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10 Best Places to Visit in the UK

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Places to Visit in UK

As a traveler, you will be loving to visit the UK.  In the UK there are many places which you will visit and enjoy your time and also have the memorable time your full life. The places in the UK are different which you can visit.  There are many places which you need to visit alone and some other places will be good if you are visiting with your family. In the UK there are many countries including England, Scotland and also Ireland.  In the UK you will find very big cities which you want to visit but it will take time to visit the whole city.  For example, you will be loving to visit London which is the best city in England but because it is very big you need to have the time to visit the good places in that. 


As I have told you that London is one of the best cities in England and in the city, you can visit the Tower of London and also the Tower Bridge.  In this city, you will be able to find the London Eye Which is the big wheels and popular attraction. If you are visiting London city the first time then visit the River Thames And everything will be available around that.  Including big ben, Parliament Building and many more. In the UK, England is the biggest country and of course, London is one of the biggest city in the UK so you should start your visit from this city to make it memorable for your life. 


Stonehenge is the monument in Wiltshire in England, this is one of the best places to visit if you are visiting the UK. This place is a prehistoric place that has a different style of stones from many years.  There is a big history of this place which you can understand when you will visit this place as a tourist.  There are some rules you need to follow when you are visiting this place including, that you can’t touch the stones. Not much should be told about this place but in fact, should only visit. But one thing can be told in this regard that when you will see the size of the stones you must be thinking that how at that time they were able to transport the stones. It is a must-visit place to enjoy history which has many answers and also many new questions. 

Bath, Somerset, England

In this place then you will find that this city is offering a bath from Roman times.  There are many temples here which has the bath which can be from the 6th to 7th century. As a tourist, you can visit this place and also enjoy your time in the bath but remember because the quality of the water is different you need to know which bath you should go for.  You can go alone and also with your family without any trouble and there is no rule you need to follow. Some people also take the water from the bath by paying a small amount.  They think that this is very good water for healing the diseases in the body. You can also do the same thing if you have the money in the pocket and think that you should get the water but as I have told you that the quality of the water will not be like you drink every day.  There are no charges to visit the place and you can enjoy the time but only in the morning. 


This is the capital city of Scotland and doesn’t think that it is not better than London city.  Even in this city, you will enjoy your time and there are many places you can visit including the castle and Museums.  You can enjoy the art festivals which happen much often. One of the famous places in the city would be called the Royal Mile.  Here you can walk along with other people and enjoy your time and at the same time also see the buildings around the street which can be Castles and also palaces. This is one of the famous attraction in Scotland where people are taking lots of photos as the environment is very good for that.  The buildings are very beautiful and they give you the feeling of living in the past.  Because Edinburg is the capital of Scotland many tourists come to this place just to visit the royal mile. 


Who is not familiar with the University of Oxford which is one of the best in the world? That University is situated in the city but this city is not only having that. Many museums are available in this city and also the university is offering the library to visit for the tourist.  Because the university is made in the way which gives the glimpse from medieval times, you will be able to enjoy the looks of the university and also will be able to meet the local people.  Students from across the globe come to this city which can allow you to meet the people from every religion , country and also cast. 

Jurassic coast

It is the World Heritage Site on the English Channel Southern Coast Of England. If you are willing to visit this place directly from London then the distance between both the places would be around 150 miles. The reason this place is called Jurassic coast because this place has shown proof of being from that period.  Also, there are many rocks from Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods here.  Many museums and islands are available in this place and the people can enjoy them and make it memorable in their life.  If you or your family love history and they want to learn some out of it then you can visit this place.  You should be going in the morning because in the evening there are not many things you can enjoy in this place and also is not safe to visit. 


Manchester is one of the most popular cities in England especially for the people who are in love with the sports of football.  There is a famous football stadium in the city named Old Trafford In which many movie scenes have been shot and also on the usual basis you see very amazing matches.  As a tourist and also a lover of sports you can visit this place along with Manchester museums of different kinds.  The city is equipped with different museums with different artifacts. As a tourist, you can get many memories from this place. If you have children in your family then the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre can give them an amazing experience as this is the theme park of very big size.


When you are visiting the continent of the United Kingdom then, of course, you will find many cities which are small and also very big. Some of the towns in the UK are very much popular and very much attractive for the tourists from across the globe including the town of Windsor. If you are visiting London then you need to take a small ride on the train towards Windsor. There are many half-timbered buildings in this town but one of the major things as a tourist you can visit is Windsor Castle. This is one of the most popular and famous castles in the United Kingdom so it is a must-visit place for the tourist. This is one of the largest castles in the United Kingdom which is inhabited. It has been the summer residence for more than a Millennium for the royal family.  You can imagine how popular this castle would be and how amazing the tour would be for the tourist. When you had your fill of Windsor Castle then you can enjoy the lavish Gardens which comprises of 10 kilometers. Along with the castle, you can enjoy the LEGOLAND Windsor theme park which is a fun place for the family and children. 


There are many UNESCO heritage sites in the United Kingdom and especially in England, you will find them in numbers. as a tourist you should visit the historical Canterbury in Kent In which you will find many attractions for the tourist. You can visit this place from London by taking a short train ride and it is very near to Eurotunnel.  When you are visiting this place then you can visit the most amazing site which can be called the Canterbury Cathedral. The interior and exterior of this Cathedral has made this a UNESCO Heritage site and protected. This will give you a beautiful example of the six kings of England. Along with the cathedral you can enjoy the Museum in the city which has been built around the Roman Townhouse With the amazing mosaic.  The Canterbury is equipped with many museums and also cathedrals but talking about visiting this place can take some time as there are many options for you to visit as a tourist.  It is recommended that you are preferring the major attractions to make your tour in this place short, sweet, and memorable. 

Loch Ness and Inverness

When you see the movies and play the game then of course you go into the fictional world which is having Monsters and ghosts.  But because of science, we have known that there is no monster in the real world.  Don’t tell this thing when you are visiting Scotland.  Scotland is a very beautiful place for the people and especially the tourists makes it one of the best attractions which is a must in life.  In Scotland, you will find many attractions which will give you glimpses of the past and also the scenery which can be mesmerizing. Loch ness is a very popular tourist attraction where you will get one of the most beautiful UK scenery. Urquhart Castle Ruins are available here to see for the tourist. If you want to know the history of this place then there is the Museum available here which can give you the history with informaton about the monsters this place had.  When you will go north of this place then you will find Inverness which has many museums for you to enjoy and also the castles which are everywhere in the United Kingdom. In here, You can also find the 19th century Saint Andrew Castle. If you are in love with the history then it is recommended that you are visiting the Culloden Battlefield and Visitors Centre. here you will get the history of the fight that happened in 1746 in which the English and Scots fought their last battle and Scotland became the dominion of England.

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