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Top 20 Social Media Marketing Agencies in the UK

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Top 20 Social Media Marketing Agencies In The UK

This year, the number of active social media users has already shot up from about 3.6 billion (in 2020) to a little over 3.9 billion – and we have barely scratched the surface. Plus, this number is pretty much expected to keep rising, especially with lockdown measures imposed in various parts of the world due to the current state of affairs. This situation has forced businesses and even individuals to turn to multiple social media platforms to extend their visibility and marketing strategies beyond their physical boundaries. Social media offers one of the most influential and cheapest forms of marketing in the UK. And at the heart of this digital world are various social media agencies.

If you live in the UK, the availability of so many social media marketing agencies can also make it a bit difficult to select the best ones. Finding an experienced and professional digital marketing company like Aqueous Digital is difficult, that is why we have put together this list for you. So, whether you need help with a Facebook campaign, Instagram advertising, just seeking to increase your visibility across various social media platforms, here are the top 20 social media marketing agencies in the UK.

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Favored, a performance marketing company has taken a relatively short period to carve a niche for itself as one of the top social media marketing agencies in the United Kingdom. Since its formation in 2017, with its headquarters in London, they have specialized their services on social media advertising, mobile and app marketing, and various digital strategies targeted at small businesses cutting across multiple industries.

Favored was later subcontracted by an obstacle event agency to develop digital campaigns. Even though that was to increase the agency’s online presence, favored also benefited from the exercise. The social media marketing agency managed to increase its return on investments by up to 25%. Currently, Favored has full ownership of all the marketing campaigns it made for the obstacle event agency.

System Social

System Social is a social media marketing agency with a particular focus on social outreach, social engagement, and growth strategies. However, the company also plays a publisher’s role and prefers to work closely with or partner with the new generation of various forward-thinking businesses ready to think outside the box.

The company has managed to create a global team of social media professionals who have managed to develop proven processes for managing brand profiles and communities. The company also emphasizes using big-brand rigor and strategies to match startup attitudes. They do this to ensure that each client can tap every drop of creativity required to achieve excellence and return on investment.

System Social currently operates from London and offers social packages designed to support various brands throughout their development and growth stages. Their packages are focused on three main areas – achieving cultural relevance, social growth, and achieving a positive return on investment.

Kairos Media

Kairos Media started as an influencer marketing agency in 2015, founded mainly by YouTube influencers. Today, the company is one of the most leading social marketing agencies in the United Kingdom, not forgetting that it is also currently one of the fastest-growing on our list. For example, in 2018, the company received an award for the Most Impressive Large Agency Growth by the United Kingdom Agency Awards. That was mainly thanks to the crowning 30 under 30 co-founders, with support from their strong team of 60 creative personnel.

Kairos Media develops different creative strategies and executions for top brands like LG, KFC, Activision, and Heinze. The company also specializes in market-entry level gaming and esports for non-endemic brands, although that falls outside of their core collection of services they offer, which cuts across iGaming, Tech, Lifestyle, and sports. The company is also well-known for its proven ability to strategically redevelop brands on various social media platforms. And that makes Kairos Media one of the social media marketing agencies worth working with within 2021.


The next social media marketing agency to make it onto our list is Prohibition. Located in Leeds, the company specializes in driving quality leads from senior-level sales professionals across Europe. The company also has an enviable record of working with some of the best, completing major jobs for a brand like Goldsmith.

Prohibition has also managed to create an image for itself as the company that gets the job done, no matter what. And one of its most vital areas of expertise has to do with helping businesses worldwide focus their public relations strategies in a way that increases public perception and gives them a consistent advantage over their competitors.

The much-publicized work for Terri-Ann Nunns and her health and fitness brand is a typical example of how the company can help a brand communicate with its audience in a unique and crowded market space. Prohibition was the main force behind Terri-Ann Nunn’s growth strategy and effective national reach.

Spin Brands

Spin Brands is a social media marketing agency currently operating in London. The company was founded in 2016, and within a relatively short period, has gone on to become one of the most sought after in the industry. They currently have about 20 employees and focus primarily on social media management. However, they also specialize in web design, public communication campaigns, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing elements.

Spin Brands also specializes in providing different social media management levels for a healthy food company in the United Kingdom. It used content from the client’s marketing team to develop an Instagram campaign and helped the client to maximize its online reach and engagement. With Spin Brand’s marketing strategy, the client’s following grew to the right scale to take advantage of Instagram’s advanced features, which further increase impressions. The company is noted for its ability to execute and provide the numerical valuables any company needs online.


Ceek is mostly referred to as a “360” agency in the way they cover almost every aspect of marketing you can think of as far as social media is concerned. This full-service digital agency focuses on the following primary service lines – search engine optimization, social media, marketing, and pay per click services. They also have the following industry focus – advertising and marketing, hospitality and leisure, and business services. The company has in-house specialist teams that can assist any client with social media management, influencer, marketing, web development, content generation, and paid targeting.

Ceek has a portfolio of key clients that range from businesses in luxury products, e-commerce, fashion, construction, financial services, professional sports teams, interior design, hospitality, business startups and so many more. The company manages digital marketing efforts to increase engagements, boost traffic flow, increase the online visibility of their clients, etc., all directed towards increasing the number of leads that new clients can capture and secure. The company has an accessible team and remains knowledgeable about essential industry trends while offering a diverse skill set to enable a continued partnership. The company is currently located in London, with about ten employees.

EnVeritas Group

EnVeritas Group (EVG) is mostly considered one of the larger social media agencies in the UK, with a staff strength of over a hundred employees. Plus, they also operate in over 70 countries, with offices outside the UK in countries like the United States and Singapore.

EnVeritas Group has managed to create an image for itself as a company with locals who generate content for locals. That means no matter which country they operate in; they take advantage of the local talent available in that country to create content for local businesses.

The advantage of this method is that they use personnel who understand how their local market operates. This local insight often proves very valuable for the agency and its clients. The company also uses a holistic approach that covers the overall message a client wants to send. They go the extra mile to audit client performances to create the right plans that will yield the expected results.

Tanga Digital

Up next, we have Tanga Digital, located in Cannock, UK, with a staff strength of about nine employees. This social media marketing agency focuses on search engine optimization tools to provide digital marketing communication assistance to their clients. The company also specializes in social media marketing, public communication services, and content marketing solutions for their small business and business startup clientele. They also have a wealth of experience working with businesses across various industries ranging from advertising and e-commerce to pay per click and other business services.

In one of their latest services, Tanga Digital worked with a recruiting consultancy agency called Green Recruitment Solutions to create bespoke brochures that showcase their services. The company made the brochures and worked on leaflets, presentation templates, and other flies designs. The company also specializes in building social media campaigns, advertising on platforms like AdWords to increase the positioning of clients in Google indexing.

Media Bounty

Media Bounty currently operates from London, with a staff strength of about 24 social media marketing and other specialists. Established in 2008, this company is relatively one of the older ones on our list. They provide social media marketing services, content marketing, video production, marketing strategy, and various forms of digital marketing strategies and services.

Media Bounty is an expert when it comes to managing all forms of digital marketing purposes. For example, the company currently manages all the digital marketing efforts of a health and hygiene company. The company places a lot of importance, making sure that its clients stay ahead of the industry competition. They do this by ensuring that they focus on holistic social media outreach campaigns, customer engagement, and creative content production. The company also ensures that its services are accessible, no matter what time of the day or week. They are open to operate on weekends and are more than willing to open their doors for any potential client.

Social Republic

Social Republic is one of the UK’s leading social media agencies for several reasons. First, the company has a unique ability to create a specialized quiz bot in a very short period while ensuring that it maintains very high standards. As a company, Social Republic focuses on developing very ambitious and famous brands and small brands seeking to be recognized and ambitious. With a team size of well over 400 personnel, this company is also one of the largest on this list. Their personnel comprises social media, and digital marketing experts are driven by innovation and a desire to be relentlessly creative.

Located in Manchester, this company provides heritage, proof of concept, and is considered by many people as the perfect agency for the job. The company also ensures that it operates outside what many other agencies consider the norm. The aim here is of presenting better or new ways of approaching social media campaigns. The Social Republic is committed to creating wild ideas, thoughtful social media strategies, solid branding, and any other outside-the-box solutions that will get the results each client needs.


Ladder.io considers itself as a full-funnel growth marketing agency. The company prides itself on having what it takes to make the best decisions to help businesses reach their full growth potential while unlocking the power of data combined with world-class marketing strategies. The company also prides itself on its ability to base the decisions they make and the direction of their solely on data. They have worked with companies like Y-Combinator startups and well-known and large brands. These include the LA Times, Men’s Health magazine, Booking.com, and Nestle, to mention a few.

Ladder.io offers social media marketing services only as part of a larger pool of other services. Other services the company offers include the following – creatives and messaging services, conversion optimization, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads services.

Over its relatively few years of operation, the company has won laurels like Best Digital Marketing Agency by Designrush.com in 2018 and named one of the top B2B companies by Clutch also in 2018.

Dokoo Digital

Dokoo Digital is located in Belfast, UK, with an employee staff of about nine personnel. The company maintains an impressive and robust clientele base that includes some of the significant enterprise brands you can think of. The company also specializes in harnessing the power of social media and other forms of digital marketing channels to increase the online presence of their clients, boost traffic, and create leads. Dokoo Digital is founded on the principle of design first and emphasizes assisting brands in driving the kind of change they are looking for.

One typical example of this company’s experience is their work with one of the world’s most respected global brands, Deloitte. Dokoo Digital helped the company to reach its targeted audience by doing a complete re-evaluation of their social media marketing strategy. That led to a powerful engagement, followed by a huge increase in perceived authority for them.


Coal was founded as early as 2008, with its headquarters in London, UK, and another office in Birmingham. The company has a staff strength of about 20 social media and digital advertising personnel. They focus on web development, social media advertising and marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and different forms of search engine optimization tools.

The company currently has an ongoing project with a leasing company. This project aims to assist the company in building an online presence from the ground up. It involves giving this client company a name, running various branding campaigns, creating an appropriate website, designing a digital marketing plan, and managing all the company’s social media profiles or platforms. Coal also specializes in helping startup businesses generate the right leads online and traffic that will translate directly or indirectly in sales. The main aim is to help ensure that each of their clients receives the best returns on investment.

Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media is a social media marketing agency that will give you precisely what their name promises – a loudmouth to make your business visible and heard online. The company works together with its clients to brainstorm new ideas while providing answers and solutions.

This multiple award-winning performance marketing agency specialize in performance marketing by providing a fully managed service across several channels or platforms. These include paid search, e-commerce, display, Amazon shopping, video, search engine optimization, paid social, and performance creative.

Loud Mouth Media has been named the Best Small PPC Agency in the United Kingdom for two years in a row. The company has also received recognition as the best e-commerce agency in the United Kingdom Search Awards for 2020/2021. The company went on to win the Small Biddable Agency of the Year award at the UK Biddable Media Awards 2019.

The company now has offices in Glasgow, London, and Dublin alongside its parent company in Belfast.


Moving on, the next agency to make it onto our list is Metia. This company is a global outfit with offices outside London, in locations like Singapore, Seattle, and Austin. Metia specializes in offering integrated marketing and advertising services, making room for a more holistic approach in digital marketing and advertising. The company’s holistic approach allows it to offer its managed services to companies across various industries. For example, Metia caters to financial institutions, education services, health and tech organizations, and so many more. Plus, the company has recently completed over 39 various campaigns in over 88 countries.

The company prides itself on having what it takes to solve every marketer’s biggest problems. It also resolves to help global brands and high-growth businesses outperform the marketplace and their competitions. Metia offers an integrated marketing approach, which means offering strategic campaigns geared towards driving bottom-line results. They also specialize in the following areas – audience identification and research, creative content production, strategy and planning, use of planning and ROI models, and behavioral research and techniques.

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer has racked up several impressive clients since the company’s creation. Currently located in London, UK, the company has a relatively small staff size under employees. However, this social media marketing company has achieved widespread success in a wide range of business sectors or industries. This level of success is due primarily to how effective their target social media marketing strategies are.

One excellent example of the company’s web development success comes from their ability to help companies revitalize the materials to make them stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Doing this allows companies to leave very powerful marketing impressions on their targeted customers more than they used to do. The Good Marketer can also deliver high volume leads to target a niche audience while improving the ROAS of a client’s Facebook campaign.

100 Pound Social

100 Pound Social is another social media marketing company ranked highly in the UK. The agency is based in Luton, England, and was created in 2017. They have a team of fewer than 50 persons who are experts in social media marketing and various forms of digital marketing solutions. The company offers, among other things, search engine optimization solutions, content creation and marketing, and social media marketing for a variety of clients that cut across various business sectors.

100 Pound Social recently provided content management, content creation, and social media for a software agency. The agency tasked 100 Pound Social to establish a dominant presence on various social media platforms. This social media marketing agency was able to help the software agency gain over 150 followers on Twitter from scratch. The way the company operates means that their clients are left with very little to do apart from their initial input of providing the 100 Pound Social with all the info they need concerning the type of content, and what the client business looks like.


This social media agency operates from London but also has offices in Sidney, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Brafton focuses on using content as a means of creating very engaging experiences for their clients’ customers. The company’s model is a pretty simple one, but it works effectively. Their main objective is basically to help their clients cut through the noise, fuel their brands, and drive results with effective content marketing campaigns. Brafton uses its leading content creation and strategy and distribution teams to take their clients’ prospects through the buyer’s journey stage to become long-term partners of the company.

Some of the company’s achievements include creating over 20% growth in social media account follower size, with over 1000% boost in social media engagement. Brafton takes on a strategic approach in social media marketing by using social media to help businesses grow. Their digital marketing offering includes the following – search engine optimization, lead magnet creation, content writing, paid media, email marketing, inbound consulting, and graphic design. The company also specializes in optimizing social media content, driving traffic from social media platforms to websites, increasing social media followers, managing influencer marketing campaigns, posting relevant content on social media platforms, and so many more.

Little Media Agency

There is nothing ‘little’ about Little Media Agency. Unlike the other agencies already mentioned on this list, this social media marketing company is dedicated to social media marketing and management. The company’s operations cut across various business sectors, as they have worked with shutter manufacturers, car dealership companies, construction companies, and so many more.

In 2019, Little Media Agency received an award for the Best of Apps Top Agency Award – a testament to its capability. As a dedicated media outfit, this social media marketing agency specializes in social campaigns, community management, creative content production, social media advertising, lead generation, etc. The company also specializes in taking advantage of search engine optimization tools to help boost or increase traffic.

Little Media Agency also prides itself as a goal-oriented social media agency equipped with a staff made up of professionals in different areas of social media management. Beyond their social media services, the company also specializes in copywriting, email marketing, video marketing, and social media training when required.

The Tree

The final entry onto our list of the top 20 social media marketing agencies in the UK is The Tree. This agency boasts a wealth of at least 30 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and content creation. Plus, it has racked up some impressive awards, including a listing in The Drum’s top 100 Independent Agencies. The company also won the UK’s Digital Growth Awards in 2019.

The Tree offers fresh thinking that today’s social media and digital marketing needs. Plus, they back all their innovative ideas with a more than capable and experienced team with a rich take on what works in the industry and what doesn’t. That means the company is perfectly placed to offer its clients reliable information, services, and expertise needed to take their social media visibility to the next level.

This company has managed to work with top brands that cut across various industries in their relatively young business life, from recruitment agencies, property management firms, to even BBQ restaurants. The company specializes in offering the following services – influencer marketing, media planning, video production and animation, creative content creation, strategy, social media listening, and social media marketing.

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