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10+ Best Furniture Stores in Manchester

by Best Agencies

The world of interior design is about as diverse as the tastes of people pursuing their individual ideas. Some people love classic blended with modern, other love kitsch styles with a touch of irony. Thankfully, furniture stores are keeping pace with the diversity in the marketplace, increasingly evident in the unique store of Manchester. If you want to update your home or kit out a new office with an eye-catching trend, read about what’s on offer in Manchester below.

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MOTH in Manchester features the kind of furniture that puts unique back  into the everyday. The furniture store works with a collection of European brands and designers to present pieces that are pared down and modern. You might expect these pieces to be high end display items, but they are modified for everyday use. Who wouldn’t want an understated but beautiful interior design style. Moth is located on Burton Road in Didsbury, in Manchester.


Oklahoma caters to the kinds of interior stylists  who want to experiment with the colour palette. Expect to find Frida Kahlo experimentation in this store with many high-octane pieces not for the faint hearted. Whether you are looking for homeward, gifts, jewellery, or anything else to turn your home into the quirky-kitsch style if the new decade  Oklahoma can provide it. Never be boring again with eye-popping items from this popular Manchester store.


Sometimes what you need is a furniture hypermarket that allows you to browse a range of styles and period pieces for the ideal collection of items to populate your home or office with. The Levenshulme Antiques Market is just such a place. This furniture hypermarket based in Manchester is located in the Victoria Old Town Hall, which already adds an atmosphere to your shopping experience. Spend some time browsing these vast options and you won’t be disappointed.


Form is one of Manchester’s few hidden gems when it comes to furniture stores. It is situated on Bradley Street in a rare grade II listed building. The building was formerly a one up one down house and boasts a full glass ceiling atrium that lets the light flood in from above. This is a furniture store you won’t want to miss in Manchester, it sells many unique and appealing items such as printed crockery, potted hanging plants, soy candles, notebooks, jewellery and natural soap.


Boss furniture is located into the busy Deansgate area of Manchester where passersby can’t fail to notice the unique bespoke designs in the window. This furniture store caters to the man-about-town with pieces that highlight leather and bachelor lifestyles. If you want to kit out an office, study, or bachelor studio flat, Boss Furniture is the place to go. You can’t go wrong with it’s unique, stylish, pieces ideal for any era.


Insitu is the place to go if you’re interested in unique upcycled pieces or pieces for your own upcoming projects. This furniture store is a salvage store that specialises in reclaimed timber, radiators, stained glass, and more. They get most of their stock from demolition projects meaning that it’s high quality salvage. You will find Insitu on Chester Road in a lovely three storey Victoria pub building, a fitting venue when you see some of the items and designs they have on offer.


The Scandinavian influence reaches Manchester with the furniture store Object that is run by Alex and Rachael Otterwell. The couple have a personal interest in the Scandinavian region and can be followed on their popular Instagram account. Theie how is Norway is about to be photographed by Elle magazine and their shop in Manchester offers some insight into the reasons why. If you have an interest in ceramic vases, Scandinavian candles, textiles and wall art, you will be at home in Object. 


If you’re into luxury furniture of the kind seen in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Touched Interiors are the place to visit. In fact it’s them who are responsible for the style of the playboy mansion. The shop is located on Blackwater Street and provides visitors with an opulent experience. The shop is packed full of impressive statement pieces that can turn your home into a luxury pad. Be warned  however  the prices do match the aspirations.


Idaho is the furniture shop you need if you want to add a bit of colour and interest to your home or office. They are not so much interested in the status pieces of furniture items to reinvent your space; what they offer is the chance to bring an accent to your rooms and elevate and complement them with contemporary styles. If you want some more originality in your home then buy some crockery or crafts from Idaho.


At Rose and Grey you will find the perfect balance between modern and vintage furniture. If you thought these two styles didn’t jive then let the experts at Rose and Grey convince you otherwise. They have some stand out pieces that will have you questioning your style tastes in a fundamental way. In this excellent store you will find items that are both comfortable and stylish to kit out your home and create a look that doesn’t tire.


Do you love to combine furniture shopping with coffee culture? If so, Fig & Sparrow is worth your time. Head along to the Northern Quarter where this lovely contemporary furniture store is located in a favourite local coffee shop. Browse a wide selection  of design-led items while enjoying the aroma of mixed-blend coffee. Here you will find products that are ideal for your hipster heart.


Contrary to its name, Nonsense is a no-nonsense furniture store located in the Bury area of Manchester. It is a family owned store with an interest in innovation and design-led products. It’s the vision of the store that makes the trip to Bury worthwhile, well, that and the coffee. Like Fig & Sparrow, Nonsense is situations within the delicious blends and aromas of house coffee. Browse an impressive collection of plants and wire bowls unique to the store.

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