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The Top & Famous British Boxers of All-Time

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Britain is not free of the boxers who are very famous and very professional in their field.   Many famous boxers came from Britain and in this article, we are going to find about the top British boxers of all time. 

Jimmy Wilde

He was the lightest man in history who was only weighing 96 lbs. and boxed in the UK. He is arguably the best boxer in the UK. The reason he is the best in Britain is that he has a Very good track record.  He has fought from 1931 to 1923 with the record of 132-3-1. He was the British and European champion and he got that record for at least 7 years. He even got the nickname The Mighty atom. He was only 5 feet 2 inches tall is still he was very good in his field and even though he was low in the weight is still his track record can show his commitment. 

Lennox Lewis

The best British heavyweight title has been given to this boxer.  In the past, he was only the athlete but until he became the professional in this field then people knew that have good he is in the boxing. He was a very good heavyweight and became the champion in the British, European and Commonwealth games. He is the undisputed heavyweight king. 


Bob Fitzsimmons

He is the first man who has won all the Championship titles including the heavyweight, lightweight, and Middleweight. The track record of 61-8-4 with 57 Kos does show his commitment.  He has been in the field from 1885 to 1914. According to the records he was the boxer with only 172 Pounds which make him one of the lightest heavyweight Champion in Britain. 

Naseem Hamed

Prince Naseem was very unorthodox in his playing style. He was constantly off balance and he was throwing the punches from every angle.  The reason he is one of the best in the field of boxing in Britain is that He was entertaining with a good record. 36-1 as a pro with 31 Kos Is the record of the champion.  He went without any loss from 1992 to 2002. He won many of the championships and titles and with the knockout ratio of 84% can tell you how good he is or was. 

Amir Khan

Many boxers don’t get the credit they deserve and Aamir Khan is one of them.  With the track record of 31-4 with 19 Kos, There is not much recognition in the main circle about him. He doesn’t have much power in his body but He has the ability to 5 every boxer from every angle.  The power he has in his heels does allow doing that.  He was the youngest British person who won the gold medal in the Olympics boxing.  He was only 17 years of age at that time. After that, he won the World Boxing championship at the age of 22 which gives him the opportunity and leverage to fight for the Middleweight champion.

Tyson Fury

He is the famous British boxer who is renowned because he has beaten Wladimir Klitschko In 2015. Even though he has faced some mental problems is still that has not stopped him to win the Boxing championship.  Ireland is the place where he belongs and his family background can tell you that he is not only the boxer but his father has also been in this sports. His father has named him Tyson because of the famous Mike Tyson boxer. He was born prematurely and only weighs 1 pound. Bela Gyongyosi from Hungary Was the first fight he had when he was only 20 years old in 2008. In September 2009 John McDermott has gotten beaten by him and he won the title of English Championship. Bipolar and suicidal tendencies have been seen in this boxer and that is why he has gone from top to the bottom many times.  He also gained weight but recovered.  He has left the boxing for some time but in 2016 he came back with some improvement. He is married and happy with children but he misses the boxing and he guides other boxers who are facing the same problem he has been facing related to mental depression and all.

Ricky Hatton

Stockport, England’s Ricky ‘Contract killer’ Hatton didn’t have the best boxing aptitudes around, however he had power and a ton of heart. The 38-year-old battled expertly from 1997 to 2012 as a lesser welterweight and welterweight and figured out how to pile on a record of 45-3 with 32 Kos alongside a world title. He was halted by two of the record-breaking greats in Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. furthermore, there’s unquestionably no disgrace in that.

Barry McGuigan

Barry McGuigan is from Republic of Ireland, yet he took out British citizenship and fought from Northern Ireland at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. McGuigan needed to join Ireland when he battled as an expert from 1981 to 1989 at a time the land was being torn in two. He was known as ‘The Clones Cyclone’ and pulled off probably the greatest miracle of his period when he beat Eusebio Pedroza by 15-round consistent choice for the Lineal and WBA Featherweight Titles in 1985. McGuigan protected the title against Bernard Taylor and Danilo Cabrera before losing it to Steve Cruz outside in the warmth of the Las Vegas desert. McGuigan, who was likewise a British and European Champion, may have resigned a piece too soon as he was just 28 at that point and had a record of 32-3 with 28 Kos. He’s currently an effective advertiser/administrator.

Anthony Joshua

He is the two-time unified Heavyweight world champion. Born on 15 October 1989 He is the young Lad but still, he is in the same position as the Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson. Currently, he has three out of four World Championship win. He has the IBF title since 2016, the WBA (Super) title since 2017, the WBO since March 2018. He is from the British. But he was Living Child Put life in Nigeria. Even though when he was having the age of 12 his parents have a divorce. In 2009 He won the Haringey box cup. His boxing record is that He has the 23 fight and he has win 22 Out of that.  Only one loss can tell you how good this boxing person is. 

Chris Eubank

He is the British Former Professional Boxer. Born in 1966 He played professionally in the sports of boxing from 1985 to 1998. He holds two WBO middleweight and super-middleweight titles between 1990 and 1995. He is a famous boxer and that is why he has a good ranking and no wonder he has 45 wins and only 5 loses. Out of those 45, 23 are KO`s which can tell you how strong and professional this boxer is from the British place. Even though he is not playing today still he is renowned around the boxing world and according to the boxrec he is on the third place, According to the time he has played and also according to the ranking he has got.

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