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9 Best Hospitals In London

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9 Best Hospitals In London

When seeking medication, you’ll always be torn on the best hospital to attend. And, getting the information can be an uphill task if you can’t get a suitable recommendation. An anesthetist may be the right person to help you find a surgeon in the best hospital.

But how do you reach such people? Locating them isn’t easy. You can use the google ranks of London medical facilities topping the list in offering world-class medical care. From mental health, maternity, orthopedic to surgery, you will get medical treatment.

But, be sure that the coin you’re going to spend will guarantee good health. The city is flooded with hospitals, and you have to go for the best offering quality medication. Browse through the list to get the perfect fit for your medical condition.

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Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Located at Stanmore, North-West London, the hospital specializes in comprehensive joint and muscular problems for patients seeking medication. The hospital has a 220-bed capacity with a wide array of services.

It is a center of referral from consultants across the country to patients suffering from devastating injuries and a rehabilitation center for chronic back pain patients. Besides, the hospital ranks highly for trained orthopaedic surgeons in the country.

Royal Orthopaedic prides itself in eight theatres with the latest equipment for performing complex procedures and treating nearly 10,000 patients yearly.

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust

Of all the hospitals specializing in heart and lung in the UK, this center tops the list through Sir Magdi Yacoub’s great works. It ranks high from the first founders’ pioneer works in the 1980s who have done a successful heart transplant.

Through Yacoub’s friendship with Diana, Princess of Wales, the center has gained global fame attracting patients and staff across the country. Besides, it’s a center of research for over 600 scientific journal papers published yearly with high ratings.

The Royal Marsden NHS Trust

Royal Marsden is a royal cancer hospital known all over the world. It was first established in 1851 by Dr. William Marsden and still offers the best care with a comprehensive center in Europe. Having a Cancer Research Institute, the hospital sees over 40,000 patients per year. 

Despite being damaged by fire, there are reports of reopening to continue serving cancer patients with the 169-bed capacity. Owing to its high reputation, the hospital garners high income from other 184 branches. 

Though cancer tops as illnesses that are eliminated from the expanded choice-agenda, you can still work on a special arrangement on the primary care trust and GP in case of rare cancer conditions.

Royal National Hospital

Located at Gray’s Inn Road London, the hospital is the most prominent throat, ear, and nose and an audiological research center. It has a global reputation for a range of specialties and expertise. From minor to major surgeries, you’ll get perfect medical procedures.

The hospital serves over 60,000 patients yearly, being the largest and oldest in the UK. The success measure equates to a third of the patients being referred and getting remedy upon investigation in the clinic.

St. Mark’s Hospital, Harrow

St. Marks is the leading center in Britain for such conditions if you’re suffering from bowel problems. The hospital is one of the 14 worldwide centers of excellence accredited by Digestive Endoscopy, World Health Organization. 

It was founded in 1835 by Frederick Salmon – the first specialist playing a significant role in bowel diseases, gastroenterology, and research. Seek to treat the bowel condition in the early stages before it turns to be cancerous. The condition leads to bowel cancer, the second most leading cancer in the UK.

King’s College Hospital NHS Trust

The UK has about 31 liver specialist units, and King’s is one of the units topping the list worldwide. Being the largest, it has high-end pieces of equipment with matching expertise and facilities. You can get all sorts of treatment for liver diseases in the country.

Since liver conditions are on the increase, the unit can perform over 200 transplants with liver failure patients having admission at the intensive care unit per year.

Maudsley Hospital

Patients suffering from psychiatry can find refuge in this hospital. Maudsley has a contribution to mental health care dating back to 760 years. Though previously referred to as Bethlehem and Maudsley Trust, the hospital is located in South London.

Founded in 1907 by Henry Maudsley, it’s a center of excellence for all mental health care. It also provides treatments for alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, and eating disorders for both children and adults. For this reason, Maudsley stands as the largest training institute for mental health in the region.

Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust

When looking for pediatrician care, Great Ormond is the center for children with disorders. It caters to any childhood illnesses, a children’s cancer center in Europe, and offers a wide array of children specialist care in the UK.

The only distinct feature of the hospital is accepting only specialist patient referrals from community services and hospitals. This is to deal with only complex and rare cases and leave the routine ones for other hospitals.

Moorfields Hospital

When you’re suffering from any eye complication, Moorfields is the ultimate solution. The hospital was founded in 1805 and ranked as one of the largest eye specialist hospitals in the country and globally.

Having high academic excellence standards treats more patients with eye complications than any other hospital in the UK. Besides, a significant number of UK ophthalmologists are trainees of Moorfields with good standings in hospitals they’re practicing.

The hospital has set a record in the past of carrying out over 23,000 ophthalmic surgery giving surgeons extensive experience in their operations. Furthermore, the hospital has over 13 clinics on-site and employs about 1,300 staff to attend to patients.

Parting Shot

While this list gives you some of the best hospitals in London, you can’t miss other specialties from other hospitals. However, you have to go with professionalism, care, and proximity to your area. Visit the individual hospital website to have in-depth information in regards to the specific procedures carried out.

Once you establish the hospital giving the best care, you can walk in freely to get the right medication. Your health should always stay a top priority, only if you choose the best hospital for medication!

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