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How to Measure Logistics Performance?

by Best Agencies

Continuous improvement and quality demand measuring the performance of the supply chain, therefore, we can ensure operations are profitable and focused on clients. We identify the performance to evaluate our productivity and efficiency, thus ensuring the competitiveness of our company. We can evaluate all the activities carried out throughout the supply chain. The major purpose for this measuring of logistics performance is to identify the status of the procedures and their evolution, hence, we can make better decisions about customer satisfaction, time, efficiency and expenses.

A fundamental area of a successful logistics strategy includes the ability to evaluate or measure logistics performance. After all, in case you don’t know how well what you are doing is working, then you could be investing unwittingly in a losing strategy. However, the typical standards for success in normal times require some sort of adjustment amid ongoing stress in the supply chain. Therefore, let’s go over just what those key performance indicators in logistics are, and how to view them today!

Steps Included in Measuring Logistics Performance

Apart from evaluating our procedures and setting the KPIs (key performance indicators) needed for controlling them, assessing the performance of the company, the steps included are:

  • Figure out the operational issues of the company and the possible solutions for them
  • Know the level of competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Meet the needs of clients by reducing delivery times and by optimizing service
  • Lower expenses by getting higher efficiency in the operations
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of the procedures and improve the use of resources
  • Benchmark against other organizations in the industry!

How to Measure Logistics Successfully?

A fundamental way to measure the logistics performance includes developing and comparing key performance indicators while considering market conditions. When some severe changes occur, such as unprecedented supply chain stress, those key performance indicators offer a baseline from which to adapt former assumptions. Hence what expectations changes are required today, in at least for the time being, a new regulation? Possibly the greatest involve freight costs and delivery time.

While on time, in full loads must always be the destination with several factors beyond the control of anyone arising along the supply chain. Expecting the percentage, you may measure it to be as great as pre-crisis is a little unrealistic. More important than anything, some of the factors that make the delivery times difficult to meet, plus others, are also affecting freight costs. Hence, how do you adjust expectations in the new normal? By taking into account a combination of capacity, price and service related to the market entirely. Those who tend to navigate the market with a great mix of all three factors make for the best, no matter how they take care of logistics.

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