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5 Simple Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners

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If you are the beginner in the field of playing sports especially cricket then this article is going to give you some of the cricket betting tips which will help you out as the beginner.  You can’t become the expert by learning these tips but they will give you some of the ideas.

Cricket Bat

First of all, you need to choose the good quality Cricket bat to allow you to play cricket effectively.  You need to decide which bat is according to your strength and skills.  Every individual has a different type of body structure and weight and that is why you need to choose the style and the weight of the bat accordingly.  For example, there are many bats available in the market which are heavy and also there are some which are light in weight.  Depends on your body weight you can choose the cricket bat accordingly. 

Grip The Bat Accordingly

Holding for gripping the handle of the bad is very important for the cricket player.  If you want to succeed in the cricket then the first you need to know is that you need to hold and grip the bat accordingly.   The recommendation from the experts in this regard is to hold and grip the bat in the V shape.  You should spread your hand in the v shape and hold the handle of the bat by the thumb and index finger.  You should not hold it very tightly otherwise you will not be able to play the short around. 

Make Your Stance 

To play cricket as the beginner you should check your stance while playing. You should bend a little while holding the bat. Make sure your knees are slightly bent. When you are playing the short then you should try to be as straight as possible and hold the bat in the air.  Your face should be looking in front like the army man being attentive.

Taking The Guard

This is very important for the beginners of cricket because while you are playing the cricket you should take the guard around your wicket to see where you should stand to play the short.  Most of the people take the guard according to the short and the style of playing they have.  If you are the hard hitter cricketer then you should take the left stump guard but if you are the player who doesn’t play many shorts then you should take the middle or off stump guard and play the defensive cricket.

Running Between The Wickets

When you are running between the wickets to take the run you should make sure that your bat is over the line. Most of the people take the run very quickly and they forget to place the bat over the line which makes them lose the run even though they have taken the whole running between the pitch. If you will not take this tip seriously then maybe you will also lose the match in the critical situation. 


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