towards every client.

  1. Justice For Hair

Justice for hair pride themselves on their overwhelming amount of return clients, which shows they’re certainly treating the local community right. They have an extensive portfolio of completed treatments and finished hair stylings for perusal on their website, and according to reviews really pride themselves on their customer outreach. For that reason, they’re known for being something of a fixture in the local community, which certainly seems like a great way to inspire. They also conduct stringent skin tests to make sure you won’t be allergic to any products used for advanced hair treatment.

  1. The White Rooms

The White Rooms are proud to provide th full range of hair and beauty services, keeping to appropriate and traditional techniques, and making sure they are completed well and with care. For this reason, they have become one of the most trusted Salons in Southhampton. They are also proud stockists of Aveda and Loreal products, meaning that they are known for their competent suite of methods aimed at helping your hair retain its most natural look.

With these salons, we’re sure you’ll find the best beauty salon in Southampton for your needs.

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