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10 Best Beauty Salons in Bristol

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10 Best Beauty Salons in Bristol

Serenity Beauty and Hair

Serenity Beauty and Hair are located on Byron Place, Clifton, in Bristol. It is a professional Beauty Salon that prides itself on quality treatments and exceptional customer care. As the names suggest, this salon is limited to a niche treatment; instead, it offers a full suite of options for different clients.

At Serenity Beauty and Hair, you can pick a Beauty package that gives you a full pampering experiment for cut down price; alternatively, you can select individual treatments like eyebrows and eyelashes, hair extensions, or facials. Regardless of the option you choose, prepare for a serene five-star experience.

Halo Hair and Beauty

Halo Hair and Beauty is situated in St James’s Place, Mangotsfield, in Bristol. The salon is a fun and quirky place with red brick walls and ornamental decorations to make it interesting. You won’t feel like you’re in a typical salon; rather, you’re in a strange new world with magical possibilities.

Halo Hair and Beauty have an amazing team working in the salon. Between them, they have a wealth or experience and expertise, so you will always feel as though you are in safe hands. The salon is also super convenient. It caters to both men and women and is open early and late.

Chakra Bella

Chakra Bella is a beauty salon with a difference. It combines ideas of inner beauty with conventional cosmetic techniques to find the balance and harmony of the Beauty that’s unique to you. They believe in the important of inner beauty too, which is what they begin with treatments to enhance the body’s wellbeing.

Chakra Bella was launched in 2014 with the aim of providing clients with an accessible, relaxed and enjoyable experience. If offers conventional beauty treatment such as waxing, eyelashes, and tinting, but it encourages a holistic approach offering hot stone massages and moisturising body treatments as well.

EPIC Spa Beauty and Hair

EPIC Spa Beauty and Hair can be found on Church Road in Bristol. It offers a full suite of beauty treatments and is perfect for routine work. This is the sort of salon you go back to time and again and recommend to friends if they ask if you know a place.

So what does that have on offer? EPIC employs staff with various skillets and abilities; this gives them diversity and improves client’s options and experiences. You can have a massage, facial, waxing, sugaring, extensions, and nails here, among other things. Make your beauty experience EPIC!

I Candy Beauty and Boutique

I Candy Beauty and Boutique can be found in the heart of Bristol. They offer a full range of nails, beauty and relaxation treatment to suit all types of people. Whether it’s for your individual enjoyment or in preparation for a special event, I Candy Beauty and Boutique can help you look and feel your best.

The salon has some values at the centre of its ethos. It aims to provide a high standard of service to clients and to cater to a unisex customer base. They have an inclusive policy and work hard to make clients feel relaxed and refreshed. It’s no wonder, so many clients make this salon a regular feature in their lives.

The Beauty Box

Do you live in the Bristol area? Do you often feel stressed out from work and life? If so, the Beauty Box is your answer. Located on the High Street of Westbury on Trym in the heart of Bristol, the Beauty Box prides itself on creating a haven of peace and tranquillity for busy lives.

No matter what aches, pains, or stresses you have, the Beauty Box has a treatment for you; they offer skincare and cosmetic treatment to help you feel your best inside and out. The salon is also super convenient and opens early and late to accommodate different lifestyles.

Grace Kingsley Makeup and Nail Artist

Grace Kinglsey is a self-made professional Beauty and makeup artist who specialises in Beauty for special occasions. That often means wedding days when the bride’s beauty is front and centre of everything. But this salon also offers more routine services to keep your features picture-perfect.

Whether you are a bride or not, you will find a treatment option at the salon to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. The salon offers waxing facials, lash treatments and many more pampering options. The treatments provided by Grace Kingsley are quality guaranteed with long-lasting results.


If you’re a little more niche about your beauty care, you might prefer to have specialised services for every treatment. A hairstylist for your hair, a nail technician for your nails, and an eyelash specialist for those lovely lashes. If so, take a look at iBrowEnvy, one of Bristols best salons for eyelash treatments.

Do you want longer, thicker eyelashes more of the time and not just for the occasional night out? If so, you want to straighten them at the root and then tint them. iBrowEnvy can do this for you using an LVL lash lift. These lashes will last for weeks, not days.

Clifton Beauty

Clifton Beauty Salon in Bristol is an all-around option for beauty treatments and enhancements in Bristol. Over the years, this salon has built a reputation for professionalism and innovation. The treatments offered here are top of the range and offer guaranteed quality and results.

Have you notices your skin looking duller, or perhaps there are more wrinkles this year than there were last? Keep your skin healthy and youthful gets tougher as we age, but skin rejuvenation treatments and enhancements can make all the difference. Enquire today for groundbreaking and long-lasting results.

Bombshell Salon

Bombshell Salon is a salon with a difference. They pull out all the stops to create a salon space that’s bursting with colour, vitality, and energy, a bit like how you will feel when you leave the salon. Located in the heart of Bristol, this colourful little shop offers a special beauty sanctuary from the grey overcast skies of the city.

So what does it offer? Well, take your pick. You can have a facial, makeup, eyelash extensions, body treatments, or hair treatments. Bombshell Salon aims to give you back your inner bombshell so that you can feel 100% you again.

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