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Top 10 Accountancy Firms in Birmingham

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Top 10 Accountancy Firms in Birmingham

In the wake of the global recession, the accounting industry is among the many thriving sectors. Birmingham, being the second largest city regarding its population, is one of the strategic locations for UK accountancy firms. Additionally, most of these firms have proximity to major clients in the midlands, making Birmingham a preferred city for business operations. They offer various services like tax, audit, management, risk consulting, and insurance for firms across different industries. Here are the top ten accountancy firms in Birmingham.

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1.  BRESLINS Accountants

BRESLINS Accountants is among the top 10 accountancy firms in Birmingham that focus on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by unlocking their potential. Apart from being Tax specialists and Chartered Accountants, BRESLINS are also Business Advisers. Some of the services they offer to inspire business growth include:

  • File annual business accounts on time
  • Bookkeeping, monthly and cloud accounts
  • Auto-enrolment and payroll
  • Virtual accountants
  • Tax planning, filing timely returns, R&D tax credits, VAT, among other taxes

2.  SALHAN Accountants

SALHAN Accountants are an award-winning firm in Birmingham that provides high-quality advisory and taxation services and accounting to high net worth individuals, medium-sized, and small businesses. SALHAN has years of experience, making them qualify for the top 10 accountancy firms in Birmingham. They aim at making your business more successful with the following services.

  • Personal tax, pensions, trusts, inheritance and estate planning, and wills for private clients
  • Assist in sorting tax returns, finances, and accounts for independent drivers and driver service providers.
  • Tax investigation
  • Consultation for HR, tax, actuarial, and finance
  • Asset projection

3.  Bay Chartered Accountants

Regardless of whether you need support to bring your dream to reality or an expert to help with your business plan, BAY Chartered Accountants has a team ready to guide you every step of the way. With over ten years of experience giving thoughtful and valuable advice and minimising tax, BAY Chartered Accountants have succeeded in becoming among the top 10 accountancy firms in Birmingham.

4.  RR Accountants

RR Accountants pride themselves in being one of the leading accountancy firms in Birmingham and the UK at large. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, RR Accountants are specialist VAT and business advisors that help you while on your journey to success. They have a high satisfaction rate of over 210 five-star reviews, affordable packages, experienced and certified team members, and dedicated customer support services, rendering RR Accountants one of Birmingham’s top 10 accountancy firms.

5.  Morgan Reach

Morgan Reach accountants is that firm that does more than what they say on the tin. They sum up their beliefs and values with the premise that if you’re successful, you become successful. Some of the services you can expect to get from them include:

  • Personalised accounting for various businesses of different sizes across multiple industries
  • Business consulting for profitability and growth
  • Tax regulations and investigations
  • Tax compliance and timely submissions

6.  DAINS Accountants

When searching for an accountancy firm, you want to find one that cares about your business and wants it to succeed as much as you do; DAINS Accountants is that firm. Regardless of your business size, whether small or multinational, DAINS keeps expanding its expertise and services to ensure you get excellent results from its dedicated team. Some of these are:

  • Audit
  • Taxation- Dains taxation team works closely with you to save or reduce your tax bills.
  • Corporate finance- The team does more than paperwork; it helps you approach deals that could change your business.
  • Forensic Accounting- with over 25 years of experience, the DAINS forensic accounting team provides expert criminal and civil evidence for businesses in Birmingham and beyond.

7.  KCPA Accountants

KCPA Accountants help your business grow by providing the best taxation and accounting tools and advice. Some of the key reasons that make it qualify to be among the top 10 accountancy firms in Birmingham include:

  • Remote-friendly- This allows you to be anywhere because KCPA delivers advanced cloud technology remotely.
  • Fixed fee plans- You don’t need surprise bills; KCPA gives you a quote for any additional services to enable you to budget.
  • Frequent updates- KCPA keeps you in the know regarding upcoming opportunities and relevant regulations through emails, social media, and uploading articles on their blog.
  • Automated bookkeeping- They use the best cloud solutions like Freeagent and Xero, which are highly flexible, innovative, affordable, scalable, and secure to make your work easier.
  • Proven track record- You can rest assured they deliver peace of mind with fast problem-solving, streamlined communications, less downtime, and simple tax management and accountancy.

8.  Grant Thorton

Grant Thorton combines worldwide scale with local understanding, quality, and insight to provide the tax, advisory, and insurance services you require for your success, making it one of Birmingham’s top 10 accountancy firms. Grant Thorton offers services to various industries in the private, third, and public sectors, including:

  • Advisory: to help protect, create, and enhance your value
  • Assurance and audit
  • Tax compliance

9.  Burrows & Lewis Limited

Having your needs understood is among the vital forms of support clients look for when seeking accounting services. Burrows & Lewis Limited is a firm that looks forward to providing you with business advice and accounting services tailored to your needs. They have one aim: to assist you in growing while protecting your business, wealth, and income. Burrows & Lewis Limited prides itself in providing various business and taxation services, such as audit, taxation advice, payroll, and accounting assistance that exceed your expectations.

10.             Gondal accountancy

Gondal accountancy is your one-stop shop; regardless of your business niche, they provide any service you need. With their vast experience with companies across various industries, you can trust Gondal with the task to better your commercial or personal financial health. Gondal is among Birmingham’s top 10 accountancy firms, working with landlords, contractors, small businesses, start-ups, and sole traders. Being a tech-driven accountancy firm, Gondal focuses on giving you valuable, stress-free accounting services and supporting you to make critical decisions for business growth.

Birmingham is gradually becoming one of the thriving business scenes in the UK. It, therefore, creates a favourable atmosphere for accountancy firms to assist in business advisory, tax compliance, and forensic accounting to enhance business success and growth. The above are the top 10 accountancy firms in Birmingham that you can consider for your needs.

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