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What is Individual Resilience?

Individual resilience in the simplest of terms could be understood by realizing that many people are suffering from stress or are not able to counter the problems or not able to solve the queries as they should, these all factors are part of individual resilience, and lack of it can arise this situation.

If you are a resilient individual, you will be able to cope with traumatic situations by adapting to situations and then taking the appropriate actions in those times. Sometimes the wrong time or any disaster could affect the person, and if you are not resilient enough, you could face sadness, grief, and all other similar types of emotions which could be disastrous in the long term. At the same time, the resilient person will work out with the emotions and problems and take him out of that mode with less pain and by rebuilding the lives with full effect.

What is Wellbeing?

WHO (World Health Organization) defines well-being as an individual with the ability to cope up with every problem and with the ability to counter every issue with the best productivity. Wellbeing allows you to have strong self-esteem and the ability to feel good about yourself. This individual doesn’t look back when he encounters a problem but faces every situation with complete confidence with the mentality of a person who is familiar with every situation.

When do you Need it?

Primarily the need for individual resilience and wellbeing arises when you face some new event in life, either happy or sad or troubling, or some transition you were not ready for upfront.

  1. A new school transfer or something similar could become the transitional event where you need resilience and well-being.
  2. A tragic event in life, like a breakup or death, could become the event when a robust individual resilience is needed not to despair of life at that time.
  3. Worried about any sickness you or anyone close to you relates to and with no hope of strength or healing.

How to Become a Resilient Individual?

This troubled world is not free from issues, and to counter them, the best approach is to be conscious about everything and think about solutions to the queries all the time.

Every factor of life, from age to social interaction to family relations to the environment you live in the economic situation you are in, contributes to the persons` resilience. Even an educated person will be far more resilient than an uneducated individual.


A person with close family relations and friends will help the individual cope with every problem and live the best of life. Families support each other, and this is one of the best tools for acquiring resilience and have wellbeing.


Having a good feeling about yourself and feeling optimistic about life will give you the leverage of achieving resilience in life. Positive emotions like joy, being kind, and compassion towards others allow a person to be conscious enough to understand the problems and get the best outcome out of them.


Asking people the help in tasks will not make you embarrassed, but it will give you the options to resolve the problems in life with every creative solution in the market. It would help if you asked experienced people about your issues, and they will rightly help you with the best approach.


People who can cope with every strong emotion will easily be able to counter the problems without being easily angry or aggravated about it. These types of individuals will feel happy or sad but will find the solutions to the issues without the heat of the situation ruining them.


After every traumatic situation, a person feels down in life. In those times, the individual should engage in activities that will not make him understand the problem and regain full consciousness and healing.

What do you get if you are a Resilient Individual with Wellbeing?

If you are a resilient individual, then the best thing that will happen to you is that,

  1. You will not feel sorry tensed about any situation.
  2. You will feel confident in every problem and will try to counter that issue with the best approach with less time consumed.
  3. Will stop blaming yourself in every case.
  4. Strong self-esteem with a good self-image.
  5. Have good thoughts about future.
  6. Confident about future problems and being positive enough to think about problems as new opportunities in life.
  7. Mentally and physically fresh and resilient.
  8. More active in social life with good relations with family and friends.
  9. Effective time management with good communication skills.

How to Strengthen Resilience and Wellbeing?

  1. To be a strong individual and strengthen your wellbeing time often, you need to be in touch with the people who are close to you.
  2. Have a strong interpersonal relationship with communication with experienced individuals.
  3. Have good sleep.
  4. Eat healthy food with a practical exercise schedule.
  5. Be in a positive environment all the time. Find events or activities which make you happy or active, like watching games, movies, going on trips, or any other activity of your interest.
  6. Be in connection with any welfare organization; you will feel modest about life and feel happy by helping others.

From the above, we understood that being a solid or resilient individual is vital for life. Your well-being is something which doesn`t only help you in life for competing with the world but also it is what defines you in every part of life. A resilient person is not only helpful for himself and the world he lives in but also by empowering society and giving the people the best output.

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