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10+ Best Hospitals in Manchester

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10+ Best Hospitals in Manchester

The care and service you receive from a hospital go a long way in influencing your recuperation. You can get the best services from:

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Spire Hospital Manchester
  • HCA Hospital Wilmslow
  • The BMI Alexandra Hospital
  • The Christie Hospital
  • Salford Royal Hospital
  • The Hathersage centre
  • Trafford General Hospital
  • Withington Community Hospital
  • North Manchester General Hospital
  • Wythenshawe Hospital

Numerous factors determine the ratings different hospitals receive: type and quality of service, the modernity of facilities, buildings and structure, and personnel’s professionalism.

The ambiance and mood you can get from these hospitals will give you an inner peace that will further propagate your healing process. 

Some specialized hospitals deal with specific conditions and illnesses. The quality of facilities and medical personnel are the major ranking factors. The affordability of these hospitals usually varies according to the services and the hospital’s ownership.

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Manchester Royal Infirmary 

This hospital’s roots on Oxford road stem back to the 18th century, having Charles White as its founder before Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. Its specialization in kidney, pancreas, haematology, sickle cell and heart conditions makes it a hotspot for significant research in the country.

Apart from being a center of these specializations, it is an NHS center that focuses on teaching and researching other disciplines. 

Spire Hospital Manchester

At 170 Barlow Moor Rd, this private hospital has exquisite services and world-class facilities across surgery, pediatric, and specialist units. Its impartiality in considering the different types of bill settlement from the insurers, self-funding, or NHS patients sets it apart in the private health sector. 

It is shocking to know that despite its exceptional professional care in their equipped center, the facility is barely five years old. Its rise is primarily due to its collaboration with the NHS, multiple surgery units including ENT and endoscopy theatres, and professionalism.

The Spire hospital’s diverse locations in Cheshire, Liverpool, and Macclesfield show the quality of service in the region. Having the Cheshire and Manchester branches in Manchester’s best ten hospitals is no mean feat: it takes professionalism and class to achieve it. 

HCA hospital Wilmslow

HCA Healthcare runs this private hospital in Cheshire. Its popularity is due to the readily available consultants and medics who dedicate the best to their service. The excellent nursing team and the three well-equipped operating theaters ensure that they get the fastest and quality care.

Since its launch in 2014, Wilmslow Hospital ensures that it provides proper diagnosis, outpatient, and day surgery to its patients without compromising quality. Financially, it suits both self-funding and NHS patients.

The BMI Alexandra Hospital

This private-sector hospital specializes in women’s health, urology, cosmetic surgery, general surgery, physiotherapy, bones, and joints. The high-tech quality equipment in BMI Alexandra hospital gives excellent results and follow-up treatments, making it the go-to hospital for these services.

It also has flexible payment plan methods that incorporate private insurance and partial payments to help you settle your bill without stress.

The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The quality of cancer treatment in Christie Hospital puts it on the map as one of the best cancer treatment centers. The quality of treatment options on offer – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, blood transfusion, surgery, bone marrow, and stem cells collection – is top-notch. 

The medical personnel tasked with performing these outstanding services act with professionalism and friendliness, creating a good feel and mood during your treatment period.

It is on Wilmslow Road in Manchester.

Salford Royal Hospital

This NHS Foundation trust hospital is located in Scott Lane, Salford, and prioritizes personal safety, cleanliness, and care to every patient. It serves the Salford and Greater Manchester residents with local and specialized services.

The high rate of recommendations is evidence of how the hospital’s prioritizations benefit its scores. It is essential to note that Salford’s safety and professional plans have put it on the map as one of the best in the region.

Trafford General Hospital

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust manages this great district Hospital that serves in Greater Manchester. It is an equipped and affordable Hospital to the general public.

Though it does not have an accident and emergency unit, its 230-bed capacity provides the citizens with various in and outpatient services in Davyhulme. Apart from its vast nine with numerous departments, the professional care you receive during treatments is incomparable. 

Withington Community Hospital

The diversity of specialized services forms this NHS Foundation Trust hospital in the south of Manchester – West Didsbury. The medical practitioners’ and consultants’ expertise play a significant role in ensuring that the hospital standards are well-maintained.

Its collaboration with the NHS and other research centres boosts its resultant performance and development in the health sectors.

Though it does not have an in-patient department, its intention of providing quality day surgeries and hosting fellow NHS services has helped to maintain its reliability in the region.

North Manchester General Hospital

Located in North Manchester, it is NHS Trust’s largest facility with a fully equipped paediatric, maternity, accident and emergency, and some specialists department. Its prime location in Crumpsall is easy to locate as it is a few miles north of Manchester City center. 

Though it has a rich history where it has stood the test of time, recent improvements in the layout and structure have created a new look, especially in the maternity and paediatric departments.

Due to its size compared to other facilities, it is the region’s infectious disease unit, showing this NHS Center’s criticality.

Wythenshawe Hospital

The Wythenshawe hospital is an in and outpatient hospital in Wythenshawe, South Manchester. It is a private hospital that works in partnership with the NHS under a contract signed in 1998.

Its treatment care plans and professional staff maintain high-quality care, especially on patients with critical care conditions. It is essential to note that it is also a centre for respiratory disease – diagnosis, expertise, research, and pulmonary investigations programs.

Professionalism and the development of a hospital in the medical industry categorize and set these hospitals apart. The comments and compliments these hospitals have garnered through the years adds the cherry on top. The focus is on achieving excellent health care for the people. 

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