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10+ Best Furniture Stores in London

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10+ Best Furniture Stores in London

These days, interior decoration trends are changing. They are no longer about the presentation of a furniture piece in it’s own right, and much more about the history and aesthetic or modern remaining of older items. It’s not unusual, therefore, to see wingback armchairs with animal pattern covers, or polkadot grandfather clocks.

Maybe you have a hipster sensibility, or perhaps you want to bring a contemporary artistic feel to home or office, whatever the reason for your interest in interior design you will need to know where to look first. If you live in London you are literally spoiled for choice. See below for the 10+ best furniture stores to handsomely re-vision your property.

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Aladdin’s Cave

If you love antique furniture, then you’ll love Aladdin’s Cave in Lewisham, London. This furniture store is just as exciting and magical as the name suggests. You can easily spot the shop from the street with its distinctive facade. Situated in South-east London, Aladdin’s Cave offers a wide variety of chandeliers, dressers, wing-backed chairs, along with intriguing paintings and prints in authentic frames. These pieces are uniquely mismatched and present excellent interior decoration opportunities.


Mint is a trendy new furniture store located in  the Knightsbridge area. As the name suggests it caters to an upmarket client base with pieces that interpret the latest interior design trends. Mint works with both new and internationally recognised artists to bring many one off and limited edition pieces to the market. If you want interior decoration ideas that will make your friends seethe with envy, you have to check out Mint.

Aram Store

The Aram Store was founded in 1964 during London’s psychedelic phase. The store was founded by Zeev Aram and made a big impression on passers by. Since then the store has grown in scale and ambition. Inside it features a broad array of chairs, tables and lamps; there is also an entire floor dedicated to new interior design work by contemporary artists. True to its founding values, Aram always supports talented new designers.

Pentreath & Hall

Located in the Bloomsbury area of London, Pentreath & Hall is a recent addition to London’s stylish furniture scene. It was founded accidentally, by the architect Ben Pentreath who wanted an annex for his office. Friend and business partner Birdie Hall was enlisted to help with the build and the idea of a stylish new furniture shop was born. Although it has only been operating for five years it’s clear this stylish store has a bright future.

Andrew Martin

Nothing is subtle about the pieces on show at Andrew Martin in South Kensington. They store features giant leather animals and other statement pieces that will certainly get your friends talking at parties. In general this furniture store orbits around different cultures, decades, and nostalgia. It is particularly interested in pieces that are unusual or deliver an emotive value. Enter this store with an open mind and you’ll leave with an unforgettable item.

Alfie’s Antique Market

If you love furniture from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries you’re going to love Alfie’s Antique Market. This furniture store is located in Lisbon Grove in London and offers unique and rare pieces to the discerning buyers. Get lost in the rambling network of floors and indoor market houses, browsing classics furniture pieces from centuries ago. The pieces you find at Alfie’s are guaranteed to bring a sense of class and occasion to your home.


As the name suggests this contemporary furniture store, located in Bloomsbury, is dark. This niche idea favours colour and texture over the object and sells pieces that really pop. When you enter the store you will understand immediately why the place is called Darkroom. The walls and ceiling are painted black and the items on display are juxtaposed against it. The shop sells a range of items including vases and jewellery.

Jimmie Martin

The Jimmie Martin furniture store in the Kensington area of London is not what you might expect. This store doesn’t sell classical and antique pieces. Instead, it features items decorated in bold colours, often neon. Their designs are quirky and unusual, in keeping with their philosophy – to create sophisticated design items that are glamorous, but still urban. A stand out example of this is their animal print cushions.

Crystal Palace Antique & Modern

If you want a full range of furniture items from the mid century right back to the Victoria era when the Crystal Palace was founded, you need to visit the Crystal Palace Antique & Modern. This area is a warehouse style showroom that features around 20 different dealers trading the finest antique and modern furniture in the city. If you’re looking for furniture that has that authentic signature, try this special shopping experience.


Do you prefer the Scandinavian modern look for your home instead of the antique-modern look that’s so in vogue? If you have these alternative sensibilities you need to check out Skandium. This place sells a unique range of Scandinavian style designs that are both chic and modern. Whether you are looking for furniture, ceramics, lighting or glass, Skandium gives you durable and versatile objects that set your home apart from the rest.


Treasured furniture items aren’t just for adults, as Mollymeg clearly shows. This unique furniture store in London offers independent designs for children of all ages. Here, you can find an adorable selection of decoration, vintage toys, gifts, and party supplies, all in one place. If you want to add a sense of quality and standard to your home, investing in children’s furniture is an excellent way to do it.


If your sensibilities lay on the hipster scale of interior decoration then you need to check out the awesome furniture at Indish. Since 1996, this furniture store, that blends Scandinavian with British styles, has delivered items that are functional, useful, and beautiful. If you want vases, clocks, abstract cushions, or geometric wall art to liven up your spaces, head down to Indish for some cool and quirky ideas.

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