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There are different types of Resume these days which can be made according to the situation or Job. In this article I will tell you some of the basics of the types of Resume which you should definitely read because, you can’t find lots of options of Resume building in the world 

Chronological Resume:

Chronological resume is best for those types of people who have worked in different companies with a solid work history in their life .This type of resume is very common these days. You write the work history of your life with the most recent job at the first position. It’s like a timeline of your job history from going one position to higher position. Put your jobs history in this in reverse chronological order with the most recent at first and then the next and so on. Employers love this type of resumes because by this they can know from what type of position you came to how high you went in how much time to that position.

Functional Resume:

This type of Resume doesn`t have the chronological work record of your life but in fact the skills and experience you have. This type of resume is helpful for those people who are new to job life or those who want to apply for specific jobs or who has big gaps during their job life. This is the best way if you want to show specific skills or capabilities of yours which mostly will help you to get the job or attract the relevant employer and to fulfill the requirement that employer requires. This type of resume will only focus on the skills you have not on the time you have passed in your job history. It can also help you to emphasize on the achievements you got by working in multiple companies in same position.

Combination Resume

As its name suggests, it’s the combination of both Functional and Chronological resume. This is best for those people who want to emphasize on their skills and also want to show the work history so can attract the employer of every type. In this resume you can show your best skills or relevant skills and also can show your work history. This type of resume format can answer the questions of every type of person no matter if they want to know the jobs gaps in your life or career changes or so on. Firstly you will write the skills of yours in this resume format and then you will write the work history of yours in chronological order. In combination resume format you can highlight the skills of yours which are related to job you must been thinking of applying for or applied for and also can show the work history or yours to the employer which will attract him. It is beneficial in lots of ways , specially that by this format firstly the employer will see your skills and then you can support that skills by showing that you did work according to the skills you have mentioned before.

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