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10 Best Nutrition Blogs & Websites UK in 2022

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Nutrition Blog

Nutrition and diet are one of the essential things in the life of a healthy human being.  If you want,  the that you leave the happy and healthy life then you need to follow the diet and Nutrition which is not only digestible but also according to the body you have. There are many variations in the diet and Nutrition, which has been seen to help out the community.  In this article, we are going to name some of the nutrition blogs and websites which are helping the community to follow the diet and become the healthy and prosperous individuals in the UK. 

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The Hippocratic Post 

This is one of the best blogs in the UK.  This is the blog related to Medical issues.  They are posting more than two articles on Monday and related to the health issues of a different kind. This blog is reaching the different types of students and the professional related to the medical field and telling them the problem and the solutions for that.  In the UK, there are many diseases which have spread, and this blog is helping them out. Not only related to the UK, but the whole world issues are covered in this blog.  The tips and the blogs related to health will be very beneficial if you will follow this always. 

Amelia Freer

She is the qualified nutritional therapist working from London. The good thing about her is that not only that she is posting the nutritional therapy on her website, including the recipes but also she is making the food in bulk quantity.  The reason is that she is the lover of the foods, and that is why she is not compromising on that. She always says that the problem is not with the food but the bad food.  This is the reason she is telling the recipes and the health tips which are not going to ask you to leave the food altogether but Eat the right food at the right time. She has also started to write the books, and she has posted that even on her website.  On the nutritional blog of her, you can read the articles related to health and also the advice for you and your family health. 

Mindful Chef

This blog is from London, and their Approach is Very easy to understand. Since 2015 this website is helping out the people by the very healthy Recipes.  As the food lover, you will enjoy the recipes on not only this blog but also the Tips through the article which will make you a happy and healthy individual for a whole life.  The recipes are available on this website are 100% gluten-free. The sugar and other things like rice are very problematic for health, and that is why you will not find any diet on this website which will show you that. 


The blogger of this website named Katrin Is working from London.  She has launched this website from some years with the inspiration which has affected her life.  She has said that some years ago she was feeling very ill and sick and she has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. From that day she realized that the problem is with the food we are eating.  The block she has made as multiple sugar-free recipes and also following the keto diet, which is very popular around the world. She has said that the reason she is very happy in her life with her she is the source of healthy and happy eating for the whole world.  Not only the diet she is telling in her recipe are healthy but also tasty. You can call her the sugar fighter. 

Nics Nutrition

She is a certified dietician professional. When she has started this blog, she said that it is not the diet but the way of life. She is inspiring the different type of people to tell them that if you are looking for health, then you need to see the article on this blog and also the recipes.  You also need to see the Health products reviews from this blog to see that many people are using the product from this person and having a good type of life.  If you want to live a happy and healthy life, then she is giving tips to help you. 

SR Nutrition

This is the nutritional blog and website related to the baby and child health needs. This company is registered by Charlotte Stirling-Reed, who is the certified dietary expert. She is specializing in the child Health-related activities and also the weight loss.  She has also appeared on the media as the expert on Nutrition. This blog will be able to guide you the nutritional help you need and even the recipes which are good enough for you with the health and taste altogether. On her website and blog, you will be able to find the amazing news about her and how much good she is in her field.  No wonder she has been working with the celebrities on their diet and appearing on media with the expert advice. 

Christine Bailey

This woman is an award-winning Nutritional and therapist and has expertise in healthy eating.  She has written more than 14 books Related to recipes and health.  She started this blog in 2014, and from that day till now; she is posting the different type of health-related blogs and recipes for the community. She is a very loving person and always have a smile on her face.  This is the reason many people loved her and also reading the blogs and health recipes from her on her website.  She is from the UK, and not only the local people but also the people from across the globe are visiting her website and blog. People can even by the equipment and food from her website, which has been made by her related to health. She has also started 21 days lean program for the people who want to shed the weight. If you are looking to lose the weight as quickly as possible, then you can get the supplements available on her website.  You can find out about the supplement directly from her by contacting her, and then it is guaranteed that you will be able to get the nutritional diet with ease. 

Be Healthy Now | UK Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Healthy Living Tips

This blog has started by Petra from the London United Kingdom. She says that she truly believes in the approach, which is very holistic.  Not only related to the food but also the health tips are going to give you a happy and healthy life according to her. The toxins which you eat through the food should be removed very actively and with the timely approach. And one important thing which no one other has covered is the Anger Management and Stress management which needs to be covered in this fast-moving world. 

121 Dietitian

One of the biggest award-winning dietitian from UK Gillian Killiner she has started this blog from 2008. The reason she has created this thing because she said that we know how troubling it is to have the illness and also the problem related to diet.  This is the reason she has started this thing now as the professional business where you can get the recipes and even the personal advice from her and her counterpart. People can also visit the clinic made by her in which she will be able to deal with different problems not only related to the gut but also with the hormonal changes in the women. Sports nutrition and mental health are one of the prime needs of the time, and she is covering that also. 

Nutritious Raw Blog

This blog is working from London, and this has a different type of recipe and also the diet which you will love. This blog is not only about the food, but also it covers more than that.  You will be able to see the health tips with you will like. This blog is working from 2013, which makes it the old block, but there are not many articles on this website.   The health tips and also the articles related to Natural health are available on this blog. Still, only the people who are following this blog the whole life will understand that it is going to be beneficial for you. 

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