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Top 30 Business Training Institutes in the UK

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Business Training Institutes

Businesses jobs typically require a qualification. To attain a qualification, most people attend a business training institute to qualify in their preferred field. There are various courses depending on which type of business you want a career in. Courses at training institutes equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to function in a particular job.

Business jobs are highly sought-after. Plus, business schools in the UK are some of the toughest to enter. Fortunately, there is a large number of business schools all across the country and the chances of finding a proper place for you are higher. If you are currently looking for the best business training institute in the UK, here’s a list of the top 30.

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1 – London Business School

The London Business School had to be top of the list as not only is it one of the best in the UK but across the world. It was only established in 1964 and in that time it has set itself as one of the most reputed in the world in business training institutes. The school had educated over 42,000 pupils from over 109 countries. Its core principle is to educate these students to the highest possible level and encourage them to leave with a strong theoretical and practical foundation. As well as undergraduate degrees, it offers Masters and Executive MBA’s.

2 – University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Established in 1990, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School was designed to teach its student’s research and management. Their aim is to build confident business individuals who will have the courage and knowledge to solve future problems related to business and management. Its faculty department boasts 80 experts in the business sector, which educate over 400 students from around the world. The teaching is more intimate than other global business schools, making it one of the most difficult to get into in the UK.

3 – University of Oxford Said Business School

In 1965, the University of Oxford opened its Centre for Management Studies. Later in 1996, the official Said Business School was created. Along with Oxford University, the Said Business School is one of the most highly-reputed business schools in the UK. They have a wide range of excellent study programs, teaching all areas of the business industry to around 400 students. Their aim is to educate future businessmen and businesswomen who will have the required knowledge and confidence to address the world’s largest business issues.

4 – University of Law Business School

The core of the University of Law Business School’s long-term mission is preparing business graduates who will have the intellectual capacities and professional responsibility to deal with challenges that they will face in the business world. The institute educates thousands of students from all over the world at various campuses across the UK. The University of Law is impressively well resourced and has good contacts and name recognition in the profession. Attaining a business degree at this school promises to open new horizons in your academic life and determine your success in your career.

5 – University of Warwick Business School

The University of Warwick Business School has been running for over 50 years. In that time, it has been renowned for its impressive and highly educated business students. Courses range from management to research, to offer all students who want to attend the chance to attain any niche business qualification. Study programs aim to give their students the deepest understanding of the practice of business and management to deal with the most complex businesses problems that anyone could face today.

6 – The University of Manchester – Alliance Business School

The University of Manchester, the home of the Alliance Business School, is known to be one of the best universities in the whole of the UK. The Alliance Business School are now envisioning to be the best business institute in the country in years to come. Currently, they are ranked second in the UK for research and the most targeted by employers, it provides education to undergraduates, postgraduates and executives across the globe. As their motto says “helping you get to where you want”, the Alliance Manchester Business School is a place for those students who know where they’re heading in their career as a business individual.

7 – University of Edinburgh Business School

The University of Edinburgh Business School is one of the oldest in the entire world. Thus, Edinburgh Business School has a long history. It came into existence in 1919, when the first students started their commerce Bachelor degree here. Today, the Scottish Business School is considered to be one of the best in the whole UK. A degree at this university aims to prepare students for identifying the problems and successfully addressing them in their future. The university is not just one of the best in the UK, but the Edinburgh MBA ranks Top 40 in Corporate Knights’ 2020 Better World MBA.

8 – Lancaster University Management School

Lancaster University’s Management School has been one of the best business schools in the UK over the past few decades and is always being ranked always among the top. At their Management School, students will find and can choose among numerous study programs. Thus, there are always chances of finding a program which will correspond with your interests. Defined as a research-oriented institution, at this school students will have to engage in different research activities in and out of the university. This will encourage them to be ready to enter their dream business job without any minor problem.

9 – London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research institution in England and also a member of the Federal University of London. The London School of Economics and Political Science was founded back in 1895 by the members of Fabian Society. At first, only a handful of disciplines were taught at The London School of Economics and Political Science. However now, The London School of Economics offers diverse programs in various disciplines for students to choose from. International students at the university come from around 150 countries from across the world.

10 – University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is one of the UK’s best business institutes. It is a research-intensive university and also a founding member of the Russell Group. Presently, it houses 6,500 international students representing 135+ countries with 5 faculties having 40 constituent schools and departments offering a broad spectrum of courses across 65 subjects. The university has been producing appreciable amounts of graduates qualified for the business industry. It is ranked also currently ranked 97th in the QS Global World Ranking in 2020.

11 – ESCP Business School

The ESCP Business School is a London institute, founded in 1819. The school is the oldest business school in the world and has six campuses spread across Europe. Its London campus has 12 lecture rooms, three seminar rooms and a dedicated Executive Education suite. The school offers an array of qualifications, from Undergraduate to Executive Masters. Studies include business management, marketing, and creativity, which ensures all students have the chance to reach their potential, regardless of circumstance.

12 – Imperial College Business School

Again, the Imperial College Business School is located in London. But, it opens its door to students who want to qualify in the business sector from all over the world. It was founded in 2003 and since, is renowned for innovation and entrepreneurialism. There are no undergraduate courses at ICBS, but the school does offer a wide variety of masters programmes such as the Imperial MBA, Imperial Executive MBA, Global MBA, joint Master’s programmes, and a Doctoral programme. It offers students halls in the West London area so that international students can find a new home, enjoy their business course and gt truly stuck in.

13 – City, University of London Business School

Another business school highly recommendable in London is the City, University of London Business School. It is among the top 10 UK business schools since its founding year of 1966. Since opening, the training business institute holds triple accreditation from the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. It is one of the top business schools in the world and offers courses in finance, investment, management, entrepreneurship, insurance, risk management, and more. The Business School is also ranked 3rd in London, 6th in the UK and 19th in Europe in the Financial Times European Business School ranking 2019.

14 – Cranfield School Of Management

The Cranfield School of Management was founded in 1967 and is famous for its Supply Chain Management course. It is located in Bedfordshire, around 90 minutes from London via train. But, all students can stay here in the local halls. 87% of its students 87% come from outside the UK to study a variety of courses to suit all business needs. Cranfield support staff can offer advice on visas and finance to international students, while the university also runs a pre-sessional English programme for international students.

15 – Henley Business School

Henley Business School is a training business institute that was founded in 1945. It is popular for its Master’s degrees in Management and Finance. The school educates pupils from all over the world who are interested in all areas of business, from management to marketing. It is consistently ranked among Europe’s top 50 business schools by the Financial Times and is also among an elite group worldwide to be triple-accredited for the quality and capability of its faculty and output. As part of the University of Reading, Henley operates within an academic institution that is placed within the top 30 UK universities in world rankings.

16 – Hult International Business School

The Hult International Business School was founded in 1964 and since has been a popular school for international students who want a degree in finance or business marketing. Hult is one of the world’s largest business training schools, making it highly-sought for local pupils in the UK, as well as around the world. Since opening, the school has been striving to deliver the most practical and global business education with curricula designed by business leaders and taught by world-class faculty with hands-on business experience. Thus, helping its students qualify with high-class degrees and confidence to tackle all businesses issues.

17 – University of Bath School of Management

Founded in 1966, the University of Bath School of Management is highly sought-after for its business management degrees. This South England leading business institute in the UK has a faculty of over 100 educational and research staff support around 2,500 students at the School with undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA research and executive development programmes all available. Bath School of Management key rankings in the UK include 4th in the UK for Business Studies and Accounting and Finance and second in the UK for Masters in Management.

18 – Strathclyde Business School

The Strathclyde Business School is located in Scotland, UK. Since its opening in 1948, it is very famous in the UK for its world-leading research faculty and staff members. It is a pioneering, internationally renowned academic organisation that shapes and develops the business minds of tomorrow. The school is also one of only five business schools in the UK to be awarded the Small Business Charter Gold Award which recognises world-leading support for scaling Scottish firms through innovation, internationalisation and leadership.

19 – Durham University Business School

The Durham University Business School is one of the best business training institutes in the North of England. It is a triple accreditation school that offers high-class business MBA and MSc programmes. Students can also learn online through the Durham University Business School, allowing people to educated themselves and attain a business degree across the world. Or, they can live and learn on campus in the UK. It is a top 10 University and has held that place for several years due to its variety of courses from Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management and more.

20 – Leeds University Business School

Leeds Unversity Business School is one of the newer editions to the UK’s business training institute lineup. Founded in 1997, the school is a leading, full-service top 10 business school, regularly world ranked by the Financial Times and The Economist. The school educates over 3,000 students from around 100 countries. All are currently enrolled and study from the wide variety of undergraduate, masters, MBA, PhD and executive education programmes that are available. The school also offers short courses and customized training programmes for those looking to specialize in a niche subject or add to their current qualifications.

21 – Adam Smith Business School

Glasgow is home to many business schools, but the best stands out a mile. The Adam Smith Business School was founded in 1451, making it one of the oldest schools in the world. It educates students from across the world for undergraduate or masters degrees. The school offers various subjects that are more traditional to the business world, such as accounting, finance, economics, management, and data. All of which can be obtained at an undergraduate or masters level.

22 – Birmingham Business School

Birmingham Business School is the oldest business school in the United Kingdom. It was originally established as the School of Commerce in 1902. Since it has been teaching business to international students via the Faculty of Commerce. It has educated over 44,000 students. The school also offers masters in management, marketing, finance, as well as advanced engineering management and a wide range of specialisations to choose from among them. Birmingham Business School has a global footprint that ensures worldwide impact.

23 – Aston Business School

The Aston Business School is located in Central England, UK. The school was founded early in 1947 and is highly renowned for its business finance MBA qualification. Students from across the world educate here to attain that degree. It is open seven days a week to all students. It is a part of an elite group of business schools across the globe who hold the triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. It is also internationally recognised by top accrediting bodies and independent rankings for the quality of teaching and the employability of graduates.

24 – University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews is a public university in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. It is the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland and, following Oxford and Cambridge universities, the third-oldest university in the United Kingdom and English-speaking world. Their School of Management has six taught postgraduate Masters degrees, all of which will take your qualifications to the next level. Whether you have a business or management background or are looking to develop a new skillset, our programmes will help you achieve your goals.

25 – University College London

The University College London (UCL) founded a business programme in 2005 for students across the world. Developed in close collaboration with some of the UK’s most well-known companies, this pioneering programme offers a unique balance of IT, management and business skills to ensure that our graduates have the skills and expertise they need to thrive in the industries of the future.

26 – University of Exeter

The University of Exeter offers undergraduate, Masters, MDA, and PhD degrees for worldwide students looking to qualify in all business sectors. It is a public research university where students can educate themselves on financial business to marketing. Reflecting the University and Russell Group’s mission to maintain the very best research and unrivalled links with business and the public sector, they partner with leading global, national and regional organisations to make our research relevant and impactful.

27 – University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is one of the UK’s best business institutes for international students. The university preparation programmes combine supportive staff who are experts in their subject with English language development, helping students to succeed on the undergraduate or postgraduate degree of their choice. Staff at the University are experts in their fields, with 76% of research considered ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’ by the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

28 – University of York

Established in 1963, the University of York has expanded to more than thirty departments and centres, covering a wide range of business subjects. The university offers a range of courses to suit students needs and preferences. There are short, long, bespoke, and sector-specific courses available. All of which are innovative courses equipping students with a mixture of strategic, practical and core skills to take back to the workplace. Here, students can take courses in all areas of business, from traditional finance and accounting to newer business forms of marketing and data. If students want to create a bespoke course, they can with the help of the highest trained industry experts.

29 – University of Stirling

The University of Stirling was founded in Scotland, the UK in 1967. It is ranked within the top 28 UK universities for business. The university is organised for learning, teaching and research into five faculties, business being there most popular. Each of which comprises multiple departments. They are committed to helping students make a positive difference in the world, taking pride in providing education with a purpose and conducting research that makes a difference to society. The University has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and high-quality research which spans a breadth of disciplines, making major contributions to global societies and addressing key social, economic and cultural challenges.

30 – University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is a pioneering university that provides exceptional research-led education and an outstanding student experience in the business industry. It was founded as University College Nottingham in 1881 and was granted a royal charter in 1948. The business training institute that encourages pupils from all over the world to be educated to attain their business career dreams. Students can broaden their abilities and advance their careers through professional teaching and opportunities. These can offer robust and flexible ways to learn new skills through MBAs, specialist training and bespoke courses.

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