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This article will target mostly the people who want to have a weight loss or are looking for making their belly thinner than it is right now.

If you are not familiar then let me tell you that, having a calories in your food intake of the fat in your food is the prime source of making you fat. So if you are  willing to make a weight loss then you should go for the food which is lacking the calories or have a lesser amount of It.

I would recommend you all to go for the food, which is high in proteins but does not have many calories in it.

 There is a big option of the foods who can provide you that facility so please read the whole article thoroughly then you will know which food is the best for you in this regard.


I would start the list by ground beef.  It has 16 grams of protein for three oz. of serving. not only that this food is high in protein but also much tasty for the people who love to eat meat Not only that this food is good for your protein intake but also it is having the almighty creatine.


Chicken breasts should be one of the most used things in your shopping bag if you are willing to have a weight loss. Having 24 g per 3-oz. serving, it is an ideal source for energy and protein in your life. If you ask me then in poultry section this is the only thing, which can give you the best protein you are willing to have.


There are many types of nuts who are high and proteins but if you ask me specifically then having almonds in your daily routine is very beneficial for your protein intake.

They are loaded with important nutrients like vitamin E manganese and many other things.

You can have 6 gram of protein in 28 gram of almonds


Do you won’t find many vegetables to give you the proteins but broccoli is one of the proteins giving vegetable who might be not very tasty but very healthy for the body.

 Many people do not know that not only it is giving you the protein but also the antioxidants in this vegetable is very helpful for the patients of cancer.

You will have 3 grams of protein in 96 grams of chopped broccoli


When it comes to fish’s tuna is one popular fish, which is not only lacking the calories but also the fat so you are just eating a fish, which is a prime source of proteins.

It is not much difficult to buy this type of fish as you can find the boxed cans of tuna available in supermarkets.

Like many fishes in the market, this will give you many nutrients for your body fitness.

154-gram cup of tuna will give you 39 grams of protein in that


Eggs are one of the most used food in every part of our life. You start every day of yours with eating egg omelet or anything similar to that.

They is one of the most Nutritious foods on the planet. Not only those eggs are high in proteins but also vitamins minerals and eye-protecting antioxidants which most of the people do not get from any other source.

However, whole eggs are high in protein but the Best part of the egg is the egg white.

One large egg contains 6 grams of protein

Therefore, from the above article, you can see that there are much food available in the market, which can give you not only the energy but also the protein with the ideal formula to give you the weight loss

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