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Educational Institutions Security Services

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Educational Institutions Security Services

The Experience of 10 years has told us that giving security to educational institutions has increased in California by the day.  We have a fully functional and informed team of security guards who can fulfill your desire in this regard. Educational institutions’ security guards are fully equipped with the arm and gadgets like Radios Kenwood digitales and the information that is important for the security of the educational places.  In California, we have already given services to many clients in the field of educational institutions.  They are satisfied with our services because we are equipped with the tools, and we are following the law of the state.  The California State Law has given us the privilege to know the tools we can use and the arms we can have during the security procedure. 

 Important Services

  • We will make the entry and exit
  • The cameras will be installed around the institution
  • Security guards with the arms equipped
  • Body checking of every student
  • No entry of any suspicious activity or person
  • Only the authorized students and professionals will be allowed inside
  • Only during the educational time, every student will come inside

Specialized Unit

To give security to the educational institutions, we have made one team that is the particular unit only for educational places.  This unit is not on the educated in terms of security, but they are also going to use the arms and tools limited to educational places.  You don’t need to scare the students by the big arms and security pressure in the academic environment.  Our team is informed about the security they should have and the measures they should take.

Video Feed for Extra Security

The camera installation will give the live feed to the officials, and they can check and balance every suspicious activity and person. The security of the educational institutions in California is a crucial matter considered at every institution’s position. 

Access to only Authorized Personnel

Educational institutions are where many of the students come daily on the timing which the official allocates.  During and after that time, if an unauthorized person tries to go into the premises of the educational institutions, then our security will not allow that. With the Experience, we will manage every suspicious activity without any damages to life and money. 

Experienced to Manage the Emergency

Suppose there is an emergency in the educational institutions out of the blue, and the robbers or terrorists are coming inside the educational institutions. In that case, our experienced team will manage that.  We will make sure that there is no terrorist inside the premises or the classes of the institution.  We will be in touch with the government’s law enforcement agencies if there is an additional need for security.  During the emergency, our priorities will be the students, and we will make sure to protect them at every cost. 

Fighting with Hand Skills

Our security guards at educational places are knowledgeable and experienced to know that firearms should be the last resort. That is why they are skillful enough to fight with the other person not to harm the institute or the students. 

Presentable as Security Guard

The kit of the guard will showcase every person that they are hardcore security guard with the body muscle and clothing

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